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  1. Thank you! That's probably the fiscally correct thing to do more often than not. However, you don't have to do the 180 days for the sit downs. The Tokyo Dining we did the reservation the night before at the desk at Pop Century and I don't think we've ever done a reservation at Boma. Now, we're a party of two so they can fit us in pretty quickly. There are some places where the 180 days are crucial. Le Cellier over in Epcot and Cinderella's Royal Table in MK comes to mind, along with stuff like Hoopty Doo Review at Fort Wilderness. They fill up quickly and completely. However, we've never had a real problem when it comes to getting in the places we've enjoyed, as long as you're willing to wait a bit. Usually in the resorts, the pagers for the restaurants go through most of the lobby of the hotel so, as you saw, we just chilled at the fire for Boma. Ohana, another one of our favorites, was very similar. Generally, we've found, the resort hotels do not fill up as much as the in park ones. However, most places we've just walked up and get something relatively timely. Very true. There's a lovely board telling you what's filled, what's limited and what's open. When we went to Studios, everything was open for the day. We considered Sci-Fi, but the recent menu change removing Ashley's favorite meal disheartened us a little bit.
  2. ^They won't, at least not directly. I would believe, however, that Universal just lobbed Disney a soft ball for an announcement about a new and improved Space Mountain in 2009. That'd be my closest guess. ^^ Looking at that concept art, and I know it's only concept art, but could it be we have LED lit track? That would be awesome! The odds are for it being just a concept flair, but boy, that concept would be awesome. That is true, but I don't see them as being a huge problem. They did add them, but that's what plywood walls are for. It could also be a fun challenge of trying to incorporate the big props into the maze itself. All those destroyed props and the big old cyber shark might take a whole new look in the dark. As much as the both parks idea would be awesome, first things first, we need a good theme. But this could be a whole other thread so I'll stop now.
  3. Who says they couldn't build a house in Starbucks? Coffee of the Damned. And they built the houses in the Earthquake extra queue with Earthquake still running. Did they mess with the queue that much? As for HHN during construction, I guess they would have to do what they would probably do during normal hours, just divert traffic around it. If anything, it'd make the streets fun because the streets would be significantly smaller and probably the construction could be put to thematic use of being Fright Yard II in a way.
  4. Yep, the Pixar Play Parade. I've seen some video of it already, it looks like Block Party Bash without the stopping with a whole ton of water and stuff shot at the crowd. We went last week, March 9-15th. It wasn't that bad really. We really walked on everything. I think our longest wait was Space and that was about 20 min or so. We could have seen the shuttle launch, but it was early in the morning and, frankly, we didn't want to get up. If the rumors are true, no more Rock N' Roll Beach Club. It will be knocked down completely and be no more. Supposedly, Motion is next on the list, followed shortly by BET and 8 Trax. Motion, again all speculative, is supposed to be also knocked down completely, BET who knows and 8 Trax will be merged into Mannequins, making it the Highlander of the Disney clubs.
  5. One last one. Though not too sad because it's Epcot for dinner! Hurray. I never take pictures on the plane, but I just had to this time. I know it's blurry, but down there is Kings Dominion. I knew from all the trash cans. And this blurry image is the end of the 100 pictures of Spring Break. Enjoyment, I hope you had! Final meal, the Pop Century breakfast platter. There wasn't much else at 6:00 am. Boo. Oh well. A lovely image for all you Epcot fans. Please, gather your drool as you go. After dinner, time for a little extra magic hours Test Track. Oh noes! We're stopped. Yes, the system went poopie so we actually got evaced! As geeky cast members, this was AWESOME! Dessert to share, the Chocolate Ginger Cake. It was ok, the chocolate totally overpowered the ginger. If you want a ginger dessert, go over to China and get the caramel ginger ice cream. Now THERE'S the stuff. The Ginza Gozan, tempura and sushi combo. That would be shrimp, scallop and vegetable tempura, a small seaweed salad, a collection of sushi (from left to right tuna, yellow tail, shrimp and California roll.) and steamed rice. That's the stuff right there Starting off with some Japanese clear soup. They did offer a spoon, but to heck with spoons! Oooh...pretty napkin. One of those times it was a shame to take it apart and put it on my lap like a normal person. Ashley ready for her meal. She's really getting into it, even her Minnie ears are from Tokyo! We'll have to go eventually. And we hope to go the only true way to see Japan: the TPR way! Hint hint. The new open sushi kitchen. Those four worked feverishly all night. I was more than happy to sample their work. It's a lot more open than it used to be. A lot louder too. A LOT louder. All those sound reflecting flat surfaces. Nah, instead we went to Tokyo Dining, which is tempura and sushi, which is more our style. Off to the freshly redone Mitsukoshi eateries at the Japan Pavilion. Gone are most of the old woods, replaced with concrete and plastic to represent the "new" Japan. This is Teppan Edo for you Teppan-yaki fans. But we're not going there. "Hi Robb. You know me, Mr. Lion bar. I miss you Robb. Please eat me. Ok, Stuart, put me down now."
