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  1. Has anyone seen or created a model of BTMR at Disneyland without the theming? I'm looking for something that shows what the coaster would look like not enclosed.
  2. I consider Phoenix to be a moderate market for SFMM. They even have coupons on the Coke cans here. It doesn't help that this appears in the paper today: http://www.azcentral.com/travel/features/articles/2009/05/28/20090528magic0531.html All the hard work that they have done in the last two years is basically crapped on by one person at a computer. This should be a lesson to SFMM workers that you never know when a customer actually has the ability to keep literally hundreds of families away.
  3. Corcoran, Thanks for taking the time to post from the park. Have you been over to X2 and Tatsu? I'm curious what effect the new ride is having on lines on the other side of the mountain.
  4. Gotta admit that this was the first time I've heard this one on a coaster review. Restaurant reviews yes, but never for a coaster.
  5. The cats have been picking these guys off down by the Hungry Bear. Great report from a unique perspective.
  6. I'm assuming that the Tatsu one was Mega-Builders on the Science Channel. It's on again this Friday so I'll check it out. The type of show I'm thinking about is more like a limited- run series rather than an episode. Although these single-episode shows are cool, I'm thinking about a more in-depth series that shows the whole thing in more depth.
  7. I missed that. Was it shot as a real-life documentary in multiple episodes or as a one episode segment?
  8. Hey Robb, I didn't want to post this in the main forum since it's more of an "I wonder" question. I watch a lot of shows that aren't really "stupid reality" shows. They basically show how things are made from conception to reality. I've seen ones that covered cruise ships, high rises and cargo ships to name a few. They aren't filled with drama like most reality shows. Just the normal drama of creating something under deadline. I would imagine that you experience these same issues in game design. This leads to my question.. Do you know if the management at SFMM was ever approached to film a documentary type show on the building of a new coaster? Watching all the anticipation for Terminator, I can't help but wonder how cool it would be to see this thing being built from the perspective of the park. This final week must be really crazy I think that Jay and Tim have the perfect personality for this type of thing and the publicity certainly couldn't hurt. I know that there is proprietary stuff involved at the park and manufacturer but I think that those things could be worked around. They obviously have these same issues in ship design. I think that many of these shows have a niche audience but there must be a market for them. Perhaps when you see them next week, you could ask if they had ever been approached or how they would feel about this type of project for the new 2010 addition?
  9. As long as it doesn't include the "Six Flags Superman Smell"
  10. We are signed up and coming over for the weekend. In the practice run, were the answers/clues easy to find? We're just doing it for the fun with no aspirations of winning.
  11. Waterworld Safari in North Phoenix closed last year and the site was purchased by Village Roadshow. They seem to have dumped a ton of money into it. You can see the pricing in the article on the right hand side. Seems like a reasonable price for the season pass. For those of you outside of Phoenix, the park is not really in the city. It's about as far north into the desert as you can go while still being in the city. I'll try to get up there this weekend to grab some pictures. http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/2009/04/28/20090428phxwild0428.html And another story about their job fair. http://www.azcentral.com/community/northvalley/articles/2009/04/27/20090427phx-wildjob0429.html
  12. I guess I'm in the minority here. I think the $99 is fine. When I lived in Pa we paid more than that for a pool membership and it was basically just a pool. http://www.linvilla.com/swim_club/memberships.php I also think it will serve to cut down on the "babysitter effect".
  13. What rides are farther away? I guess Deja Vu is but I don't recall a big rush there even in 01. I don't know why but I thought the ride would exit by the Deja Vu entrance.
  14. Honestly, do you really think that statement makes you sound like a good teacher? Or even a good human being? As a teacher, I cringed at that one too. Back on topic, I agree that the OP had a bad experience. 1. The people that answered the phone when he called should have said: "As of right now we are planning to be open but because of the current weather situation that is subject to change." 2. They should have directed exiting traffic through the entrance and refunded their money. These two simple steps would have stopped this thread. But then I wouldn't know what a driving force cheese is in our society. I'm not trying to get in the OP's mind but I think he is upset by how things were handled more than the park being shut down.
  15. I don't know but I wouldn't be surprised if these were prefabs.
  16. I hope that the black poles will also appear on the other side of the canal. Which would mean they are getting rid of that ugly chain link fence. It really makes that area look bad. And yes the bridge does look rather narrow. I wonder if they will be walking the morning crowds back to the ride ala Griffon. I could see the running of the bulls getting quite out of hand with such a long hike from the front gate. Which leads to another question: If you had the stamina, would it be quicker to go up and around Tatsu than the more conventional Gotham route?
  17. Where in the hell are you eating? A few years back we were at Sea World SD and it closed after two hours because of rain. They were at the gates on the way out handing us free passes. I found out long ago It's a long way down the holiday road Holiday road Holiday road Going out to do yardwork with this stupid song in my head now.
  18. I'm not real sure what you consider a local park. Because in my experience, most local parks are not "like that." In my trips to SFA I found the atmosphere to be much different than most other parks. And not in a good way.
  19. From experience I can tell you that by days 10-14 you will be miserable. I know you said that you drive alot but it is not the same. Walking through parks and standing in lines only to get in a car and drive gets very exhausting very fast. If all things were the same for me I would spend a casual week in the NE and then fly to Florida for ten days and hit all the parks and relax a bit too. I would then fly to California for a week and hit the parks in Southern California and build in a couple beach days. You could then head home with a 2 day layover in Ohio to hit CP.
  20. What kind of cell phone do you have? It's a Samsung Instinct. Has a 2.0 mp camera. It has a mind of its own though. Some days good pictures and other days crap. I wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone though. It's too buggy.
  21. Waiting for X. The sun is shining! It's a beautiful day for some ERT!
  22. Posting from the Hilton Garden Inn. Just got back from the park and it was PACKED! Line for Goliath was to the lockers. Line for Scream was out into the courtyard. It was 60 degrees and cloudy and didn't really feel that cold. See you all tomorrow.
  23. Went to the park today and got a couple of shots. The bathrooms by the ride are now closed for remodel. The closest bathroom is now at the Scrambler. Sorry about the quality of the pictures. I used my cell. It's 6 o'clock on a Saturday evening and still working. Bridge is coming along Still no lift hill but a little drop into the turn Still a dead-end in the background Able to withstand some shaking? Lots of steel has been laid
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