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  1. Couldn't resist... Calling it now: 2020: Giant Frisbee + Waterslide 2021: Justice League 2022: S&S Free Spin
  2. So with all the horror stories I have read with Green Lantern, why are the other models around the world not having the same issues that SFMM has/had? Looks like this might be the shortest-lived coaster there at SFMM EXCEPT for the two rides in the rotation program, Bobsleds and Shockwave.
  3. Speaking of SLC's.... If you all remember correctly, BOTH Serial Thriller at Geauga Lake AND Serial Thriller at Astroworld dropped a train off of their transfers opening season.
  4. I just wanted to make a quick point... there are like only 4 Skywheels left in the US and their numbers are getting smaller. So if you enjoy these types of rides and love the slight "airtime" as it comes over the top, make sure you grab a ride or two if you see one.... they will disappear soon.
  5. It probably doesn't work this way, but wouldn't it be a Hoot if the Firehawk steel pieces are melted down at the Batavia plant and made into the new track pieces for the upcoming B&M!
  6. As a graphic designer, I visit parks purely based on their corporate identity. But seriously, I'm really looking forward to the future of Darien Lake.
  7. Has anybody who is "larger" had trouble with fitting into Merlins Mayhem?
  8. Looks like Lakemont will in fact be reopening next year with three existing coasters: www.wearecentralpa.com/news/wtaj-web-1st-lakemont-planning-to-reopen-in-2019/1474088406 Altoona, Pa. - Plans were unveiled Tuesday for the reopening of an historic local park. The re-invented Lakemont Park is now slated to open to the public on Memorial Day Weekend 2019. "We feel we're going back to the roots of what Lakemont Park used to be when it was established almost 125 years ago," said Andrea Cohen. "We're going to be making it a place where the community will want to be. Andrea Cohen, representing the Devorris family, co-owners of the park, said the new Lakemont Park will step away from theme park entertainment and instead will focus on outdoor recreation and special events. The new design will offer two miniature golf courses, four new basketball courts, two sand volleyball courts, and state of the art go-carts. "We have a lot of green space, we'll have a lot of activities for families where they can pick what activities they want to do with their families. For example, we'll have three open gates," said Cohen. It'll be free to get into the park, but there will be a charge for golfing and to ride some of the old favorites. "We'll have roller coasters, we'll have the Skyliner and the world's oldest roller coaster, the Lead the Dips will still be there, we'll have the Tin Lizzy's," said Cohen. The water play area will also remain. Plans for the re-invented park, which by law, must remain a park for the community, gets the full endorsement of the Blair County Commissioners. "I think they've taken a very innovative approach in the fact that they're no longer going to be a competing amusement park. They're going to look at different ways to make it a public park, a people-friendly park," said Ted Beam, Blair County Commissioner. The owners promise, when the new Lakemont Park opens, entry will be free and there will be something for everyone to enjoy. Copyright 2018 Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.
  9. I wanted to finally chime in here. When a park removes a coaster or a ride, it's usually the last thing they want to do.... and sometimes there really is no choice. Whenever a ride is removed, we have to remember it is somebody's favorite, too and whatever the news is, somebody isn't going to be happy. I felt that before with Kings Island when they removed the Flying Eagles. Vortex is my favorite coaster there, so I said to myself a few years ago that with its age, it could be at any time. I hope it's not this time. The calm wind hint has made me eerily uncomfortable. Vortex fits the bill as a ride that's a bit rough around the edges and though it's extremely popular, has only a matter of time. I think I would have felt better if they invested in new Vekoma trains, but that doesn't mean much. I also love the Bat, but I think there is still some life in it. Firehawk however I never really cared much for either here or up north, and would be sad to lose another large piece of Geauga Lake, but I ride it maybe once or twice a season due to the uncomfortable flying position, so out of everything there, it's the one I would rather lose... but we'll see.
  10. ^ No, neither of them were up. (no Disk-o, Scorpion, or Vertigo and one other ride -Bonzi maybe?-) I think that's why they booked in Poor Jacks Black Widow at the last minute. Pretty disappointing midway this year, but attendance was almost up to record levels which proved that the fair is extremely popular even without a stellar midway.
  11. You may be right on that one... I think at one time they booked in Bates Cliffhanger, so I may be thinking of that. The Vertigo Swingtower had shown up this year, (along with the Scorpion, Disk-O and one other ride) but it got red tagged... so they couldn't put it up.