  6. Finishing up Hollywood Studios here. Yes, I take a lot of random pictures...I have a problem. Speaking of problems, I have to editorialize a bit. In this set is a few Muppet Vision pictures. I'll first state that I love Muppet Vision. It's one of the few attractions that, no matter what, I feel the need to see every single time. Muppet Vision and the TTA both go into that category. I know, I'm weird. But anywho, I say this next part with love. Muppet Vision, you need a referb and you need it bad. Like two years ago bad. You're looking a little worse for wear. Just relax a bit, get freshened up. You know, there is another Muppet movie coming up. Maybe you could get nice and fresh for that! Now, I'm not saying change your film, that's classic, but maybe get with the 21st century and go digital. And I know there's a whole lot of potential that you haven't been able to show in a long time. Where are your in theater arrows sticking out of the wall? Where's Waldo's smoke when he burns rubber? Even your walls are all off center now. Just take a little time off, get all freshened up, and you will be your old self again. Thank you. Now, on to the pictures. More construction! OMG! It looks mostly done. Don't know for sure though. Where's Casey when you need him? Nothing to see here...moving on. Though, I could be mistaken, but that nothing is brand new or I forgot nothing. Oh well. Strange things afoot at the Backlot Theater. Not only is the theater getting enclosed, it's getting *gasp* double enclosed! Dun dun DUN! My guess: It'll be a permanent home for High School Musical or some Hanna Montana thing. Everyone ready! Now remember, don't walk with them on. You may trip. The Kristen Alvey memorial thrown MuppetVision glasses. The other place Ashley wants to work. I wonder if they're hiring. Aerosmith and Rock N Roller Coaster merch right next to Hanna Montana. I think a part of my soul became paralyzed. "Elissa! I'm still waiting for you! Come on. You know you wanna drop 40 bucks for me."
  7. The rest of the Block Party Bash coming down the street, seeing it was basically done in the last set. Dot, Flik, and Gypsy hiding behind them and they're the back end of the parade. Goo Bah! Wait...this isn't Westcoaster. Whoops. The Bugs Life section. It's amazing to me how much Bugs Life is used when it really is one of the least known Pixar movies. Though many movies would kill to be a "least known Pixar movie". Boo! Boo is still one of the cutest characters ever, though she's a little Omen like currently. I wasn't expecting this tentacle to pop out of the wall. It must have been his day. I will applaud anyone who gets that joke. Hi Sully! You're not stopping here. Scoot away Toy Story people, on to see the Monsters Inc people. Sarge surfing down to the next location. Bye Jessie! It's time for you to move 30 feet to do it again. So...much...stuff. That's a lot of motion. GWAR! I SCOOT! Then the random giant traffic cones explode in fire. Quick, Frozone, turn around! First, we must scooter about. Of course, they are powered scooters, but scooter about none the less.
