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  1. Mike, I'm all about posting it tomorrow as planned since I'll be heading out of town on Friday.
  2. Knoebels? I agree with most everyone that the OP is long gone and has probably posted this same "review" on other sites as well. Thank the lord he didn't visit SFGAdv around ten years ago. He would of had a coronary. One thing he did say that I agree with is that the metal detectors are just there to make Mom and Dad feel safe. At SFMM last week we both set off the detector and the guy just smiled and said go on in.
  3. How in the heck did you know about the air going out in my truck 2 weeks ago?
  4. Hey Mike, Is Schnepf Farms open on Wednesdays? Or are you going there for a special reason? Be aware that heading across the Valley during rush hour can really suck and takes longer than the GPS will tell you. I'll jump on the North Rim is more like a true canyon visit bandwagon. Just the exhaust fumes and noise on the south rim make it seem fake to me. As others have said it's hot right now but not anything worse than Vegas in summer. Enjoy your trip to the Valley of the Sun.
  5. I asked the ride op and he said that they were "fixing" the other train. It did not look like it was being fixed to me.
  6. Went to the park today for a few hours. It was incredibly hot. I saw Tim being interviewed about the weather for the local ABC news station.
  7. I have to admit that when I read your opening paragraph I thought, "Great! More of the same shots of X2 from the entrance driveway." Boy was I wrong. Simply stunning shots. However, now I'm left to wonder what your photos of Terminator would have looked like.
  8. Heading to the park on Friday. How have the weekday crowds been this summer? Is the QBot needed?
  9. Strange question. I know many here know the area pretty well. Does anyone know where the set for the TV show Wipeout is located exactly?
  10. I think that the bathroom shots are part of the reason why the Bebe's don't just post trip reports. They post Trip Reports! Their sense of humor comes shining through.
  11. I'm torn over the fourth one but I will roll the dice. I say 4. Final answer
  12. A truly entertaining TR. Loved the Love Among Freaks reference! (or was it Jay and Silent Bob?) I also thought Volcano had a great start and then it goes on a Sunday stroll. Do you guys post your hotel reviews on Trip Advisor? I know many would appreciate the cockroach story if they were contemplating a visit.
  13. When the place first opened everything was incredibly expensive. $10 for a hot dog! But it was the place to be seen for people from NY and Miami. People caught on to the rip-off and stopped going so now they are offering really smoking deals on rooms to get you there and then they hit you with the ridiculously high prices. I imagine that everyone will catch on to that soon and then they are going to be in a world of hurt. The out-islands though are absolutely beautiful. Just skip the Atlantis. I can think of plenty of better values in the Caribbean. Back on topic. I think that Decades will be built here in Arizona before an amusement park is built on Paradise Island. A park there would be susceptible to taking a direct hit from a hurricane.
  14. That's a natural reaction but are you aware of anything they have ever been wrong about? As sad as it seems, this type of reporting is the future. They have more resources and more people working for them than "legitimate" news. My local news is reporting he is in a coma. As I said earlier, I have a friend that I really trust that works at UCLA who said evryone there knows he was dead when they loaded him.
  15. Friend at UCLA told me that he was dead before they took him from the house.
  16. How cool that you got a shot of the park on your way home. The parking lot looks full from the air too.
  17. It's like a needle in a haystack now. (Well a little haystack with 47 stalks.) Craig?
  18. I don't think that they have the budget to remove S:TE. Removing it is a major engineering feat.
  19. OK Matt, I can't resist.. what should I expect when I go to SFMM? Should I have low expectations? Should I expect thrill rides with service and cleanliness as an afterthought? The last six times I've been to the park it has been incredibly clean and the staff has been greatly improved. It's amazing what "Have a magical day" can do for a customer's attitude. Perhaps I'm reading the article I posted wrong. It does not indicate to me that the park has changed at all or that there has been a concerted effort made by management to turn SFMM in to a family destination. A family in Phoenix is going to read that story and think that it's business as usual. The parents today are the same customers who went to the park at its lowest point and are probably thinking, "it was ok for me when I was 18 but I'm not taking my 5-10 year old there." On a related note, I just returned from DL this weekend and found the park to be the dirtiest I've seen. Trash under the loading area for BTMR and in the planters around Tomorrowland. We asked a cast member in one of the stores if they carried any bells and she rolled her eyes and said, "go look across the street." As she walked away we asked each other if we had just talked to a dead person. It's obvious that the cuts are beginning to show.
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