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  1. ^ Saturday, 8/7 Haha, I couldn't believe it. It would've been awesome if she moved on. Imagine the nickname John and John would give her.
  2. Man, I have a few favorites. -Demetri Martin -Bill Hader -Jeff DunHAM -Dane Cook -Ryan Stiles -Adam Sandler -ComedySportz Twin Cities (If you haven't seen ComedySportz (they're all around the country), I'd highly reccomend going) -Andy Samberg
  3. None broken so far. *quickly finds something made of wood and knocks twice on it*
  4. Mission accomplished LA Lakers (This coming from a Timberwolves fan).
  5. Epic Fail http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H246FhwXO6s&feature=related
  6. But wait there's more! Who are You in my pants? (The Who) Sharped Dressed Man in my pants. (ZZ Top) Mad World in my pants. (Tears for Fears/Gary Jules)
  7. I'm on a boat in my pants (The Lonely Island) The only thing worse than beating on a dead horse is betting on one in my pants (Relient K) Crash into me in my pants (Dave Matthews Band) Trouble in my pants (Coldplay)
  8. My best dream was in the fifth grade. I don't remember what exactly happened, but it involved wrestling a gator in the courtyard of the junior high (its a long story why fifth graders went to the junior high).
  9. ^Knows I've ridden a Vekoma in a park in USA v Is craving steak
  10. Unbelieveable- Thousand Foot Krutch (They covered it)
  11. I hate that motor oil commercial (can't remember who) where that guy whacks people with a dipstick and says "Think with your dipstick Jimmy!" That is a stupid commercial. That Binder and Binder ad is bad too. Can you please speak louder announcer?
  12. I'll listen to almost anything. I don't like country or heavy rap. It really depends on the mood I'm in. Sometimes I can't decide what radio station I want. My favorite genres are Christian, Rock, Alternative, and Indie.
  13. Nice TR. I liked how you took pictures of the drop of Pilgram's Plunge. It makes it look like I'm going through a flipbook.
  14. Facebook is my new best friend, but if you want the true "face to face" experience, try Skype as well. I even made friends that went to elementary school with me (on Facebook). Like Wes said, it's easier to stay in touch these days.
  15. While I haven't been in a fight, I am trained in taekwondo. So if some guy wants to fight me over the last parking spot at the Wal-Mart parking lot, I'll be ready. (I do not condone fighting such as this, but If you want to spar, start martial arts, and no I'm not picking a fight.)
  16. No, they're made by Deathlocksmiths Why do many of the female tennis players have last names ending with -ova?
  17. Because angles are lighter than liver. Does the rain in Spain really fall mainly on the plain?
  18. ^ It's RCT 1, the borders are grey as opposed to red (I think) and the banners read in caps. Back on track, considering the parameters the game can do, it's really well done.
  19. I forgot to post this when I started the thread, but this is interesting. Our senior class is around 640. The number one and two in the class are twins. Try doing the odds for that. They're both not going to the same place (one is going to Columbia, the other Penn), but they are crazy smart. I was also thinking about doing a TR throughout the week from the last full day of school (Monday) to graduation and the all night party (Sunday).
  20. (I did search for this, but nothing related came up.) I'm sure a lot of Seniors are graduating around this time, so lets discuss current plans such as college, majors, etcetera. I don't graduate until June 7th, which is long for me, but I'm sure some have already graduated by now. I'm going to St. Cloud State University starting in August. For now, I plan to major in social work, but plans always change.
  21. Wow, you would think they would drain the water when they rehab the ride. Why have I not gone back to Nick Universe yet? Otherwise, good TR.
  22. Valleyfair looks sweet this year! I'm digging the signage of the wavepool and I'm overally excited to go there this year. And yes, the amphitheatre needs to go. Hopefully for a new flat.
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