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  1. Not as much the Reality Show channel as much as the "let's make kid versions of other people's shows!" channel. As for this, both Ashley and I came across the show as well and thought it to be entertaining. I just lamented the host for having to ride the Boomerang that many times to get the shots needed.
  2. ^ Howl-O-Scream, Busch Gardens Tampa and Williamsburg. Generally, they're talking about Tampa. Personally, I'm a little disappointed with this at first glance. I'm just one who is always impressed with their unique properties and concepts. Mainly, when they truly make something from scratch. However, this could lead to the return of the Director, which would be lovely to see. I'll definitely check how it plays out, as I do every year. If the HHN marketing team can do anything, they can build antici.........................................................pation.
  3. Downloaded, made it work, watched it, thoroughly enjoyed it. Though I wouldn't call it a full DVD because of it's length and variety. Maybe, the TPR Sampler Pack. Just a taste of all the flavors that TPR has to offer.
  4. I think I figured it out. It seems that iTunes likes it fine, but Quicktime didn't know what to do. Haven't got a clue why, but it works and that's what matters.
  5. Hey Robb, I'm getting a strange error with the iPod/iPhone version of the DVD. When I try to open it, I get an error message that states " Error -2002: a bad public movie atom was found in the movie (free_tpr_dvd_ipod.mp4)" I don't know what that means and I've tried downloading it a couple times and I keep getting the same message.
  6. That loud thunking sound you hear is me repeatedly banging my head against a wall for this. Ugh. Things have gone from bad to brain-dead. This seems like an even more half-assed idea than before! With the term freestyle, I'm thinking it should be a rap/hip hop themed park, not rock. Oy, what a mess.
  7. We do this at Tough to be a Bug and a Kilimanjaro Safaris as well. It's a side effect of being ADA compliant.
  8. That looks like one fun little puzzle platformer. Ashley's first reaction was "It looks like a Miyazaki film", which I think is a fantastic complement personally. Is it going to be a full disk release or is it going to be a Wii Ware title?
  9. Man, Hopper's so photogenic. See people, you don't need a flash to get a good picture of Hopper. NO FLASH!
  10. There are so many wrong directions that one could go in with CoasterTub... Anywho, I chose CoasterTube as well because it already ties into the current brand that YouTube has created and also leaves the TPR TV name open to other things that could happen. To me, TPR TV sounds like a podcast name over a video site name. CoasterTube sounds like the site, TPR TV sounds like an individual product.
  11. The reflections of fear section worked itself out overnight and is even better, with extended descriptions of the mazes and concept art. ^ I have a feeling we haven't heard the end of that storyline, especially since in the last phone message/video thing they said she had an entire file on Boris, which was followed by "what does that mean?" Also, with the number in his window plus the cryptic message of which the number leads, I have a feeling this little part of the story is going to go on for a while now, possibly into the event itself. BTW: I love your icon. Every little bit of respect Tough to be a Bug can get I appreciate.
  12. The Reflections of Fear section doesn't seem quite finished yet, but it's a cool concept. Similar to the Oz Viewer for the website of the Sci fi Miniseries Tin Man. It's basically one long interconnecting stretch of images that show how every scare zone and maze are interconnected into each other into different categories: Fears (Reflections of Fear and Asylum in Wonderland), Tales (Fractured Tales, Scary Tales, Path of the Wicked), Urban Legends (Creatures, The Skoolhouse, American Gothic), Nightmares (Dead Exposure, Interstellar Terror, Doomsday), and Myths (Body Collectors, Streets of Blood, The Hollow), which cycles around forever.
  13. The page is up and everything is announced: Houses (8): Reflections of Fear (Bloody Mary) Scary Tales: Once Upon a Nightmare Creatures Interstellar Terror Dead Exposure Doomsday (tied in with the Universal Picture of the same name) The Hallow Body Collectors: Collections of the Past Scarezones (6): In a neat twist, it seems the scarezones are themed to extensions of the mazes that I assume would be nearby. Asylum in Wonderland (Edit: Apparently Reflections of Fear and not Scary Tales as I first thought) Fractured Tales (Scary Tales) The Path of the Wicked (Scary Tales) The Skoolhouse (The Hallow) American Gothic (The Hallow) Streets of Blood (Body Collectors) Shows: Rocky Horror Brian Brushwood Bill and Ted Oh, and be warned for the startle scare on the home page. In my darkened room, scared the heck out of me. I knew it was coming too.
