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  1. Reading this article though makes me think that it will have one aspect that most parks don't have. They have the ability to raise money from regular people that will never set foot in the park ala Jim Baker and Heritage USA which was a top attraction and money maker until scandal took it down. Remember, they said this this park will be built with private donations. Opening the park with zero debt would make a closing very unlikely.
  2. I think this is the article? Apparently this is part of a school? http://www.mainstreetbusinessjournal.com/articleview.php?articlesid=4020
  3. Perhaps the first TPR cruise Robb? A bit off topic. The last time that I was in Cozumel I went ATVing back in the jungle. We went down this dirt road and there was an abandoned water park just sitting in the middle of the jungle. Nothing else around just some slides and a pool overgrown with weeds. Does anyone know what the story is with this place? It was sort of near the Mayan caves.
  4. I'll be checking out the first Spring Training game on Sunday. The new stadium is in walking distance from my house.
  5. I got that. Everyone has their own opinion about how big a deal it is. And the bottom line is it's a big deal to some and not a big deal to others.
  6. No I proved (to myself anyway) that Robb's two main statements are true: 1. It sucks that the park looks like crap. This was all he said in the beginning. 2. He said that the locals/multiple visitors are not the ones that would care all that much. It's the one timers that are getting screwed out of the full experience. Even if they have fun, I know that Disney is selling (look at their current ads) the same experience that I had before and it is not true. This whole discussion is kind of weird at this point. Arguing about what people feel when they look at something would look kind of bizarre in any other setting. A visit to an art museum would really be interesting.
  7. Not to put words in Robb's mouth, but how I am feeling about the pictures might draw a better picture for everyone. I live in AZ and visit CA about twice a year. I'm not too bothered by the construction. I know and appreciate the fact that they are trying to make it better. I actually was looking forward to seeing the lagoon drained. However, I am also a teacher in a very low income school. In May I will be chaperoning some band students on a trip to the parks. I can say with some confidence that this will probably be their only chance to visit the park. It just sucks that they will be seeing CA like this. Will they be excited? Yeah. But they are missing out on seeing something that I know is there behind all the mess. I always loved the reflections on the water after dark and I know the kids would have also. Many people dislike CA but it did have a certain vibe. The vibe I get now is Bob the Builder.
  8. The Devastator is not a real ride. It is from Mr. Show which I consider to be one of the funniest sketch comedy shows ever created. It ran on HBO 95-98. My sense of humor runs to the ridiculous and tasteless which is probably why I loved this show so much and many did not care for it. Here is the Devastator sketch: If you don't care for stupid/tasteless nonsense it probably won't be your cup of tea. I can't tell you how many people I lent my DVD's to and they said, "I don't get it."
  9. Didn't see this posted yet. A short news story about the Job Fair at SFGAdv. Only the first half is SF related. http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/us/2009/02/22/levs.good.news.cnn Sorry I don't know how to embed video (Or if it's even allowed in this section).
  10. I find them very comparable to Hotels.com. They are a legitimate company. If you do use them, make sure you post a review when you get back. They are pretty consistent with giving future discounts when you post a review. I have used most of the online bookers and the only problems I have had usually occur on the hotel's end. It takes time but everything gets resolved.
  11. Now that the ground supports are in this thing is flying along. At the rate they are going today, this thing will be done by next week. It looks like they have 2 more track pieces before they go up another level.
  12. I am also amazed by the way Disney has their employees on "go, go , go" all of the time. There is no doubt that this is a missing element at Six Flags. There are exceptions on certain rides but I'm not sure why. Most of the time the crews on Goliath are moving. The ride ops up there always seem to be having fun. I rarely see the "Tatsu Stroll" on Goliath. When comparing to Disney though I think the single biggest difference is the lack of guest confusion. Every major Disney ride has at least one greeter. This person's only job is to make sure that the guest knows where to go and what to do. This is why dispatches are so great during ERT's at SFMM. Everyone knows what to do. Is comparison realistic? No. Disney has a bigger budget and can afford to hire an extra mature person to work independently to greet guests. At MM I suspect that it would be seen as the plum assignment for a teenager to get in a few extra texts. Another big difference is the rides. Most Disney rides do not require everything to be bolted down. This simply is not an option at SFMM. Disney is like taking the train downtown while Six Flags is like taking a plane across state. It's a lot faster to jump on the train with all your crap than to get on a plane with all your crap. Next time you are at Disney take a look at all of the stuff people leave sitting in strollers. Would you leave your stuff sitting like that at SFMM? As sad as it seems, I think that the crummy economy will be creating an improvement in operations this year. The parks should have a slightly better pool to choose from. I just hope they have the willingness to hire a few "older" folks to manage the ride operators.