  8. Ah, Block Party Bash. I actually saw Block Party Bash in DCA and, frankly, I thought it was ok. One of my major thoughts for the parades is, at a minimum, the music needs to be up beat. The flush of down beat parades recently, stuff like the Parade of Dreams and Share a Dream Come True, seem to be a bad trend in my eyes. Give me something like Boo to You (and boo to you and you and you) any day. Block Party Bash definately has a up beat musical score and it's one you can actually sing to, if your lyrical brain works quick. In terms of the show stop part of the parade, it's the same as it ever was, just in a new place with a new audience. From what I could tell though, at least in our section, the guests were a bit dumbstruck with everything going on and didn't seem to be into it at all. It really felt like stand and watch, jaw agape, and clap politely at the end. Not exactly the reaction wanted. However, FL hasn't had a parade with show stops since the beginning of the Share a Dream Come True, so we'll just have to get use to it again. Personally, I enjoyed it, it's a fun little parade and a welcome addition. And then the Incredibles appeared out of a bunch of blocks. Personally, I think they should have jimmied the parade a bit, added an Incredibles float and put Ratatouille characters in that spot. Ah well. Even Ashley got into the act! They asked me too, but someone had to capture the moment...yeah...that's the ticket. Everyone, do the point! Somewhere, John Travolta is crying. I don't know if the two are related though. Everybody dance! It took a bit of persuading, but it happened. More dancing...lots and lots of dancing. Now, time to throw balls into the crowd. Of course, they do need them back, something that seemed to be lost on some people. And a big finale for part one. The word "yeah" occurs a lot. See, dancing. Dancing=party. The sarge took Woody's spot and let the party begin! Woody, Buzz and the whole Toy Story float was our float. Mr. Potato Head waddling down the street. Compared to the buildings on Hollywood Boulevard, the floats look huge! The sarge MC running the whole show. The new human powered floats! Here it comes. Walking down the street. Getting curious looks from everyone they meet. Hey hey, it's a party. People say we party around...and I'll stop there.
  9. The final day to play. Boo. Well, we'll hit everything else then! A bit of magic Kingdom, a ton of Hollywood Studios and a final dinner at Epcot. Begin the hopping! Stretching out for the block party. Or, in the moment, "I am the line!" Ashley thought it was going to be just a standard picture, unaware of what was behind her. Waiting for that new fangled old parade. Can we catch a ride to Disneyland? Nah. Ok. Two of my favorite things. Another required photo, but the signs are DOING IT WRONG! Air drying the frozen coke mug. Duel preemptive fist shake for the future American Idol. Including the cheap Chinese food! Kindly note the wonderfully plated chicken fingers and the chocolate cake with the cookie on top. The nexus of suck, feeling more and more like a strip mall. Hopefully, you'll be back here soon. You've already got the hat!
  10. After Animal Kingdom, onward to Animal Kingdom Lodge for one of our favorite restaurants on the property: Boma. Mmmmm...food. Best buffet you can find. It's also a whole bunch of food pictures! Hurray! Boma plate #5: Dessert plate. Zebra dome, banana bread pudding with vanilla sauce, flowerless chocolate cake and apple crumble. Boma plate #4: Mac and Cheese...which is Mac and Cheese. Boma plate #3: Fruit plate. Grapes, strawberries, watermelon, and pineapple. Boma plate #2: Main plate. Geelry's Rice, meelie bread, Bobotie, pot roast, some sausage I forgot, and potatoes with afritude. Boma plate #1: Salad and soup plate. Watermelon rind salad, pasta salad and potato and bacon soup. But we could wait at the Victoria Falls, but it's time to go in! Yay! Boma sitting. Hopefully we'll get there soon. Mmmm...Boma. Still have to wait though. Fire sitting POV! Ashley eagerly awaiting her food up in the AKL lobby.
  11. The name sucks, but it's good to have something different around. Though I'm not jumping up and down excited, I'll be curious to see how it goes. Though pushing into the Internet/"YouTube generation" theme is a bit frightening. Goatse: The Ride....*shudder*. The disgust, it won't wash off.
  12. Having worked a bit at my lovely house, the Ashley and I were free to play as we wished! Therefore, we went to Blizzard Beach, a place Ashley had never been, and Animal Kingdom for their last hour. I will admit, I have no pictures from Blizzard. My camera is too bulky and I'm too paranoid of destroying it due to all that pesky water. No worries though Ashley, with her smaller, more portable camera than I, took all the Blizzard pictures for the day. Anywho, onward to Animal Kingdom! A hint of what's to come? Maybe....ah no, no it's not. But confusing to, again, why it's in Animal Kingdom. Because it has a dog? Though this would be lovely to have. As much as I appreciate Mr. Skellington in my every day life, I don't quite see the connection with Animal Kingdom. Zero's a bit of a stretch really. Ship to Old Key West? Huh? My only guess was that this area was an old DVC selling location. Motor home POINT! Flamingo POINT! YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG! Dark and Stupid POINT! No matter how dark and stupid it is, there's still a soft spot in my heart for Dinosaur. I love to hate it. I miss you Countdown to Extinction. I remember two years ago those trees were saplings. *sniff* They grow up so fast. This picture too, though not required, is highly encouraged. Much like the Tower at the end of Sunset picture, this picture of Everest is required in all Animal Kingdom Photo TR's. I think it's a law or something. POINT! 10 min walk on wait for Everest?!? Yes, we'll take some of that please. Yeti Ball! Did you mate with a Tribble? I think these need to appear over at Mansion. Those giant spiders from the staircase had to go somewhere!