  12. The Ohio State Fair usually has a midway of 65-70 rides... usually half of them are booked in from elsewhere, so many more of the "cons" rides you list were not even owned by A of A... This year, the Swing Ride was booked in by Strates, the Space Roller (as mentioned), the Ali Baba was by Strates, The Swinging ship was from someone else as well as the Cliffhanger and the brand-new Spider was booked in through Poor Jacks. I think A of A can still book out their crazy mouse coaster... they set it up at the IX indoor amusement park, and who knows, even though A of A isn't the main contractor, it doesn't mean they won't be asked to supply some rides. My freinds company gets asked a lot, but his problem is help... he can't find enough people to run the rides (a growing problem in the industry)... so he won't show up. Also, Talley DOES own a KMG Fireball called "The Beast", but I seriously doubt it will show up. There were a total of 5 different companies that bid on the contract including Belle City and A of A. (despite the accident, A of A was still in the top 3 running) Bell City, which provides a good amount of the rides (Sky Wheel, Scorpion, scooter, Rock N Roll Music Express) were not in the running, but I don't know if that means they will or will not provide anything in 2019.
  13. You also have to remember something else about Log Flumes... many of these were put in as a way to cool down guests way before the days of in-park waterparks. As waterparks get more popular and other types of higher capacity water rides hit the market, the log flume is no longer as valuable like it was in the past. I love em, though.
  14. ^ The thing is, is Amusements of America was one of the biggest, safest, respected and sought-after amusement companies in the country... it was no means a little carny company... that's was makes this situation so much worse.
  15. This is just such a terrible tragedy. As an avid carnival ride fan, I still won't shy away from them. These rides get inspected even more so than the permanent ones, and it really bugs me that something like this was either overlooked or ignored. The only thing good coming out of this awful situation is it will change the way inspections are done and the way rides are built.
  16. There's a slightly longer video staring the CEO Jim Reid-Anderson. I love it when he's in the vids.
  17. I was thinking about getting a diamond elite membership... do all of the perks here transfer to other parks? If I add a dining pass, would that only be for 2019? Is there any early entry or perks with the membership at SFoG?
  18. A few things: At Kings Island we lost Dinos at the end of last year and this year the area was not in use and they moved a smoking section to where the main entrance was. We think perhaps a portion of it "May" become part of our new Antique cars, but a layout has yet to surface. Even if you don't get a ride next year, keep your eyes open on other infrastructure improvements... Cedar Fair has been putting in a lot of dual-line restaurants lately, so watch for one to possibly go in place of Starship... Another thing to notice: you have gotten flat rides the last three years, so even if you get nothing new next season, perhaps a larger investment is coming your way in 20. Of course, I would have thought the waterpark expansion would have started by now, but who really knows.
  19. Awesome, Jarmor! Thanks a bunch! After seeing the ride pad go in for what looks very much to be the Flyers, does anyone think that they could be up and running by Haunt or Winterfest? I can't tell though if a control shed has been started or not. I'm not making a trip this year, I'm just looking for opinions.
  20. Looks amazing... and maybe counted as two coasters! (yeah, I went there). My first thoughts were how it indeed looked like a Maverick-West type of ride... Low to the ground launches, track interwoven and relentless speed. Pretty excited about this. I am also going to think it's Premier or S&S.... they have been building a lot of brand new coaster rides from American manufacturers lately, which is nice to see.
  21. Looks great and a perfect replacement for the Frisbee that was removed a couple of years ago. One bit of curiosity... I see a wave swinger, still... is that being rethemed or slightly moved?
  22. "Tallest Thrill Ride in New York" So over 200 I would imagine. Probably around the 230-240 height. (Edit: I just saw the 242 height) And this is what I mentioned before, everyone... large rides can take a good 2 years to manufacture, so this must have been ordered pretty quickly once the park was signed over and in the hands of Six Flags.
  23. I'm heading to Dollywood in a few weeks (on a friday) for the first time since 2001. Any advice on what to hit first and what direction I should go? Also, if there is any advice you can give on discounts and where to find them. Also, we will most likely have one meal there... what would you all suggest?
  24. So I am planning my 3rd-ever trip to the park in Mid september (on a sunday)... I haven't been there since 2001, so I think they built a ride or two since then. Based on what I was reading, it sounds like we should go to Wicked Cyclone first and then DDD. Any other advice on this? There will be some rides I can't ride, but the wife can. Does anyone know if the train has re-opened? I would hate to miss it. I have a six flags great adventure gold pass, (Even though I live in Ohio) and I want to renew it, but if I renew, does that mean I have to go back to SFGrAd and renew it, or is it automatic? I ask, because I might just buy a whole new pass during the sale and just process it in Georgia. That takes me to my next question.... Does SFoG have any passholder perks (early ride times especially) Also to you locals... any advice on Lake Winnie is appreciated, too... again, it's been since 2001 since I was last there.
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