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  1. LOL I think that coaster looks very boring. It wouldnt be a good attraction at any major park
  2. Are you serious? Nobody went to that park! Everything has been tried to get the attendence up there. Nothing has worked and it was just losing money. You make no sense in your bash of cedar fair.
  3. Am I the only one that doesn't think Led Zeplin looks that impressive? It isn't the lack of size, it just seems like an average coaster with some very unoriginal elements. I don't get the hype. There are going to be a lot of disappointed people out there. I do think the on board stereo sounds cool and I am a big Zeplin fan. The color scheme is very cool as well. Overall the park looks sweet, I am just not buying this coaster as one of the best of '08.
  4. Very nice pitures. Looks like the two of you had a good time! What was your impression of Furious Baco?
  5. You have never gone to the bathroom outdoors? Those guys work long hours and dont have time to walk to the restroom everytime they have to take a piss. I guarentee has is only one of the thousands of workers at hundreds of parks that find an outdoor spot to pee. With that being said, he didnt need to do it by the camera!!! And the picture is hilarious! I wonder if that guy ever knew there was a camera there.
  6. Ok, this webcam thing, along with CP's stupid teasers is getting my nerves. They create a bunch of hype for something insignificant. Did anyone see anything besides that stupid float?
  7. Has anyone else noticed that CP fanboys usually have literacy problems? Maybe we can start a fund to help Cedar Point's fans out. "Give to Kinzel's Kids", or something to that effect. First off, dork, I am not a CP fan boy. I explained that to another one of your goofy grammar buddies. Secondly, I just agree with the awards. Why is that so hard to believe? So why don't you go get an grammar teaching job somewhere an quit acting like you know something. I recieved a mean message from Robb for correcting his grammar. So if you want to trash talk my grammar, then you are also attacking his. And we all know what a kiss ass you are to him, so maybe you should take it back.
  8. I am glad people are finally coming around to agreeing that these awards are going to the correct parks. These are the most respectable awards in the business unlike those awful Mitch awards, whoever that kat is! LOL I am glad they dont just give them to different parks just because they feel like everyone should get a golden ticket. They should go to the park that deserves it and they did that this year. Nice job Golden Tickets.
  9. I didn't want to say anything before because I thought everyone loved floorless coasters. Now that I say others feel the same way, I will give my opinion. While I agree Kraken and a few other floorless coaster are fun I donlt really even notice anything different from a regular sitdown coaster. So I have to say I agree that floorless is just a gimmick. As far as inverts go, I think it is just a very unique experience. I love almost all B&M inverts except for the Batman versions. They are very fun and I enjoy every ride on them. Raptor remains one of my top coasters and I believe it is because of that unique invert feature. I would love to see more inverts. Kings Island could really use one of these ride. They are great!! Nothing gimmicky about inverts folks.
  10. It doesn't matter how tall Behemoth is, it has to be better than Goliath. Despite being about 20ft shorter it will be about 100% better.
  11. I have to say, I almost completely agree with these awards. I think they got it right this year. Nie job Golden Tickets Awards!!! Keep up the good work.
  12. LOL It is a simulation video. The real ride is never the same as the video.
  13. I will bet anyone a million dollars there will be another 300ft coaster. LOL This question should be revised to when another 300 fotter will be built.
  14. Terrible list of reasons!! LOL My two favorite are: 1) The coasters are average 2) The park is ugly LOL you are nutz
  15. I personally like the pre-drop. You get a nice little burst of speed before going down.
  16. Thats what I was saying. Look at my post. I was correcting the guy that thought it was the obvious coaster that takes up the majority of the picture.
  17. Just like any other awards, everyone gets mad. I don't think I can argue with anything on here. Looks like a good list to me. As far as Cedar Point being the best park again, how is that wrong? Should they give it to a new park every year or should they give it to the park that deserves it. Cedar Point is the all around best park, no doubt about it.
  18. LOL I believe he is talking about the orange tunnel that looks like a water slide, not the coaster!!!
  19. I am excited for the ride as well. Thats why I was trying to make a point to people that criticize every new big coaster.
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