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  1. Please elaborate. I don't recall hearing one question that was off topic for a Q &A with the people that are in charge of EVERY aspect of the park experience. I thought that this was the best run event that I have ever attended. That includes weddings, funerals, staff development sessions, stadium tours.... you name it. Heck, I was already impressed at 7:30 when I saw how smooth the check-in process went. Kudos to everyone involved! Al
  2. I posted this in the WCB thread but got no response. We are going to WCB and trying to decide what to do on Saturday prior. Someone had posted on the other thread that they had a Maxx Pass that didn't expire till 3/31. I have a 2007 pass that I purchased at Carowinds. Does anyone know if this expired on 12/31 or if it is good to 3/31? We're thinking about going to Knotts if it is still good. Thanks! Al
  3. I have a Cedar Fair 2007 MaxPass that I purchased at Carowinds last year. Does anyone know if this is still good at Knotts till 3/31? Thanks!
  4. I rode 128 last summer and my 5 favorites from that list are in order: 5. MF @ CP 4. GB @ Hershey 3. Goliath @ SFMM 2. Tatsu @ SFMM 1. Superman Ride of Steel @ SFA Honorable Mention: I just love riding coasters at Knoebels. I think anything is fun in an environment like that.
  5. Last year i had to go to CS. Very quick. 1 minute.
  6. Jumping in late here on this one. I had a Max pass from Carowinds last year and used it all over the place on the East Coast. And then I went to KBF in October. It was without a doubt the most ridiculous customer service experience I had ever witnessed. (and this was after being at SFMM the day before) Because it was a Saturday in October they were also selling Haunt tickets at the same CS window. I was in line to get my pass for 70 minutes! They seem to put the dopiest people they have at the CS window. Probably to make them experts at giving a blank look to every question. One of the people in front of me bought $300 in haunt tickets and payed cash. The girl behind the window counted the money 7 times! It was a thing to behold! she didn't just count it. She spread it out on the counter in this elaborate fan pattern every time. Then she would mark every bill one by one with one of those "magic" pens. Everyone in line was just busting up as she counted and counted and counted. In the meantime at the other window there was this lady with her kids arguing over some coupon that she had already been made to go home for. She was basically arguing over less than 10 bucks but the idiot behind the window wouldn't budge. The lady refused to leave the window after having driven 1 hour to the park twice already. 30 minutes later the manager took over and continued to argue with the customer. At some point you would think they would look at the line stretching back to the road and decide to write off the 10 dollars in the name of customer service but that would make too much sense. Sorry about the long post but it brought back such memories that I couldn't resist.
  7. Epilogue Would I do this trip again? No way! Am I glad I did it? Absolutely! It was fun spending time with my brother and nephew and we sure have stories to tell. Every time we were nearing complete burnout there would be a coaster that just made us say, “Wow! That was cool!” Favorite memories: Having a deer in Ohio jump right into the side of the car while we were going 60 miles an hour at 2 in the morning. That woke us all up! We don’t know if it survived or not. On El Toro a big guy was having trouble fitting in the restraints. First he was yelling, “I’m not that guy, I’m not that guy!” Then when he couldn’t fit he started yelling, “Oh my God! I am that guy!” When we pulled back into the loading area he was still there yelling, “I’m going home and eating 10 McGriddles!” Early morning in Kings Dominion. We were walking by one of those game booths and the girl in there had a microphone headset on. There was nobody around but us, and we were not that close. This is what she said: “I have a stone in my shoe, I have a stone in my shoe, I have OCD about my feet and now there is a stone in my shoe. I’m going to have to get that stone out of there very soon.” We laughed about that one for quite a while. Sorry it got so long. Thanks for reading!
