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  1. This is my first trip report and really just describes for the most part what the plan and itinerary was. All opinions are mine (Everyone has one). This was the first time I had tried something like this and it was quite an experience. A few years back my daughter and I had hit Dallas, Houston and San Antonio but that was the biggest coaster trip I had done -- up till now. The last East Coast Park I had been to was Great Adventure back in the early 80’s so everything was new to me on this trip. I’ll break down the report into manageable chunks. Backstory: A few months ago while talking with my brother on the phone he had mentioned that he was going to try and ride 100 coasters on an upcoming trip with his son. He is in Delaware and I’m in Arizona. I mentioned that it sounded fun and pretty soon I was on board and our itinerary was set. As the date approached we made a few changes. We knew that there was a better way to do the trip and that we would be missing out on spending quality time anywhere but for this trip we wanted to see how many coasters we could ride. So on Friday June 8th I flew into Raleigh and my brother and my 15 year old nephew drove down and met me at the airport there at 1:00 AM Saturday morning. We drove to a friend’s house where we caught maybe 4 hours of sleep. And thus began our memorable trip.
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