  13. Another spring break, another trip to WDW. Hurray! Ashley and I, once again, come down to work and play at the World that is Walt Disney. As such, I took another whole ton of pictures once again. My count is around 100 this time, so get comfy. Yes, I'm bad a selecting but, more to enjoy right? This time around, Ashley and I had a goal of taking a picture of every piece of food we ate, so if you're hungry, go get a snack and enjoy! Oh, and hopefully soon Ashley will post her photos, so we can see her side of the story. That's the plan Stan. This first set of pictures some Pop Century fun, Epcot exploring, and some solo photos of Downtown Disney. This set also spans about three days because I didn't take many pictures in the beginning of the week. Working hindered that. Ah! Ashley's back! Hurray! Off to the next day I have pictures! Ahh, sweet irony. Sitting and waiting in the Pop Century for Ashley to finish her work, I saw this in the 90's environmental case...wait...what's that button? Rock N' Roll Closed Club and, if the rumors are true, soon to be Rock N' Roll Rubble Club. Rock N' Roll Beach Club... Easter Stitch. Still spits. Food picture #2! Cooke's of Dublin The Original One & One Hand-Battered Fresh Fish & Chips, at closing no less. Food picture #1! Pop Century Chicken Penne Alfredo and a bowl of grapes. Lil' Jon's new candy bar. What, it's apparently huge in Japan. The Japanese cloaking device in uncloaked form. This Ashley fist shake is two fold. 1) A fist shake for the sign. 2) A fist shake at France, who's history has been slowly sucking away her life for senior thesis. These new corrugated plastic signs were EVERYWHERE. This survey of two says: ugly. Look at that frozen coke goodness. Unlimited Frozen Coke baby! One of the many reasons why Pop Century rocks. Before anything though, we must was out our ever present collectors mug for one glorious thing.
  14. So THAT'S why SFA held cheerleader competitions all the time. Personally, it's not that bad, if the idea's cost effective. At least it gives Six Flags an appearance on the local level and actually can work at giving the park positive PR. It's worth a shot.
  15. The same post from North East Coaster is here on TPR as well: www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=42477&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=
  16. I've got the same final four: UNC v Georgetown, Pitt v UCLA. I'm going UNC all the way beating UCLA, but my gut also has a feeling that Georgetown might actually pull it out. I'm having a hard time deciding between the two. Upsets: Pitt beating Texas, American University beating Tennessee, Xaver beating Duke, Western Ky. beating Drake. Lets see if my bracket actually holds up, unlike last year where I got my butt beat in the first round.
  17. and now, a last minute name change: I don't know how well it fits the land, but I can't argue the choice of song.
  18. It's even more interesting that Kristen had a screen name on the forums around five months before she was even born. That's one tech savvy girl. Robb, you must be so proud.
  19. ^ As interesting as that would be, I personally doubt it because of the similarities that the Eagle prototype have with X2. The two of them are kissing cousins of each other, with the Eagle using a similar car idea, just aligning the quests parallel to the track instead of horizontal. Though the Eagle would fit the parameters set by the blog post, I doubt that it would be the right option.
  20. Happy Birthday Kristen! May you have many more rides on the TTA, continue to throw around MuppetVision glasses and may you never get stuck in the 1920s again.
  21. Well, from the picture, it looks like one of the top secret things is that alien skull the lady's holding and probably bought from thinkgeek.com. Top Secret picture!
  22. ^ You just had to use the most recognizable picture on the site to prove your point, didn't you Robb? Not that I'm complaining, such classics should be reposted.
  23. ^ That sounds less like a CSI show and more like Law and Order: The Ride. Barry's dream finally comes true!
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