  8. Day 10 Monday Knoebels, Dorney Park For the last day of the trip we went small town. I loved every minute of our time at Knoebels. The coasters were great. Even the High Speed Thrill Coaster had us laughing. There is a great family feel to the place that can’t be beat. I’ll be back for Flying Turns. We next headed over to Dorney Park. The park was not too crowded and we were able to ride everything on our list. I loved steel force and the Talon. Our last ride of the trip was Wild Mouse. Always scarier with big adults on board.  With the trip over we headed for the Philly airport where I stayed the night for an early morning flight while my brother and nephew headed home in the car. Coasters Ridden 104. Phoenix 105. Twister 106. High Speed Thrill Coaster 107. Talon 108. Hydra 109. Thunderhawk 110. Steel Force 111. Laser 112. Wild Mouse
  9. Day 9 Sunday Canada’s Wonderland We got to the park at opening and just started working our way around clockwise which seemed to be a good strategy. I don’t know why, but this was my favorite Italian Job. We ended up finishing everything by 2 and headed out for Darian Lake. We got to Darien Lake at around 5:30. This place was huge disappointment. It was very dirty and not many families around. Superman was down and they said it had been since yesterday. After 2 rides we had had enough of this run down dump. Back in the car and headed for Pa. Coasters Ridden: 93. Scooby’s Gasping Ghoster Coaster 94. Top Gun 95. Italian Job 96. Skyrider 97. Vortex 98. The Fly 99. Thunder Run 100. Wild Beast 101. Dragon Fire 102. Predator 103. Boomerang Coast to Coaster
  10. Day 8 Saturday Niagara Falls, Canada’s Wonderland We slept in today and then went down to do the touristy things. We took the Maid of the Mist to the falls and that was very cool. We checked out of the hotel at noon and headed towards Wonderland. We arrived at the park at around 4 and it was packed! As it got later the park began to look rougher with what seemed to be a gang element arriving in the park. We got three rides in and decided to just go get a good dinner and try again in the morning. Not many coasters today. Coasters Ridden: 90. Tomb Raider 91. Mighty Canadian Minebuster 92. Silver Streak
  11. Day 7 Friday Hersheypark Today did not start out well. We got out of the hotel late, ran into traffic, had the wrong flight time and security was crazy! We ran on the plane 2 seconds before the door closed. After landing we headed for Hershey and arrived around noon to moderate crowds. I really enjoyed our day here. I loved the riding the wood coasters here. They just seemed so smooth and the park was beautiful and clean. We were out of the park by six and in the car headed for Niagara Falls. We arrived at our hotel overlooking the falls around midnight. This has been a looong day! Coasters Ridden: 80. Storm Runner 81. Sidewinder 82. Wildcat 83. Wildmouse 84. Lightening Racer: Lightening 85. Lightening Racer: Thunder 86. Trailblazer 87. Great Bear 88. Sooperdooperlooper 89. Comet
  12. Day 6 Thursday Cedar Point We arrived at opening to find the largest crowds of the trip. Our plan was to hit Maverick first but we noticed everyone heading that way so we went the opposite direction. We started out at Wicked Twister and sort of worked our way around. We could see that TTD was not running consistently so we were surprised that we finally got on it near the end of the day. At around 2 we decided to bite the bullet and wait for Maverick. It took a while but I thought it was awesome. I loved how difficult it was to determine exactly what was coming next. I think that Magnum was my favorite of the day. I don’t know why but we all got a kick out of Disaster Transport. We just laughed the whole time on that and rode it 3 times. When we first arrived today and saw the crowds we were sure that we were going to come up short on our coaster count but by simply moving on we were able to ride everything we planned to ride. We stayed till closing and headed towards for Columbus for our flight back to Philly tomorrow morning. Coasters Ridden: 64. Wicked Twister 65. Corkscrew 66. Magnum XL-200 67. Gemini – Blue 68. Gemini – Red 69. Maverick 70. Mean Streak 71. Cedar Creek Mine Ride 72. Millennium Force 73. Mantis 74. Iron Dragon 75. Wildcat 76. Top Thrill Dragster 77. Disaster Transport 78. Blue Streak 79. Raptor
  13. Day 5 Wednesday Kings Island, Geauga Lake Today’s plan was to be selective at Kings Island so that we could also hit Geauga before they closed at 8 tonight. None of us had ever been to Geauga before. We were all exhausted this morning and getting kind of grumpy but onward we pushed. First ride at KI was Beast. I had mixed emotions about this one. Some parts were really rough but the long run-outs really were fun. The park got really crowded fast this day and after 8 coasters we had had enough of waiting in lines and decided to bolt for Geauga. We arrived at 6:30 to find a nearly empty park. We decided to try for as many as we could in the 90 minutes that we had. Almost everything was a walk-on. As we stepped off of The Big Dipper the clock struck 8:00. 8 coasters in 90 minutes! We could really get used to this. Back in the car and off to Cedar Point! Something told us we would not be walking on anything tomorrow. 48. Beast 49. Italian Job 50. Vortex 51. Flight of Fear 52. Racer – Backwards 53. Racer – Forwards 54. Adventure Express 55. Top Gun 56. Thunderhawk 57. Dominator 58. Raging Wolf Bobs 59. Beaver Land Mine Train 60. Villain 61. Double Loop 62. Head Spin 63. Big Dipper
