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  1. This event is open to anyone I believe. (unless you have been banned I guess)
  2. That is totally unacceptable behavior. If he was a TPR member he should be banned from future TPR events. I personally would have said something to him like "I'll bet your really proud of your son using foul language around kids" and have told Robb also. Exactly. If you were able to follow them you could have at least got a look at their badges and posted a "review" of the behavior when you got home.
  3. Was this during ERT? If so, I'm really surprised that this happened with the group that attended the event last year. It really is a great family atmosphere. What a bummer that you found the one bad apple.
  4. I dunno man, I personally thought the night ERT was the highlight of the event! I agree 100% Robb. I loved going up in the tower and taking night time pictures. I had never ridden Tatsu in complete silence. It was like gliding around the track as a bird of prey. What I was trying to say was that I don't think that missing the night ERT should be a deal breaker for The Ghost as far as going to the event. Yeah you might miss the best part of the day but the rest of the day was pretty sweet too.
  5. Because it's a Sunday, the park closes early. Last year the event ended at 10:00 if I recall correctly. To be perfectly honest with you, you could skip the evening ERT and you will still think you got your money's worth. I actually was satisfied after the morning ERT. Everything else (lunch, backstage tour) was icing on the cake IMHO. You tend to walk a lot more during WCB because you spend VERY little time standing in line. I was worn out by the time night ERT started.
  6. OK so I guess it is just a matter of semantics. They will probably not mention the "rental fee" to the GP but they have broken it out for Season Passholders rather than saying $15 off for Extreme Passholders. I don't see someone renting it for $15 just to hook it on their belt as a fashion statement. Perhaps it will be a three tiered system that allows for a certain number of rides at the $15 level and than more money for the more traditional regular and gold. I assume we will know all on March 22
  7. Quick question about the QBot. I think I've read this thread completely and haven't seen this answered. I got a flyer today that said that the Extreme Play Pass included free rental on a QBot every time I visit. They said that this was a $15 value. Does that mean that the basic Q-Bot like they have at SFGAdv is only $15? Or is this just for renting the thing and then you have to pay more to use it? I already down-graded mine to a Play Pass because I thought they were just going to give a discount but I'm curious about what the actual cost will be.
  8. Luke, What a touching memorable moment. I'm sorry for your loss but happy that you were able to turn such a sad life experience into a place of comfort by remembering the good times.
  9. Robb, All three played perfectly for me with a 7-10 second start delay. I also get the SQL server error in the description box on the first one. Using Firefox. MySpeed Results Download 11,732,328 bps Upload 2,657,904 bps
  10. Another article was in the paper today. http://www.azcentral.com/arizonarepublic/local/articles/2008/09/22/20080922pinalpark0922.html There is a short story in the local paper today correlating this park with the Hard Rock. It appears that the project is dead. If you still had a viable project you would think that you would respond to press inquires. http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/2008/12/27/20081227themepark1227.html
  11. First I'll jump in to defend DegoRed. It's kind of odd that this came up on Christmas day. When I lived in Philadelphia the father of a friend always served Dego Red. I am positive about this as we would get to take a bottle or two home after the Xmas eve party at their house. They were Italian and pronounced it with a short "E" and not a long "A". Back on topic. I loved the video. I wish I had the patience that you obviously have. I have built a couple of the basic K-Nex coasters and they are a bit more complicated than they look. I always walked away and left my daughter to finish them. Good job!
  12. In case anyone is reading this Monday morning at work, the fine print says it is actually good until 12 noon Eastern time on Monday.
  13. Loved the shot of the Zipper. It's also my all-time favorite. I first rode the Zipper on July 4, 1970 in Cecilton Maryland. It was my very first thrill ride. I always loved how the door never felt quite like it was closed correctly and how the noise of the midway sounded so far away when you were stopped at the top. Thanks for the pictures. It's funny how all these fairs seem to have the same basic elements all over the country.
  14. I had no problem downloading and viewing at the same time. Thanks for the download you guys. I just finished viewing and it looks great! As for the question about paying $5 for downloads; I would like that. Including both as a package would also be cool. The last few DVDs I purchased had a free digital download included but I don't know how fancy the technology is for that since I had to have the actual DVD inserted to download along with a code.
  15. http://perezhilton.com/2008-11-27-thanksgiving-in-mexico-city#respond
  16. BGE With questions like this I think that it will ultimately come down to staffing . I just think that the staff at BGE is far superior in the amount of pride that they take in the park. This translates into all the other areas. I have had unpleasant staff interactions at BGA so that also skews my opinion. Your results may vary.
  17. Why is the Sky Tower infamous? Did it kill someone? Is it because it is often closed due to winds? Have people died after making the long walk up the hill to see it? Sorry, couldn't help myself.
  18. As Robb said, it will be packed. I have done it before during that week and as long as you are prepared to just go with the flow you should be fine. I would suggest taking an afternoon break every day. If you are at the gates when the park opens you can take a shot at a Dream Fastpass which will really come in handy. In general they hand them out in the first 20-30 minutes after the rope drop. The most popular spots for handing them out are going through the castle, in the back walkway between Fantasyland and BTMR and getting off of Pooh. Keep your eyes peeled for Castmembers in white vests and carrying messenger type bags. You can stop looking after the first hour of park opening. Have fun and grab Fastpasses every chance you get. Remember that they are good from the starting time until the park closes. They make you think they are only good for an hour window but that is just a suggestion. If you play your cards right you can be holding one for every ride by the evening time.
  19. I feel like an idiot. I've spent 30 minutes looking for this setting. The closest I have gotten is a section that has reading settings. Can you give me more specific instructions (for a dummy) on finding this check box? I did notice on this post that I can do it per post (if it shows in this one).
  20. I went to Coaster Fanatics and created my count box thing. I see where I can copy the BBCode. But when I copy it and paste it into my signature on TPR it doesn't show up on my posts. It does show up when I click preview signature but not on my actual posts. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
  21. I'm a big guy and Tatsu never felt really tight to me. I do have trouble on Batman and Riddlers. Were the restraints not closing on the test seat?
  22. Back in Phoenix now. Until we drove up the freeway towards the hills we didn't realize how close the fires were to us. To answer your questions: It was kind of miserable but got better as evening approached. Everyone had "dandruff" and the stroller had a pretty good cover of ash after each ride. We never experienced any ride shut downs. It looked a lot better this morning over the park although a slight smell still lingered. I would say go for it on Monday. Most of the decorations are up even though Christmas doesn't officially start until the 21st.
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