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  1. I think that is a good positive attitude. I bet you will lose a little wait and be riding Maverick in no-time. You can do it:)
  2. Anyone know if IOA is planning on building a new coaster? I love that park but I dont want to go back until they get a new coaster. Also, is Cedar Point planning their next ride yet? I havent heard any rumors about their next project. BTW- I heard Maverick is awesome!! I wish I had time to travel there this year.
  3. The Worst: -Kingda Ka (Terrible attempt at a jungle) -Riddlers Revenge (Do they clean that thing?) -Superman Ultimate Flight -Bababoooey! -Superman R:OS Best: -Top Thrill Dragster (I love to watch the people blast off and then see them return with their hair all blown back!) -Mean Streak (when there was a line) -Renegade -Sea Serpent -Return of the Mummy (The best!)
  4. Wicked Twister in the back row is as scary as it gets. Sometimes you wonder if you are going to fly off the top of the track! Anyone else agree with me on that?
  5. I would have to say the best is the Sea Serpent at Wyandot Lake. The worst is probably anything at SFMM. Everything is dirty and people just line jumb everywhere you look. I can't believe anyone still goes there. It is a dump.
  6. I say 1996 when Mantis, Outer Limits and Super Man the Escape at SFMM came out. I believe that was the same year High Roller at the Stratosphere opened. Its the best year hands down. By the way, Mantis is by far the best ride from that year.
  7. LoL Were you even big enough to ride King Cobra before it closed?
  8. I think the Sea Serpent at Wyandot Lake is one of the best coasters ever made and I never here any mention of it.
  9. I think the S-curve is going to be sweet! It is going to be one heck of a transition. I think it might actually be better than the heartline roll.
  10. I have to admit I really love Wicked Twister. It never gets much attention, however, if you sit in the back, it feels like you are going to fly off the track! Don't pass up this coaster if you are at CP. I also have to add Mantis, Volcano, and the most underrated coaster is Kraken at Sea World. That ride rocks!
  11. I cannot wait to ride this coaster. Looks great! I think the S-curve is going to be sweet!
  12. Top 5 overrated parks: 1)SFMM- The overall park experience was awful, both times i went. The employees are useless. The park is disgustingly dirty. The rides are always closed. Need I say more? If you are thinking about going, just throw a couple hundred bucks out the window. Save yourself the time. 2)Holiday World- I just don't get it. 3)SFGA- Dirty park with mediocre rides. El Toro is great though. 4)BGA- It's ok. 5)Knoebels- I would rather go to Wyandot Lake
  13. I love Mantis! I rode Riddlers Revenge, which was my favorite ride at SFMM, and I dont think it is any better than Mantis. First drop is taller, thats it.
  14. Here is my top 10 overrated coasters: 1) Kingda Ka 2) Nitro 3) Medusa 4) Tatsu 5) Scream 6) Goliath 7) Incredible Hulk (Nothing incredible about it!) 8) Sheikra 9) The Raven 10) SuperMan at SFMM (This is the worst coaster ever made. If you call it a coaster!)
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