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  1. Do we share a brain, or something? I've never seen this version of it, and I certainly don't mind keeping it that way. Yes, from the pics I've seen, the theming is very well done, but there's just something that rubs me the wrong way about overhauling this classic once a year. Goths= happy about it. Me= not so much. As surprising as it may sound, I've never seen the holiday version of Mansion either. Personally, I'd kill to see any version of Holiday, either California's or Tokyo's. I'd prefer Tokyo's to see the closest thing to FL Mansion turned all Nightmare like. Holiday just seems to be a harmonious blending of two of my favorite things in the Disney lexicon: Mansion and Nightmare Before Christmas. Jack is my namesake after all. I will say, when the idea was first announced, it was a giddy schoolboy moment of "OMG LIKZ THATZ DA BOMZ!", and I still love the idea to this day, but even I will admit it's starting to wain. Change it up a little bit. Mansion Holiday has changed from it's original form already, tweak it some more. Nothing huge, just something a little new. Don't let it wain too fast, I need to see it first! On another note, the plus side to "overhauling this classic once a year" is that they can, and generally do, use that time to fix up and add little things to improve the ride. It gives an excuse to give the aging Mansion a check up twice a year. Right after Holiday is removed is generally when new stuff tends to appear, like new cleaned up audio and, this past year, a brand spanking new set of load and unload belts. It keeps everything looking fresh and helps it avoid breaking down every other day and being closed for 4 months during the summer for a refurbishment. *looks at WDW Mansion* Yes, yes it does deserve it's own ride. At Hollywood Studios. Between Mama Melrose's and the Backlot Theater. Using Amazing Adventures of Spider Man like ride technology and a Disney Digital 3-D stop motion ride film. Not to be specific or anything.
  2. No worries there. You're not the only one. Though I have good reason, I heard it all the time! Who am I kidding? I knew it before I worked there.
  3. And we now have a new most adorable video ever. Even if Jahan is in it. Might I suggest Baby Superman: The Ride, Baby Expedition Everest and, of course, Baby Haunted Mansion.
  4. One part of me wants to agree, knowing that Busch concept art has been really atrocious in the past, and one part of me wants to scream out fake. I'm starting to lean to the former than the latter. The car design is cool, but frankly I'm a little disappointed overall. I don't know, for some reason I was expecting more. I'll have to see more to really make up my mind.
  5. Or they could build a really nice, tall, mountain like attraction in Canada to block the Soarin' hanger
  6. Awesome TR so far! I can definitely see the issue of not having a real water attraction, but I'm sure something like that is in the growth plan. Message in a Bottle maybe? Can't wait for more.
  7. This one would be the Cape May Cafe. It's a buffet style full service with a "clam bake" menu. Both Ashley and I put it on the "meh" scale. They do give you crayons and paper to draw on though. This would be Beaches and Cream, home of the kitchen sink sundae. The kitchen sink being many "scoops of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coffee and mint chocolate chip, smothered in every topping we have", it's very popular and also very small and loud. It's ok, good food but always so crowded.
  8. This TR is now the closest I'll ever be to a wax museum. *shutter* I can't tell if it's a troll version of you Wes or a troll like Martin Short. A Wes TR never loses points. It only gains. As much as I am not a fan of Miley Montana, the photo was for a good reason. So the photo TR gains 20 points for taking a picture of Miley Montana. That sounds about right.
  9. I see Hard Rock Park as a weird sort of immortalizing rock. It's taking the already classic nature of these songs and translating into a new medium that it very rarely touches. The same argument could be put to Rock N' Roller Coaster. I hear all the time "Aerosmith and Disney don't seem to be the greatest fit for each other", but it happened to work. I see this as the same deal. If anything, using the quote will take people who don't know the history of the band and of the song to go out and find it and educate themselves. Or Cadillac commercial. Or musical after musical. That's my thinking too. I may be considered "young" for this music, but it's the music I've grown up listening to as well and music that's a million times better than most anything that comes out today. It's when the music had heart to it. But to refrain from waxing nostalgic, using mediums like advertising campaigns, musicals, theme parks, etc. causes the public to actually know the song in a time where it is getting harder to hear different music in a public forum and practically impossible to avoid it in a private. There was a significant boost of Zeppelin record sales when the Cadillac ad ran. It's the way of bringing these artists and this music back in a time where music has shifted from being the product of a group of people to being the service or advertisement for a group of people.