  14. Case 4 is now up. The first case in seeing the little things in the Doctor's transformation, like the page being ripped, some poor grammar, writing outside the lines of the boxes and, of course, a different pen color. Must be the pen from case 2. Anywho, strange fear this time around: megelo/herpetophobia, or the fear of giant snakes, reptiles and other like animals. In the further notes, specifically the fear of a enteroctopus dofleini, the scientific name for a giant octopus. Um...ok. Given those clues, I guess this is for the maze in the Disaster queue because one of the props is a giant octopus tentacle. This also confirms my suspicions about the doodles in the II tab when you listen to the audio. The Doctor is, subconsciously, doodling out the themes and concepts for all the mazes for the year because among the doodles are those alien drawings, the jack-o-lantern landscape and a giant octopus tentacle, which already have been hinted with in the cases.
  15. The Doctor's starting to unravel now. The page has changed a bit, with the degrees coming off center, some red roses around and she has a new personal note section. It seems case 3 really got to her... I didn't see his act at HHN, but I do enjoy his podcast on Revision3: Scam School. From the snippets of his act that I've seen, he seems like Penn Jillette without Teller, so that's not too bad. It'll be a good enough side show for HHN BTW: HHN build up this year is fantastic as always. The cases are extremely creepy, especially with The Doctor's audio notes. They always give me that tightness in the chest like something awful is going to happen. I'm always extremely impressed with the way they build the event and this year's no different. It's marketing genius.
  16. ^or a higher octave male voice. I believe it's supposed to be an older gentleman with that controlled, metered tone of voice that a doctor stereotypically has. I was almost expecting a thick German accent when the concept first emerged, so I'm glad it didn't go that far.
  17. Now Filming at Universal Studios Hollywood: Clerks III: Jayhan and Silent Bob move to Springfield. Loved the TR. I like the idea of the Norman Bates little playlet, but they should have him start at the back of the car and go from there instead of being that blatantly obvious in what's going on.
  18. Probably it's going to be more shopping and restaurant space. In the PI Closing FAQ, the exact quote mentioned is So, it'll be pretty much exactly the same as West Side and Marketplace. The closure only applies to the PI nightclubs and bars: 8 Trax, The Adventurer's Club, Mannequins™ Dance Palace, BET Sound-Stage™ Club, Motion and The Comedy Warehouse. Raglan Road and the new T-Rex will still be open. As a matter of fact, more than likely they are the future of PI.
  19. As posted on Disney.com, all the Pleasure Island clubs, including Mannequins, Adventurer's Club and the Comedy Warehouse, will be closing for good on September 28th. I will say, the writing was on the wall for some time, so it's good to see the action finally happen. Though I will be sad to see the Adventurer's Club go, I think this is a good move. PI had gotten stale and really the only people who went now a days was cast. It's time to pull the plug.
  20. Awesome TR Reed and Stacy. I will admit, I've bought into the hype for Hard Rock Park as well and probably will sing the song of it's potential until I either visit and have a meh time or it dies a slow and painful death, both of which sound possible from the opinions given throughout the thread. I think the park has so much promise and it's issue may be just a minimal install base along with being in the wrong place. I could be way off base here but I would think if this park would have been built down here in the Orlando area, there might be some different tunes sung. The benefit of clustering would help this park out, I would think, but it's a little late for that. I think if they get the operations in order, expand some more, possibly get themselves a proper water ride or two (Yellow Submarine anyone?), it might be getting on the up and up.
  21. Looking at these, along with my own speculation, I'm saying Scary Tales is the same as it ever was and Dead Exposure is, by my guess, an EVP and supernatural images themed house. If you look behind the title, there is what seems to be a photograph or some sort of white bordered object. That concept might be interesting. I like when they try something new, even though the EVP image thing was done in Shutter this past year and is a common trick done by Brian Brushwood, who happened to perform last year. Of course it's still a long ways away.
  22. The Walt Disney World Resort page is currently blank. It may be just the system compiling everything though. Oh, and the concept is awesome! It's really neat to see myself in the park index now.
  23. I'm hoping your speculation is true because this would possibly mean the Director would be back and that'd make me quite happy.
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