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  1. I had a lot of fun there in 2006...but then again there was a bit more to do back then (Twisted Twins, Mile High Falls, Hellevator, etc). That's a good way to put it. SFKK doesn't have a grand entrance like KD or Canada's Wonderland, it doesn't have any well-themed areas and hardly any well-themed rides, it's split in two by a road, and it was, and still is I believe, home to the state fair. So it's a unique place, and I think none of those things I mentioned goes against the park in any way. It's a decent local park with a nice southern comfort type feel to it.
  2. ^Yeah I sure wish the park still had it. And OMG on-ride photos on a Wacky Worm. Only in the Wacky Worm capital of the world!
  3. Knoebels and Kennywood both have a decent kiddie ride selection, but considering Knoebels is a better, more unique park, and is closer, I would pick Knoebels.
  4. To answer your about Hurler's name: it used to be themed around the "Wayne's World" movie, so I guess that has something to do with hurling. And I'm glad there's someone else in the world that doesn't think it's a horrible ride!
  5. I agree with larry and Medusa that you could do all three parks in two days. You may need the Flash Pass in the middle of the summer. I was able to easily do SFNE in the morning and Compounce after 5 without any Flash Pass though. But if I had to choice one or the other, I would pick New England. Boulder Dash> El Toro and Bizarro (SROS) >>>>>> Nitro. It is a no brainer for me, that if I had to go back to one or the other, I would pick the New England parks. IMO Lake Compounce is the nicest park of the three, even if it is the smallest.
  6. I love the home-made looking log flume! It reminds me of the one at Martin's Fanatasy Island. I really want to go to this park....one of the most local parks I haven't seen yet.
  7. Great TR. I can't believe you thought Steel Force was rough. I've heard everything from forceless, to good, to nice floater air, to smoothest coaster in the world, but never "rough." It's funny how everyone can ride the same coaster and have a completely different opinion of it.
  8. I know you can get all the credits (7 like you said) at OCMD besides the Super Jet at Trimpers. The Flitzer is definitely attainable at Jenkinsons, unless of course there are no trains on the track like there was when I went in April . And the other coaster at Jenkinsons isn't a credit, so don't worry about it I haven't been to the other two parks.
  9. LOL, just how many people have died over the weekend? Hundreds, thousands, millions? Honestly I have no idea, but I guess it's "too many"
  10. I've eaten at International Food Court, Cesari's, and The Alamo, and it was all good and cheap. I wouldn't recommend the crab cakes or Brocoli Pizza, but have enjoyed just about everything else. The Fried Alligator at the International Food Court was good and unique. I've never heard of the fried cheese on a stick before this thread haha, but I guess it comes highly recommended. http://www.knoebels.com/food.asp Just so much stuff!
  11. Yea, I think you are the only person in the world that likes Mean Streak over El Toro. I've ridden 48 wooden coasters and Mean Streak is 48th on the list. Boring plus rough equals bad coaster.
  12. I'm 6-3. Over-the-shoulder-restraints in general suck. My recomendation is to try not to "staple" yourself too much, and slouch down in the seat as much as possible.
  13. From what we know this could go from behind FOF to one of the wave pools. It took them all of a few days to clear that land. There are reportedly markings back by the wave pool and Rebel Yell. They could easily clear some more land before next spring.
  14. 1. iSpeed 2. Coaster at PNE Playland I hope to have ridden both by summer 2011!
  15. Haha....so true. Coaster enthusaists can be a sad group of people sometimes.
  16. ^But B&M floorless and inverted coasters cost that much don't they? There are plenty of those, and pretty much all of them are no match for an Intamin wooden.
  17. My thoughts exactly. I haven't had a CF pass since 2007, but with KD, Carowinds, KI, and Dorney all getting new credits worth riding since then, it will be hard to pass up next year.
  18. Personally I don't care what track looks like. I just care if it rides well. Intamin knows what they're doing, let's let them engineer the ride, shall we?
  19. Cedar Point is in Ohio, which automatically makes it in a lame area There has got to be some stuff to do by the water at least? They have a beach, waterpark, and indoor water park if nothing else. Cedar Point is known to have some of the longest queues in the world. If you're coming all the way from the U.K., give yourself at least 2 days.
  20. Good stuff, I love that park, and have never seen it that empty! I've always wanted to camp there. And LOL at the tractor powered Flyers! Knoebels is awesome....now hurry up and open those new credits!
  21. My avatar is in honor of Big Bad Wolf...which according to Screamscape and in-park sources, could be in its last months of operation
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