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  1. My swimming pool is saltwater and there is no comparison. Chlorinated water sucks. It makes your eyes hurt, makes your skin all sticky and generally makes you feel tired. Salt water is so much more refreshing.
  2. ^ After a such a long period of time it should change from "construction zone" to "special road elements."
  3. I'm not an Acer but don't forget "Food the Ride" I know 700 sounds like a lot but I think the only real noticeable difference from last year will be where everyone comes together. Check-In, Lunch, Q and A. Otherwise, I'll bet it won't even be that noticeable. As for X2, yeah the lines might be a bit long. Personally there could be no line and it still won't compare to riding it over and over at 11:00 pm at the campout.
  4. After reading this story it sounds more and more like arm-twisting. All of the lay-offs involved people working on the expansion. If I was able to convince someone to build me a park and then hand over the keys I think I'd have a really hard time not making money. Disney cuts 30 jobs in HK as park expansion stalls HONG KONG (AP) -- Walt Disney Co. said Tuesday it has trimmed about 30 jobs in Hong Kong as discussion with the local government to expand its theme park remains uncertain. The latest layoff also came a month after the Burbank, California-based entertainment giant said it would shed an unspecified number of workers amid the global financial turmoil. Disney has been in talks with the Hong Kong government about expanding Hong Kong Disneyland, which is a joint venture between the two parties. Local media had reported the government, which shouldered the bulk of the park's $3.5 billion construction cost, is reluctant to invest more public money. 'After two years of Disney investment in creative and design work and extensive negotiations with our partner, the Hong Kong government, we have not yet reached a final agreement to expand Hong Kong Disneyland,' Leslie Goodman, executive vice president of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, said in a statement. The layoff on Monday included about 30 Hong Kong-based employees after the company suspended all creative and design work of the expansion plan, Disney said in the statement. Responding to Disney's decision, the Hong Kong government said it is 'puzzled' and urged the company to reconsider. 'We consider that The Walt Disney Company's laying off of Walt Disney Imagineers who have been working on the design of Hong Kong Disneyland's expansion will not be conducive to the discussions,' a spokesman for the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau said in statement emailed to The Associated Press. http://www.arabtimesonline.com/kuwaitnews/pagesdetails.asp?nid=29991&ccid=18
  5. And just as important it seems like a family-friendly activity. Any entertainment that is added that doesn't involve standing in line for a ride only adds to the chance that the guest will find the trip memorable. Memorable begets positive word of mouth.
  6. ^^I was just there on the same weekend as WCB last year and the park was MUCH more crowded this year than last year with almost identical weather conditions.
  7. ^ You are completely confusing me here. From my understanding you pay $10 at the FP center and reserve a time to ride X2 at that time. You do not have the option of reserving a time on the QBot while strolling the park and you don't get to ride X2 over and over.
  8. Last weekend the crane was over by those lift assemblies. When I was up in the tower I saw maybe ten workers standing all the way around them like they were minutes from lifting one in place. I was so sure that I actually considered staying up there to catch it on video. If I had of waited I probably would be really hungry by now.
  9. Not until the new kids are at least 2 months old.
  10. Great reports! I went to KBF the day before WCB last year but we're just going to hit up MM for a couple hours on Saturday this year. Did either of you see Octomom at the park yesterday? I heard that she was there with her other kids. I wonder if she gets VIP treatment.
  11. I think it would be even better if they also sold single rides on X2 straight up without the Flashpass. I probably wouldn't pay it unless I took a newcomer with me but in many cases time is money to me. I'd have no problem with them making pure profit off of the unique attraction that they have.
  12. I'll second that. Walking down from Viper on Saturday I saw a management type stop to pick up a scrap of paper that was no bigger than a bottle cap. You have to look hard to find trash any more.
  13. That's right. Make sure that you put in a new reservation as soon as the worker scans your pager. When using the gold at SFGAdv our next ride was ready when we stepped off the previous ride.
  14. Here he is at SFMM this past weekend. His head is just so weird looking that it's almost mesmerizing. This was shot in HD so click on the HD for better quality.
  15. I posted a short video of the site from the Sky Tower to see how the video looks. I'm just trying out my new Vado Mini HD Camcorder so this is about exciting as watching paint dry. It does give a decent perspective of the site. I think it looks better in HD. I didn't use the crappy Zoom feature since that nullifies the HD. From this distance it really loses detail but what do you expect for less than $100?
  16. My mistake. I didn't realize you meant the actual event. With the size of the park I can't see it getting too bad. I can handle waiting a few dispatches on X2.
  17. The only problem with this plan is that MANY times last year Ninja and Superman were not open at park opening. I stick by my original statement. Who cares how crowded it is? You are in the parking lot before everyone else. You get ERT. When the park opens you head away from Tatsu and X2. Before you know it it's lunch time. We leave right from lunch to tours and then straight to the Q and A. TPR and RW packed the event so much last year that we got to the Q and A late. By then it's almost time for night ERT. That's how it was for me last year. It may be different this year but I highly doubt you will be waiting in lines unless you really really want to.
  18. It doesn't appear that anything major has happened this week. When I was up in the tower a few minutes ago there were a lot of workers on site. Around ten of them were under the crane. It appeared that they were getting ready to lift a rather big piece of the lift hill.
  19. Well since I asked all three people in the sales center, I think that they better know. The last person asked was a tie wearing guy behind the FP registers. "Not at this time" were his exact words. No add on rides for Gold at this time.
  20. I'm at the park right now and the Q-Bots are active. Here is the pricing: Regular: 1 person $34 2 person 53 3p 72 4p 91 5p 110 6p 129 Gold: 1p $62 2p 101 3p 140 4p 179 5p 218 6p 257 There is NO discount for extreme passholders! There is no rental fee. Just a 250 fee for losing/breaking. I asked 3 people including the person at the register. X2 add-on is $10 I have pictures but can't figure out how to post them with my Instinct. The park is not real crowded except X2. I won't wait for anything I can ride over and over again in two weeks. Tatsu was a walk on at 10:45 Mr. Six is dancing out side the cyber cafe. The weather is great. I'm heading up the tower and I'll post some pics when I get home to Phoenix tomorrow. This keyboard is disgusting.
  21. I think it might be more crowded this year. Last year was before the majority of spring breaks had begun. Not that it matters too much. You can always get X2 and Tatsu at ERT in the morning and get the rest by lunch. When the gates open to the public head counter clockwise from Goliath.
  22. I might be making a stop on Saturday for a few hours while visiting in Ventura. I'll try to post about the Q-Bots by the evening or maybe in the morning from my Instinct if someone else doesn't.
  23. I have used the Qbot system in the past and I have NEVER waited in line while I had a reservation for another ride. I have ridden other rides that are walk-ons but I would never wait for anything. I hate lines so I might not be representative of most. However, I'm always holding FP's at Disney parks and I will wait in line with one in my pocket. I tend to do that with Space Mountain. I'll grab a FP on the way in and then stand-by for 20 minutes and come right back out and ride. Fast pass is way different though because you can collect them all day and use them that night.
  24. They also will probably be wanting to test the system out before going live. 3/22 would be a great day to do that. They could select a certain group of people to try it out and provide feedback
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