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  1. I think this ride looks cools as hell. Everyone talks about how nice B&M hypers are, yet everyone is whining like a bunch of let down babies. There are so many of you that will not be pleased no matter what a park builds. The trains looks cool and should provide a cool perspective to each person riding the coaster. Kudos to the people that are bringing this sweet ride to Canada.
  2. CP had there own timing with coasters. I dont believe SFMM really had an impact on decisions that CP made. SFMM is the ones that made it a competition. I think CP will just keep going at the same pace they always have despite what other parks do. SFGADV is right there as far as build monster coasters and I dont believe that will change anytime soon.
  3. This is the worst thread I have ever seen!!! I cant believe Robb hasnt closed this one yet. LOL
  4. Those are some great pictures! Very nice job! I don't like to make false claims that everyones pictures are the best I have seen, but I really think those are some of the elite ones I have seen of Cedar Point. Keep up the good work!
  5. We should all thank Cedar Fair operations. It wouldn,t have been fixed that quick if it was at a Six Flags or Paramount park.
  6. Ok... I agree with you and I disagree with you. I agree because Disney does suck. Not any of their rides are any good except Rockin' Roller Coaster, and Tower Of Terror. All of the other ones are boring, and kid orentated. Now I disagree with you on when you said that "Hulk was really disappointing." ARE YOU INSANE? Hulk is great! It is one of the must do Orlando attractions. I have been on Hulk over 100 times and it never gets old. Hulk is great! You are crazy if you think is disappointing. Well moviekid21! Here is a little information about the parks for you!! As for Islands Of Adventure! I am there every single day and it never gets old. "Dueling Dragons" are amazing! They are always exciting because the feeling you get when you look like you are about to slam into the other train never goes away. It always scares me even though I know I am not going to hit them. "Hulk" is great!! Like I said before. It never gets old, and the view from the front row is amazing!! "Doctor Dooms Fear Fall" is OK... if you ride on the correct tower, otherwise it sucks. "Spiderman" is great!! It is really a must do attraction! "Dudley Do-right Ripsaw Falls" is the best log ride ever! The drop is so amazing, and then the little hill after the big drop acutally gives me airtime! Which is a plus on any log ride! "Jurassic Park" is the most amazing boat ride ever! The drop is like no drop I have ever experinced on a boat ride! Plus the scenery is great!! "Popeye's River Barges" is amazing!! You will get so soaked! Plus it is exciting!! Even "Cat In The Hat" is a fun ride!! Universal Stuidos is not as great as Islands Of Adventure, just because they do not have as many roller coasters. "Jaws" is a great ride! It scared me so freaking bad the first time I rode it. "E.T." SUCKS... It is so boring and only goes like 3 mph. "Shrek" is acutally pretty fun, but since I see the movie like 30 times a day it is really boring. "Jimmy Neutron" IS EVIL. That ride is so painful. "Revenge Of The Mummy" Is amazing!! It never gets old! Oh and it has a great layout!! "Earthquake" sucks... dont even waste your time with it. "Fear Factor Live" is a great show!! Expically if you are a contestant! "Twister... Ride It Out" SUCKS. You have to stand up during the entire thing. "Men In Black Alien Attack" is really fun, but not an attraction that you want to do over and over. Well moviekid21. I sure hope my infromation helped. I really think that you should go to Universal Orlando!! You will have a really great time! You should really go during Halloween Horror Nights! Islands Of Adventure is really not a very busy park, but there usually is rather long lines for Hulk. Usually about 45 minutes. Dueling Dragons line is never over 20 minutes except for the day that they were running one train and the wait was 90 minutes. Anyways... I really think that you should go! I hope my information helped!! If you have any questions about the parks feel free to ask! I am sure I will have an answer! If not I can get the answer for you!! ~Matthew I just did not find Hulk to be that fun. After that launch, the trains seemed to move slow through the rest of the ride and it also feeled rough. The coaster itself is really pleasing to the eye, but that is about as much as it pleases! I cannot think of another coaster that disappointed me as much as The Hulk. Maybe I have ridden too many other great coasters to find this one to be exciting. I don't believe in any way I am in the minority here. I love IOA, I just don't care for the Hulk. OVERRATED!!!!!
  7. I hope you have a great trip! Take some pics for us to see!
  8. The worst part about IOA is The Hulk. It was a really disappointing coaster. Most people that are unbiased towards Orlando will agree. But almost every other ride is great! Wait untill you ride Spiderman, its amazing! Universal ,which is right next door, is great as well. As far as Disney goes, I guess some people really like it. I dont know how adults could unless they had children? I went a few years back and it was hot as hell, it was jam packed beyond belief, and to be honest I didnt really find any ride exciting. I take that back, Pirates of the Carribean was cool. Everyone is different. Watch out for the awful parade, you can barely get around the park when its going on.
  9. I can't wait to see the plans for the new log flume. It is going to be sweet!
  10. X-flight when it was at Geagua Lake. The line didnt look that long, however, it took forever and by the time we got to the ride I had to pee so bad I didn't really get to enjoy the coaster.
  11. I think you must be confused little buddy. You are putting me down for what I am saying, yet you are trying to say the same thing. I am asking why people get in those aquatrax conversations when we no CP is not getting one.
  12. Both parks (IOA and US) are really fun. I would recommend both. The rides are unique and alot of fun! I wouldn't waste my time at Disney unless you have children under 10.
  13. I have a question: How did all those stupid rumors about an aquatrax start? I mean, who really cares about an aquatrax anyway?
  14. King Cobra Screaming Deamon both at Kings Island Sea Dragon at Wyandot Lake
  15. You haven't rode any good rides huh? Go to a good park and see what your wait time is.
  16. How many times is this joke going to be played out? Lets come up with some unique comments folks.
  17. I personally don't get why Cedar Point even needs a water park. There is so much to do in CP, I don't understand how people would even find time to go to the water park. I say get rid of Soak City and have room for future expansion. I have never gone to soak city and probably never will. Any other thoughts on this?
  18. Cedar Point has a new log flume on the way! I knew they would build a new one after tearing down WWL. I cant't way to see the plans. Knowing Cedar Point, it will be a good one. I can't wait for my next trip up there. Planning on going in 08.
  19. Im going to be honest. Maverick is the best coaster to be built in the last 5 years. There is no other coaster that comes close. Tatsu "might" be a distant second.
  20. Nice pictures, awful report. Your opinions on certain parks don't really make sense. You say you hate CP but yet you give no reason why. My opinion is that you don't like it because your jealous your park doesn't compare. You hate MF because it is considered as good if not better than SROS. You said TTD was boring but I don's see how anyone can think that ride is boring! Are you on drugs? It is short, but far from boring. You even gave some good remarks about the worst rides at CP. After looking at some of those night pictures, no one is going to trust your criticism of the park. It is a great park with great rides and it ranks up there with any of the other top parks. Don't let your personal vendetta with CP keep you from being objective. I actually think you are a closet Cedar Point fan.
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