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  1. This is why you should use good grammar. If not, they're out to get you...
  2. I've been bitten by the italics bug!!! I like it.
  3. I was disappointed that Margie and Luke got third, but I was also high up on Tammy and Victor. They were two formidable teams and deserved to be in the finals. I hope if they have another all-star season, those two teams would be on it.
  4. Imagine Through the Fire and Flames expert on drums. Your arms will pass out. But it's all in good fun.
  5. I don't know because I just started watching SNL during the campaign, so I didn't see the precursor. But what Andy Samberg and Justin did was fairly funny. I guess with Will Ferrell coming on next week, we might see another Celebrity Jeopardy, which are always great.
  6. It wasn't bad, but I was eating a bag of Fritos with it so I didn''t get the full taste.
  7. Page 1337, this thread is now epic! I'm celebrating by listening to Wonderwall-Oasis.
  8. I like this final three but I think the brother/sister team had an unfair advantage because their speaking skills got them to finish faster.
  9. Because school makes everything longer. Can this stupid congestion in my nose go away?
  10. Nice TR, but something in a way bugged be half way into the report. GhostRider is a CCI, not a GCI.
  11. I like Gerstlauer spinning coasters mainly because of how the train is designed. I like it when you go up the hill backwards, giving a sense of no awareness when the drop hits.
  12. How about... Hampton the Hamster The Notorious H.A.M. Moons over my Hammy or just simply, Mr. Ham
  13. You can be like my niece and name it Chicken (my niece is not named Chicken, her hamster is).
  14. The show's just ending with Jamie and Cara in first, but were given another clue envelope. It's a double length leg this time. Hopefully Kisha and Jen get eliminated. Ever since last week, I wanted them gone.
  15. ^ I'm sure the Jets are happy with their pick (Mark Sanchez). The Raiders, not so much (Hayward-Bey). Anyways, the Vikes picked Percy Harvin which I don't know if its a good or bad thing. He can easily complement the offense with Peterson, Berrian, and Rosenfels; but he does carry some baggage.
  16. I usually browse in this thread for kicks and giggles, seeing what I can apply to my RCT 3 (If I can install it onto my new laptop). However, I probably have posted in this forum only a few times. Lately when I've been seeing new people posting in projects from 2005/2006, I think to myself that whoever posted the park won't post downloads now. They have other parks/coasters to work on and old parks are on their back burners. I will step off my squished soapbox now.
  17. Sweet TR! It's nice to see different reports from different members. It puts a different perspective on things.
  18. ^ Yeah, I saw these two ripping on Luke on his communication skills and that elbow from Luke (that I saw as accidental) took it to another level. I can't wait to see Kisha and Jen gone. When they finish the season on tv, I'd like to see them go to a Deaf event. They would rip on them so badly. But at least Margie and Luke are still in it!
  19. I hope this hasn't been posted before...
  20. Some people think reading is overrated. If there is a tree falls in a forest and someone with earplugs is in the forest, does it make a sound?
  21. Yeah, I know how Wikipedia is, but its very addicting!
  22. Pibb Xtra is basically Mr. Pibb, just under a different name (source from Wikipedia). I hope this clears things up.
  23. For those who like Charlie the Unicorn...
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