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  1. LOL You are a nerd! First off im not CP fan boy, in fact i have only been there once this year. Secondly Mystery mine is a great ride at Dollywood, it wouldn't be at any of the parks I talked about before. Only super geeks like you would perfer either of those 2 coasters over Maverick, Behemoth, or Tatsu. Most people that visit theme parks go to ride thrilling, state of the art coasters such as Maverick or Tatsu. The truth is you are just one of those people that are jealous of Cedar Point and wish it was your home park. You make me laugh! btw- Don't assume people are CP fan boys just because they like the park and their collection of rides. People come from all over to experience cedar Point. They must be doing something right.
  2. bull$#!%, plenty of people complained. Those are week comments and are nothing compared to the abuse Maverick and Bohemeth have taken. Sorry, its not even close. And as for the other guy, Mystery Mine would be shot down at any major park such as SFMM, SFGADV, CP, etc. It isnt that thrilling and it has a few elements that make it thrilling. However, I agree that it is a perfect ride for Dollywood.
  3. This is an excellent point that everyone needs to see. Another truth is that even though it is nice to see those beautiful parks with old rides that have been around for years, people still come back to parks to ride thrilling coasters and other rides. In order for amusement companies to make money you need these rides and these modern improvements. Some of the old rides are being removed because not many people ride them any more, duh. Just because you like them and dont want to see them go, the park managaement has to decide what is best for the park. Those that say KBF lost its charm are ignorant because like the last post says it could have been a parking lott or mall. Then what charm would it have?
  4. i agree with most of what you said Electerik. It wouldnt be a very fun discussion if noone gave their opinions. However, there a few nincumpoops that complain about every big ride that is in the works. Noone complains when Mystery Mine or Griffon (a unoriginal concept) was announced but everyone complains when Cedar point announced Maverick or when Behemoth was announced. i guess your point about bigger parks and bigger rides getting held to a higher regard makes some sense. However I would take Maverick or Behemoth over any of those two rides and I think 99% of park fans would agree. So those controversial rides usually end up being very good rides.
  5. Glad to here it has lived up to its hype. I would love to come down there and take a ride. I wish I won the 330 million dollar mega millions I would be down there!
  6. LOL Has anyone seen a coaster where they purposely stopped train on the mcbr, except for very very rare occasions? Every coaster is equiped for enough braking to hold three trains. B&M or any other coaster.
  7. It is the same 3 or 4 people that just go back and forth. So stupid! Build your own damn rollercoaster the way you would like it. Don't put any trims on it. Give it some 'ejector' and 'floater' air. Make the trains with however many people you want across. Oh and don't forget to get more comfortable restraints if it has inversions. Oh and if you make a simulation video make sure the theming is exactly the same. Finally, for gods sake, make sure its a color "you" like. One last thing, quit your stupid complaining all you strange people. If that is your home park be happy you are not getting a lame dive coaster or Goliath clone. If it is not your home park, then shut up and don't worry about it. you probably wont get to ride it.
  8. Yeah, but who knows. Maybe they're on to something, maybe they have been working with Vekoma to fix Deja Vu's problems, knowing that it's a potential big crowd pleaser that's worth the risk (at least it was when I was at SFMM). Part of the capacity problem is that Six Flag's staff is very slow, if Deja Vu was run quickly and efficiently by CP's ride ops, maybe, just maybe, the riders per hour could double. Then just imagine what it will be like if they fix and master all of the mechanical issues. As for the Top Spin. I think that if anything, CP would get a new Top Spin that would be bigger than any other Top Spin in the world, not a used, run down one from Geauga Lake. I am still leaning towards "project 2008" being a topple tower. If Deja Vu could be fixed by Vekoma then I am sure SFMM and the other parks would spend the necassary money in order to fix it! Why would they let a good ride and a popular ride go if it could be fixed to be efficient! LOL This is a dumb argument and will never prove to be true.
  9. I agree with those that say Cedar Point wouldnt waste time with a used coaster but what about the Top Spin from Geagua Lake. It wouldnt take up much land and it is a perfect flat ride for the Park. What do you guys think?
  10. I absolutely love the new train design B&M has for this coaster! I think they will add a whole new feel to the ride. Should be fun. Anyone know if they will have a webcam of the construction like CP does?
  11. Thanks for the answer. I understand now. The ride looks so cool! I just wish I had money to fly down and ride it when it opens. I hope there are tons of pictures of people riding it very soon! Thank you for answering my question Erin:)
  12. How is this a more complex desogn than any other coaster? I am not being sarcastic, I am just interested. I need to learn something today!
  13. LoL You cannot be serious! TTD was designd to be the way it is just like Maverick was designed to do what it does. I do not understand the comparison. There are many people that like both and some that don't admit that they like both. They are completely different coasters and they are exactly what CP wanted out of them. If you don't like them then you should just stay at SFNE. LOL You can ride SROS over and over again! That would be fun:(
  14. LOL, I dont think they would ever care to please you! Who are you? Nobody to Cedar Fair or any other company! Everyone made these same negative comments about Maverick and now it is one of the best new rides to come out. It is an instant classic. I think this ride will be sweet! Im a paying customer is what I am to them...or might be a paying customer... Its simple. Just don't go to their parks if they don't impress you. They have so many people that they do impress. LOL Go somewhere else buddy!
  15. I was thinking the same thing! I cannot pay attention to someones reviews when they make a comment like that! Another great comment: Millinium Force 6.5 - 10. LOL
  16. LOL, I dont think they would ever care to please you! Who are you? Nobody to Cedar Fair or any other company! Everyone made these same negative comments about Maverick and now it is one of the best new rides to come out. It is an instant classic. I think this ride will be sweet!
  17. Goliath boring? I would hardly call Goliath South boring since it's my favorite steel coaster. I haven't been on it's Northern cousin though. Goliath at SFMM was not built by B&M and is not even remotley the same layout as the other North American versions (both built by B&M). I never siad Goliath was a B&M. LOL And again I will say Goliath at SFMM is boring. My point was I am happy this new coaster is not a boring clone of Goliath.
  18. Why? Goliath is a boring and overrated coaster by most peoples standards. At least the one at SFMM. I rode this thing right after it opened and a year ago. OK first drop then its all down hill completed by a boring helix.It is not that good of a coaster and I am happy this is not a clone of it.
  19. I think everyone should be thankful that its not a Goliath clone. Just knowing that it is not a clone of one of these boring coasters gets me excited. It should be a great coaster and I think we will all agree after it opens and we get to ride it.
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