  10. Howdy do! Ashley says "If that is the people who died of a broken heart after Horizons, I'd hate to see the numbers for Imagination". You supply the People Mover POV photo, I'll provide the People Mover POV video Great TR. I might have to try Monorail Casino myself sometime.
  11. I'm thinking, given some recent images I've seen on Screamscape, this might be a replacement attraction for the Coal Cracker, unless the first drop's been put back on.
  12. Who says it's one or the other? What if it's both a flyer and a Mummy like concept all at the same time. If they're going for one of a kind, that'd be it.
  13. I have been and I absolutely love it. It's crazy, it really draws people in, and it's massively creative. The whole campaign is created by a company called 42 Entertainment. Their past campaigns, like "I love bees" for Halo 2 and the recent "YearZero" for NIN, are extremely creative and this campaign, really two campaigns called "I Believe in Harvey Dent" and "why so serious?", seems to be their magnum opus. To bring this back to parks, two of members of their top management structure, Joe DiNunzio and Susan Bonds, are former Imagineers, the former being one of the creators of DisneyQuest and the latter being creative director/senior show producer of rides like Mission:Space, Alien Encounter and Indy! Anyway, the stuff they've done to play this game; online puzzles, online to real world scavenger hunts through major cities to places like bakeries and, on this one for April Fools Day, bowling alleys, contact through special cell phones found at the end of the hunt, it's amazing. I can't wait to see what happens when this is all said and done.
  14. I read The Beast book! I think I still have it at home somewhere. The coaster is haunted and when some kids stow away and when they ride it after close, they travel back in time to the 1930s to an amusement park called Firelight Park, which supposedly Kings Island was built on top of. It was written by RL Stine, which explains the weird plot line. Not only that, there's a sequel too! That one, I believe, is at home as well. It's really second verse, same as the first. I remember getting these books when I was just starting out as a little coaster enthusiast and reading them over and over again. Amazing TR Jahan, but I expect nothing less.
  15. I still won't touch Summit Plummet for two reasons: 1) Height and speed and 2) don't want to pull most of my swimsuit out of my behind.
  16. Imagine walking in the woods and finding something like that. It's amazing it's still up. It seems like, with a little clean up, it could run again. Hauntingly beautiful.
  17. How very similar to Al Lutz's Disneylandia last year. or skuz me, how vry simler to al lutzs diznylandia lazt yer.
  18. ^You mean Anne Frank didn't get all those letters I sent her? Aw man, that sucks. You know how hard it was to find her address?
  19. What is this Rick Roll you speak of? It's the original video. Rick Astley ripped off Beaker. I'm surprised you didn't know that Wes.
  20. Please to be enjoying this lovely Muppets video. Trust me, it'll never let you down
  21. Definitely Gir from Invader Zim, pilot episode "The Nightmare Begins". One of my favorite cartoons of all time.
  22. I know I'm digging this thread up from the graveyard, but I finally got around to posting my TTA POV onto YouTube. Thanks to YouTube increasing the file size I can upload. Woo. So enjoy the MK TTA POV!
  23. Um, that quote wasn't by me. The quote should look like this. I wouldn't punch anybody, hurts my knuckles too much.
  24. ^No, at least I didn't. WDW Mansion is horrible with that situation because the queue is entirely made out of chains that guests have no problem trying to leap. This is doubly bad because 1) it's jumping the line and 2) I've seen, and heard of, people get seriously hurt by not judging the hight and falling on their knees and/or face. You can try and enforce it all you want, but the guest is still going to go behind you where there aren't any cast members around and do it anyway and there are only so many eyes. I still think the queue should be made of wall planters filled with rose bushes to stop that issue, but I don't think even that would help. Ashley and I saw a fleet of high school aged girls line jump the ski lift at Blizzard Beach, walking in their bathing suits and bare feet through a garden of hardwood mulch and holly bushes. If that doesn't stop it, I don't know what will.
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