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  1. So what are the best foods to eat there? I like chicken, burgers, pork. NOT a fan of Tacos or anything Spicy.
  2. This is one coaster I will never ride having not been to the park. Doesn't look like I missed much, though. Hopefully they will build a Giga! (just kidding of course)
  3. I had looked at Wonderlands attraction list for winterfest 19 and they did have thunder run listed. I think what it REALLY comes down to is manufacturers specs. Cedar Fair follows alot of it to Gospel. (Remember they turned the Racer trains in 3 former Paramount parks back forward) Many parks have seemed to stop running their Arrows/Vekomas and PTC trains for winter events (Six flags, Hershey, Kennywood even) GCI's limits are around 20-25 degrees (not warmed up) if I'm not mistaken so Renegade would probably be included. There comes a point though where if it gets that cold, do you actually want to go 50 mph in 20 degrees thus generating a wind chill of 0 or less. I love my Mystic Timbers, but after a few laps in 35 degree air temps I was like "okay... I'm done for the night." (i probally could have gone a few more times solo, but the wife was with me too and she was done. Compromise.)
  4. We'll have to see what infrastructure improvements they make this year. Little by little, Kings Island had been improving themselves to handle the cold better with more indoor places and even the antique cars coming back. (despite them having winterfest back in the 80's... there wasn't much to it then) I hope Vallyfair can do it, I think it would be really popular.
  5. Pipe scream wouldn't open at a winterfest as KI doesn't have Surf Dog open. But... hypothetically, VF would most likely have scrambler, flying scooters, antique cars, train, renegade, 1/2- 3/4 of the snoopy rides, the carousel, and probably the bumper cars running. Maybe up to 15 rides or so. However.... I can't think of enough indoor theater space, (other than Galaxy) though to hold large masses of people. Even in Cincinnati Ohio where it's not as cold as up there people try to get indoors after a while. I know wonderland has some decent indoor space.
  6. I kinda hope a couple of the trains go to Carowinds. Cyclone could use these with the better seating position.
  7. Goliath at SF over Georgia... finally got my fat @$$ into it.
  8. On Saturday, I put an orange Carnation at Vortex. I know it's silly and I know that, but it's a memorial to the loss of my favorite ride at KIngs Island.
  9. To me this is an absolutely profound loss. It is my favorite coaster there and has always been part of my Kings Island experience. I too breathed a sign of relief when it was Firehawk announced last year, but I was thinking.. you know.. i need to be kind.. that was somebody's favorite ride. With this said, I can't say I'm surprised in the least. The coaster is on the rough and violent side of things, I am always hearing complaints from riders when it pulls into the breaks, the age of course plays a factor, and I mentioned years ago to my freinds that once the park built a Giga, it was a matter of time before Vortex would be out the door, I was hoping it would last about 2 more years before a new mega looper could take its place. Cedar Fair itself came out a new years ago and said the average lifespan of a steel coaster is about 20 years, and this has by far surpassed that. Life is in constant change. Our bodies, the earth, the technology, our ways of thinking. It's a natural way of evolving. We are but a blip through history and time and it is our responsibility to be the best blip we can, enjoy the moments and cherish the memories. Nothing lasts forever, so let's enjoy the ride while we're on it.
  10. I would love to see strickers pick up a couple of these too. They had the remains of their super round up on site as well, I wonder if that could be used for parts.
  11. I saw on the website park calendar that Carowinds is open the first couple weekends in November. Should I be concerned of limited ride operations, or should everything for the most part be running? (obviously not the waterpark)
  12. I kinda like the "teaser renderings". Now I do love the cedar fair videos and POVs and that sort, but the teasers and illustrations BG has been putting out makes it sort of more mysterious... like in the old days when all you really had from the parks was a logo and a couple of drawings to go by.
  13. Nice replacement for their previous spinning coaster. Wonder if this is "brand new" or if SFA is passing on one of their coasters.
  14. I'm scratching the old noggin', too on if that's a brand new coaster (not that it really matters)... they say 5 NEW rides.. so that might be a Zamperla package. And who knows... Big Dipper may be getting retired soon... you never know.
  15. I didn't see my one question answered... i know the park opens at 10:30 (going on a saturday) but is there early admission or early ride times?
  16. I'm trying to make my first trip there in forever (1999) and do they have early ride times for Members? Also any suggestions of how to stay ahead of the crowd. And good places to eat.
  17. I wonder if they would replace that Wipeout with an Endeavor since that ride pad has the space and it would be similar in size to the old Flying Enterprise... or whatever they called it.
  18. The purchase of the land under the park also put current projects in flux. I think this waterpark park expansion was going to be for 2019, so that would have meant the hyper in 2020, so everything has shifted up a year.... but they own the land now and can have a little more free-reign. Hyper in 2021!
  19. ^ Not for Darien. Too early for that kind of investment right now. I would say waterpark addition.
  20. I love these. Grew up riding it at Geauga Lake and then later CP. Sad to see CP remove theirs and not replaced with a newer model (as they are still made), but the new BBQ was a welcome addition.
  21. Credit whore question... (I did a quick search and didn't see much) are adults allowed on the kiddie coaster?
  22. OK, who's got a truck? I'll volunteer my Honda Accord. That might work... those Honda Accord's are as tough as nails!
  23. Wasn't Tennessee Tornado designed by RMC's own Alan Sheik when he was at Arrow?
  24. I didn't expect significant changes due to SF gaining the park back only less than a year ago, but I would have least thought that ROS would have been renamed Superman and maybe Mind Eraser going to Batman or something. Then again, there might be some sort of extra licensing that I'm unaware of.
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