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  1. I'm pretty sure there is an exclusivity deal for B&M's (given or sold to) between parks where they can't have the same type of ride within 300 miles. I have read in a few places and it makes sense when you look at what types of rides neighboring parks have. I'm not saying that's true, but again, it makes sense. I just don't want to start a whole discussion on it. Dominion could always get a coaster like Hangtime for a dive. That would be a good fit for that park.
  2. I personally did really like the 70's look to the games plaza with Supercat... it was probably my favorite area... but if it gets updated, it gets updated.
  3. what if the stadium space becomes home to those giant flippy things that Texas and great adventure are putting in... talk about marketability. Call it the "Lake Erie Wave Rider"
  4. The names are okay... not really a fan of racer 75... but I'll get used to it. Sad the cheesesteaks are gone for a mac and cheese bar, but again... that's just me. You folks local to Dominion are very lucky to have such a nice park. The pavers are going to be really nice for you. Our Coney Mall at Kings Island was redone a few years ago.
  5. Wow... great mapping of the stuff being removed. Hopefully they will kill the go carts and you'll have one enormous area... maybe something like Raging Bull. Shame the park has removed 3 adult rides in the last 2 years. I wonder if removing the Endeavor is a sign that the other ones at Carowinds, Dominion and Valleyfair are in their last days. I prefer the non inverting swinging ships anyway. Lots of exciting activity in this park.
  6. you know, I wonder if interactive dark shooting rides like Justice League and the Boo Blasters have more longevity due to the interactive nature of them. DarkCastle was just a "regular" ride, so maybe that's why it got so stale. Now me, as a non-locaI, really liked it, but I have only been to BGW 3 times since 2000 and only rode it twice.. and come to think of it, it didn't have the same impact the second time.
  7. That really looks awesome, but removing the Kiddy Kingdom Carousel... that's a no-no.
  8. I made my first and only visit to Worlds of Fun back in October and had one ride on Timber Wolf... it was pretty good... UNTIL that damned helix. As I rode it... the trains shuffled and didn't stop until the final breaks, so I am happy to see it removed and replaced by that awesome looking curve... it's going to make that last part of the ride FLY and that should eliminate most of the shuffling... those trains can't take corners worth a crap.
  9. Wow... they got a lot of that Carousel disassembled pretty fast there. The new Carousel House looks great, very similar to what they built at Worlds of Fun.
  10. Haha! Somebody wrote "Giga" in the snow near the train. Obviously, they are building one for 2018. Giga!
  11. I wonder if they have tried to scrap it and there is some Six Flags ownership legalities over it. If that's the case, I would tell six flags to get their crap outta my yard. Or maybe it costs too damn much to haul away.
  12. ^ The Bat does not have Fastlane. most others do, so you shouldn't have a serious problem with it.
  13. Now onto the pics of the storm: something wicked this way comes blowing wind and debris leading out of the park notice the flooded lower parking lot my hotel sign before and after
  14. I was there Friday and Saturday. I was on the carousel when the storm came up and remained huddled underneath it for the duration... I have never been so scared. Massive winds and branches coming down all around me. Fortunately, my Geauga Lake carousel knew I was there and she protected me. (I grew up at geauga) I will post some pictures later. We left around 6pm so I don't know if the park closed for the night at that point... the parking lot was a standstill, so that took almost another hour to get out of. I drove by the hotel where I stayed the previous night (Fairfield Inn) and the massive 70' sign was down. And yes, I rode the boomerang. They seemed to close some of the high rides earlier in the day because of wasps.
  15. Why do you say Ninja is a trap? Just because you don't like it, or is there something else I should be aware of? I rode it in the past, it was okay I guess, I don't remember anything about it.
  16. Okay, i wondered because Wipeouts in Ohio (as well as Chance rides with no seat dividers... Trabants, Zippers, Skywheels) require two riders.
  17. ^ that's cool. I suppose you need 2 riders for cyclone sams?
  18. Planning a trip out to Sf St. Louis next Sunday the 15th. Any helpful advice? It's my second time since 2005. We have SF Gold passes. - Is there early entry for Gold Passholders? - Any low capacity VR rides I should consider hopping on first? - Does American Thunder have padded seats or rubber seats?
  19. Planning a trip out to WOF next Friday and Saturday. Any helpful advice? It's my first time. We have cedar fair platinum passes and the dining plans. - Any super special rides that I need to be aware of? - Does Prowler have padded seats or rubber seats?
  20. The Flyers used to move faster, but they moved them next to the Tornado and slowed them down. Seems like they removed a lot of trees near the carousel. I haven't been there in 13 years, I should go back.
  21. Its also only holds the same amount (40) as the other Discovery Models... you would think that since it's claimed to be bigger that it would hold a few more. The HUSS ones hold 50. Regardless... great ride for the park.
  22. This is good considering they took out their Trabant a few seasons ago. Nice to see a park install one of these.
  23. Yep... "America's Greatest Roller Coaster Thrills 2 "In 3D" "
  24. Since I'm making my first trip to SFA since 2003, what order of things should I do? It will be Labor Day, so it could get busy. I am planning to get a SF pass (higher end) for 2018 and use it this season. Is there any early ride times or early admission?
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