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  1. I like the ride, but I think it would be more like the Intimidator himself if the supports were black. but that's just me talking. It looks like the offspring of a giga and a mega-lite. Looks awesome!
  2. ^ Which is why I added "if he does well". We don't know what kind of Brett Favre we'll get. Will we get the Green Bay Favre where he was a legend, or will we get the New York Favre where he wasn't that great? I'm excited for this season, with this much talent, who knows what will happen. I'm actually happy this saga of some sorts is almost over.
  3. Brett Favre, thank you for making us, the Minnesota Vikings a bonafide Super Bowl threat. Favre+Peterson+Harvin+Defense=Victory! That equation is provided Favre does well.
  4. ^ Yeah I agree. When Ortiz was with the Twins, he was mediocre. Then we trade him to Boston and suddenly he made a meteoric rise. I don't get it. I smell a rat.
  5. For sure hit up Valleyfair and MOA. Those are at least two days in itselves. Como Town does provide a kiddy coaster so if you want to whore it up, go there. Now if you want to go off the beaten path, Carnival Thrillz (yes that's how you spell it) in Duluth has a coaster. Five days will be enough for you. Don't forget other attractions such as the Science Museum and many of the area parks.
  6. Hmm... Let's see... 1. I love ceramics, especially throwing on a wheel. I don't think of it as art, but more like therapy. 2. I don't have a pituitary gland. 3. I got a CD the day before it came out. 4. I am a second degree black belt. 5. While on a trip to Orlando when I was 7 months, I got really sick.
  7. Just something awesome I got on my mission trip. We (my group) got a 12-pack on the way there and another on the way back. Too bad you can't find it in Minnesota.
  8. I'm back from my mission trip to Tennessee. I also adopted a new love for Sun Drop.
  9. I met Wally Sczerbiak (I think thats how you spell his last name) when the Timberwolves were actually good. My friend from taekwondo is also one of the Kamen Riders (Axe) on the show Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight.
  10. David is taking Twitter to the extreme. Funny ending.
  11. As far as Steel Venom goes, I have ridden in the back seat and it barely twisted. As far as I know of, Steel Venom also uses the holding brake. However, that's just Steel Venom.
  12. I'm ressurecting the thread because I just joined Twitter. I joined just over a month ago and I am hooked. If you want to follow me, go to www.twitter.com/GrahamCracker91. Feel free to follow me.
  13. Same thing with sprite, It still works Didn't work for me one time. I was coming back from my cousin's musical and I wasn't feeling that hot. We (my parents and I) went to Arbys for a Sprite. About a mile and a couple sips later, I had the urge to blow chunks. I tried holding them back, but it was no use. I puked all over the back seat. Anyways on the brighter side, my mom always said eat your vegetables and you'll grow taller. I don't think that was just vegetables that made me bigger.
  14. Devil Went Down To Georgia for sure. However there is a part of me wanting to use Pump It by The Black Eyed Peas.
  15. Wow, this is really unfortunate. I'm sorry to hear about this and my thoughts go out to the driver's family. Hopefully the guy wasn't asleep or something else along those lines.
  16. I think its a decent show, I mean it is about coasters and useless trivia (Perfect combo for me), but it just gets me excited for Destroy Build Destroy. This is good, but it can be better.
  17. Lets see. Hmm... -Bikes -Shelves -Table Legs -Ceilings -Nunchuks -Beong mong ee (Stick in Korean) -Other People's Heads -Kicks and punches aplenty Thats all I can remember and luckily no concussions nor amnesia. I hate being tall.
  18. I don't really know why I came up with mine, I guess its because I'm a Christian (That respects other people's beliefs) and the fact that I'm a black belt in taekwondo. Lately I've been wishing it was different, but rules are rules, I can't change my username. I like my username, but I don't want to rub someone in the wrong direction.
  19. Chain: Pizza Hut Local: Red Savoy's. Just remember when you eat it, use a fork! EDIT: Wow, did I post twice in this thread? How embarassing!
  20. Man, first Michael Jackson, now Billy Mays!? They're dropping like flies now! Vince from Shamwow, get your act together and do all the undone ads Billy Mays was about to do.
  21. Here my opinion on Michael Jackson. Once you get past all the negative stuff, you can't really deny the fact that what he did musically was mindblowing. He was an inspiration to countless artists and he will be missed. It's safe to say he was a legend in the music world. RIP Michael "The Prince of Pop" Jackson.
  22. Correct, I tried making this tough, but you got it. Electerik, your turn.
  23. ^ Eh, sorry about that, the font in a way gave it away for me. Go ahead, Name This Park!
  24. ^ Saturday, 8/7 Haha, I couldn't believe it. It would've been awesome if she moved on. Imagine the nickname John and John would give her.
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