  13. I'm hardly a fanboy of SFMM (I am the bathroom hooligan after-all) but I do take exception to this comment. I don't know how anyone can say that the park has not improved under the new leadership. I have seen improvement in most ride operations and especially atmosphere. Do they still have work to do? Sure! Is it like SFMM in 1999? Not even close. I hear this same old stuff from all the people I know that haven't been in a few years and it just seems unfair to the park. I realize that SF made this bed but at least they are trying to undo the damage that was done. I have NEVER seen as many families at the park as i did last summer.
  14. No, I was rejected at 45 and 48 but they took 50. I think that's as low as they'll go as of now.
  15. After thinking about all the questions, I believe what happened is that they are being hit with complaints from people that emailed as soon as it showed but didn't get anything. I suspect that they are shocked at how fast word spread. The list of theme park related web sites in the survey was pretty darn long so the word was out way before the game even started. They asked if I actually saw the ad. (I didn't) It must suck to pay all that money to get your ad seen and then you are giving away most of the tickets to people who never saw the ad and the people who did see it got nothing.
  16. I got it yesterday afternoon. I guess I'm the only one on here that got one? Maybe it was targeted toward a certain demographic/area? I think that they were trying to figure out if the ad was worth the price based on the questions they were asking.
  17. Did anyone else get a survey request about winning the tickets? I thought it was really strange. They first started asking basic questions about visiting Orlando but then the questions veered off into a different area. Basically asking if you cheated by registering under different addresses and stuff like that. Did you find out about the contest on a website/blog and which one it was? TPR was not listed as one of the choices. Did you click on a link to get to the sweepstakes or enter the web page manually? Maybe I'm thinking into it too much but I thought it was really odd. They offered the chance for more tickets if you completed the survey. Is it possible the whole thing did not go as planned.
  18. I hope that you are correct about this. Remember though that we are in a much different time now. Loyalty and respect for the working man/woman is not nearly what it was in the 30's. I'm not saying that this is the case with this company but it would be tough to use the Great Depression as a bellwether for the crazy corporate times we live in now.
  19. How true! How many times has something really good been so successful that big business gets involved and ruined everything? If you don't have a season pass, this is actually CHEAPER than last year! Thanks TPR, RideWorld and SFMM for actually recognizing that they have a great thing going and putting the participants before the almighty dollar. Such a refreshing concept!
  20. Has anyone picked up their coupon booklet yet? I'm curious if there is a deal to get a friend in the week of 3/16.
  21. Obviously they are not going to implement a program that they haven't determined will be profitable for them. Looking at some of the "prizes" they are offering I'm sure that they have (or are) figuring out how to make money off of those hats and flip flops. It is no different than the guess my age booth on the midway. It doesn't matter what happens after you hand over your money. It's already a profit for them. I'm really curious about what the trigger for this idea was. Are they selling season passes that aren't being used enough? Is the upgrade to a season pass deal not working? Have they figured out that the one-timers just aren't spending so they need to target the multiple visitors? All of the above? You also have to keep in mind that most of the people on here are not going to be impressed by most of the awards because everyone here seems to be analyzing every part of the survey(including me). But we are probably not the target for this promotion. People like free stuff even if it is crap. I am a hockey season ticketholder and I can't believe how grown adults will trample children to get a free t-shirt with a Geico ad printed on it because it was shot out of a cannon. Personally I would only be impressed by free passes and parking.
  22. The CF passes work differently. I was able to use the one I bought at Carowinds in June to get into Knotts the following March. That pass had no expiration date on it. I think they take into consideration that if you buy it at a seasonal park you aren't really getting a full year. Six Flags doesn't follow this logic though. I think it would be too much of a headache for SF to keep track of though. Your results may vary.
  23. I searched back and didn't see this discussed anywhere. My apologies if I missed it. Someone mentioned on the SFMM thread that they saw surveying going on possibly for the new Q-Bot system. Does anyone have any information on how Q-Bot works? I'm talking about the mechanics of it. I always assumed that they just used a few repeaters throughout the park and the wait time was somehow entered by the same employees that changed the "wait time from here" signs. However, when I went to their web page http://www.lo-q.com/index.html it appears to be more complicated than that. What do they mean when they say they need to install "ride entrances?" Sorry if this sounds nerdy. I'm just curious about how things work. Actually this sounds like a good topic for a Discovery channel show.
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