  14. Day 4 Tuesday SFGA This was going to be one of our most challenging days yet. We had to be at the Philadelphia Airport at 7:00 tonight for a flight to Columbus so there was no option to extend our stay. We were at the gate for opening and headed right for El Toro. This ended up being one of the biggest disappointments of the trip for me. Granted I was tired and outside forces may have played a part in my opinion. When we got on the ride the girl made me remove my glasses even though they were attached firmly to my head. Not being able to see anything really bothered me and trying to focus without glasses tends to give me an instant headache. As a final injustice she comes back down the row and practically stands on my restraint until I can hardly breathe. The ride was really rough to me. We next headed over to Kingda Ka but the line was really long so we decided to work on the other coasters first. Around 1:00 a storm rolled in and everything shut down for almost two hours. This gave me some time to walk around. I had not been here in many many years and I must say that it sure has changed. Back in the early 80’s this place was almost scary. But I really enjoyed seeing how clean and safe everything seems now. I will be back to visit. When the rain started we only had a couple rides left to do. Medusa and Kingda Ka. As luck would have it we hit Kingda Ka when the storm passed at just the right time. Just as we got off it started to rain again and they shut it down again. We hit Medusa two kiddies and headed for the airport. When we arrived at the airport we were greeted by thousands of passengers and delayed and cancelled on all the screens. Our 8:00 flight finally left at 10:40 and we still had a long drive tonight! We arrived in Columbus at midnight and headed for Cincinnati. Coasters Ridden: 36. El Toro 37. Superman 38. Scream Machine 39. Nitro 40. Skull Mountain 41. Batman The Ride 42. Chiller- Robin 43. Rolling Thunder- Right 44. Medusa 45. Kingda Ka 46. Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure Train 47. Road Runner Railway
  15. Day 3 Monday KD, SFA We were back at the gates of KD shortly after opening to try and hit our last 3 but it wasn’t meant to be. Flight of Fear was down for the day. We hit Italian Job and the Ghost Coaster and then rode Volcano again. Headed for the car and drove to Six Flags America. The park was pretty much dead. We were able to ride everything by closing and then some. Superman was just awesome. As the trip has gone on we have decided that rides definitely fall into two different categories: Rides that are plain fun and rides that you simply survive. I hate being beaten up and having my head knocked around for no apparent reason. Superman was just true airtime fun. I think we rode it 4 times. Out to the car and off to Jersey! Coasters Ridden: 26. Italian Job 27. Scooby Doo’s Ghoster Coaster 28. Two-Face 29. Wild One 30. Superman 31. Batwing 32. Joker’s Jinx 33. Roar 34. Mind Eraser 35. Great Chase
  16. Day 2 Sunday BGE, KD After a couple hours sleep we were at the rope drop for Griffon. The park was beautiful but we had no time to waste. We were on Griffon within minutes and completely done the coasters in under 2.5 hours. We did ride Darkastle and Pompeii. We were in the car on the way to Kings Dominion around 1:30. We arrived at KD around late afternoon and checked into the hotel and headed for the park. It was kind of crowded but we still did pretty good at getting on rides. The line for Flight of Fear was really long and Italian Job was down for the day so we decided to get those in the morning. I really liked Volcano though the queue is really hot as you approach the loading area. Another favorite was the Avalanche which we rode a few times. We rode Grizzly twice. I had never ridden one of these and it was just fun. We headed back to the hotel at closing to get some rest for finishing the park in the morning. Coasters Ridden: 11. Griffon - Very cool! 12. Alpengeist 13. Big Bad Wolf 14. Apollo’s Chariot 15. Loch Ness Monster 16. Avalanche 17. Volcano 18. Anaconda 19. Rebel Yell – Backwards 20. Rebel Yell – Forwards 21. Ricochet 22. Hurler 23. Shockwave 24. Grizzly 25. Hypersonic XLC
  17. Day 1 Saturday Carowinds We hit the rode at around 8 AM and arrived at Carowinds around 11. My first thought was, “Good God it is hot here!” I had left 107 in Phoenix but 98 with humidity just took my breath away. First ride was Top Gun which I enjoyed. The second ride was Thunder Road backwards and this was where I asked myself, “What have I gotten myself into here?” The ride beat the crap out of me. I’m out of shape and the second ride of the trip has me beaten up. But onward we trudged. Borg was down the entire day so sadly we had to miss that. They kept testing it but never took on passengers. It wouldn’t be the first disappointment but we had built coasters into our plan, assuming that one would be down at every park. We left Carowinds around 8 and jumped in the car and pointed towards Virginia. Coasters ridden: 1. Top Gun 2. Thunder Road – Backwards OWWW! It hurts! 3. Thunder Road – Forwards OK that felt better 4. Carolina Goldrusher 5. Vortex 6. Hurler 7. Carolina Cyclone 8. Ricochet 9. Rugrats Runaway Reptar 10. Fairly Odd Coaster – On the trip these rides always made us laugh.
  18. This is my first trip report and really just describes for the most part what the plan and itinerary was. All opinions are mine (Everyone has one). This was the first time I had tried something like this and it was quite an experience. A few years back my daughter and I had hit Dallas, Houston and San Antonio but that was the biggest coaster trip I had done -- up till now. The last East Coast Park I had been to was Great Adventure back in the early 80’s so everything was new to me on this trip. I’ll break down the report into manageable chunks. Backstory: A few months ago while talking with my brother on the phone he had mentioned that he was going to try and ride 100 coasters on an upcoming trip with his son. He is in Delaware and I’m in Arizona. I mentioned that it sounded fun and pretty soon I was on board and our itinerary was set. As the date approached we made a few changes. We knew that there was a better way to do the trip and that we would be missing out on spending quality time anywhere but for this trip we wanted to see how many coasters we could ride. So on Friday June 8th I flew into Raleigh and my brother and my 15 year old nephew drove down and met me at the airport there at 1:00 AM Saturday morning. We drove to a friend’s house where we caught maybe 4 hours of sleep. And thus began our memorable trip.
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