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  1. Ok, I would definitely not go that day! I would rather go to the walk of fame, then go to Magic Mountain that day!
  2. Ok, this is what I think you should do. Despite some of our negative experiences and views of Magic Mountain, they have some sweet coasters. Go there and make up your own mind about the park. You may find it to be a great time. If you are a coaster lover, you would have a lot better time at Knotts and Magic Mountain than at Disney Land and Universal Studios. Universal has some kick a$$ rides too, but not coasters. I would make Disney the last park on the list. BTW, the park is open both of those days. They were saying the kids are going back to school which means the park will be less crowded. Let us know what you think of either park you visit. Hope you have a great time.
  3. B&M has just as many if not way more coasters with unwarranted trims. So don't go there!
  4. OK! I forgot about the stratosphere rides. Insanity is crazy! So is the one that tips your forward over the edge. You actually get scared on those rides! I bet there will be many of these kinds of rides in Dubai when all of those big skyscrapers are built.
  5. You say your are tired of people putting down your park, but you have put down Knottsand other parks several times by saying it is boring and the rides are weak. Many people think the park is fun and the rides are good. So before you go and complain about peoples comments on SFMM, you need to check your own comments. People have different opinions and this site is about you being able to express those opinions. Do me a favor and don't be bitter, reconsider!
  6. It is not the park that will get your wallet, its the thugs that go there. I had a friend get his wallet pick-pocketed there. Another friend asked some kids to get in line instead of ditching and they wanted to beat him up. There is just a rough crowd there. With that being said, the coasters do kick butt when they are open!
  7. I have a few tips. If you are going to Magic Mountain, plan on: being ditched in line, not getting rides on broken down coasters, and make sure you hide your wallet in deep pockets. It is a different kind of amusement park experience at SFMM. I would say, hit Knotts and Universal. Both are family friendly, with some sweet coasters and themed attractions.. Definitely hit Universal. Hope you have a good time!!!!! Take some good pics for us to see:)
  8. I actually agree with that list. I think for the most part all the best parks were on the list. I know there was one that I thought was weird to be on that list. One guy was mad that Holiday World was not on there! If that park was should be on the list, then there are about 30 others that have the same chance! Anyway, I think at least nine of the parks on the list deserve to be there.
  9. Has anyone heard more about the new invert coming to Kings Island?
  10. I totally agree with you on this. I don't see what is so exciting about this coaster so far. The only thing that will be neat will be the on-board sound system and the cool color scheme. This is a mediocre looking coaster at best. I hope the other coasters give us something more.
  11. Nice reports guys. What park are you heading to next? I hope you all have a great time on the rest of your trip.
  12. I agree that Batman is the worst invert out there. It does give a very poor ride. I wonder if there will be a new wave of inverts. Most of them give a fantastic ride.
  13. Raptor has the best paint job, no "ifs" "ands" or "buts" about it. Game over
  14. I agree, Kraken is a great coaster. One of my all time favorites. The Clyde and Seymore show was so funny! Great place to visit, even for adults.[/i]
  15. The Hulk at IOA. Just a beautiful looking coaster that doesn't deliver, at all. Very boring after the launch and inversions are slow and boring.
  16. No way. That is why the Hulk loses so much speed during the last half of the ride. After the launch and first loop, the ride is a complete and utterly bore.
  17. I totally agree. I have never wondered why Six Flags doesn't invest more money in the more beautiful parks. They spend all that money in places like SFMM where "many" people do not respect what they have. I know SFMM is supposed to be getting better but many people around there don't really give a darn about throwing trash away or waiting their turn in line. Its like they dont get the Amusement Park Idea. Places like SFGA or SFA are in friendly settings with people that like to take care of their surroundings. How about maybe not giving SFMM or SFGAD a new gigantic coaster all the time and give one of these pretty parks one?
  18. I was driving on hwy 70 in Ohio going towards Columbus yesterday, when I saw a Semi carrying two huge supports. Looks like coaster supports. Anyone know if GL has started removing anymore coasters? The semi could have been heading towards Indiana or Cinci.
  19. I have never been to either of those two parks, but they look really nice. I would love to make a trip sometime.
  20. Well, I disagree with you, but I do give you credit for busty out the word "laudatory!" Very nice vocab. you have:)
  21. That makes a lot of sense to me. I can definately agree with that. Very well put. So my vote goes to Phantom.
  22. Are you serious? lol Do you understand that biased articles are written all the time because of relationships between people. Shapiro, no doubt has friends at msn and that could be why this rediculous article was written. Do you understand that concept of biased article? If someone isnt a fan of Howard Stern, they will say Sirius is not doing well. A fan or friend of Sterns will write an article claiming they are exceeding expectations. Do you understand yet?
  23. Lets be honest with ourselves here. The only reason this article exist is because of Shapiro being a man with many friends in the higher up. Six Flags is hardly worthy of being compared to Disney. LOL
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