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  1. Was this an online ad for last year? This seems like b-roll ad that can be reused over and over again. Nice use of Nosferatu though.
  2. Very nice! Now all you need to do is add the strippers and purple crushed velvet for Guy and you're all set for the sexification of the front page.
  3. Wow, everything grew and what's new along with the search bar and mailing list bar vanished. That looks better, the headers look much cleaner and the shorter columns actually give the page a better feel. It's not as much information overload. My suggestion is for what was what's new, put a link near the bottom, right around the former front page articles, to have the complete history. I think a page like that might still be useful, but it's not as affective being labeled "what's new" when it's really old news. I know this may seem really drastic, but the other thing that I might change is the image behind the Theme Park Review banner. The coaster in black and gray looks really cluttered now for some reason. I also don't understand why the Theme Park Review, Theme Park and Roller Coasters part of the welcome statement all link back to the front page. I'll chalk it up to that normal TPR goofiness.
  4. 1. What do you find most useful about the front page? - The forum and official update sections and just knowing what's hot on the site. 2. What do you find least useful about the front page? - Some of the "special features" which don't seem to change 3. Is anything on the front page confusing? - The proximity of the search bar to the mailing list bar messes me up sometimes. It sounds stupid but there are occasions where I don't know which bar to go to. 4. How far do you scroll down the front page looking for updates? - Not very, to about where the official update and forum update sections reach the top of the screen. 5. How often do you look at the front page? - Every time I visit the site because that's where my bookmark is set. 6. How often do you click on the "whatsnew" link? - Rarely if ever. It's not really what's new, it's more like "what was new" or a running log of stuff. 7. What would you like to see added to the front page to make your visits to TPR better? - I don't know how technically it can be done, but something like a randomizer for the special features section that randomly picks some of the big updates on the site. I do think that if a big update just randomly came up, it's be a draw enough to recall bits of it and revisit the update. 8. Anything else you would like to mention? Like any thing else you would like to see us add/change/leave alone/etc? - I'd probably change the name of the special features section to something like "big updates" or "best of TPR". This really isn't really a front page thing, besides a link of it appearing on the front page, but I'd also think the addition of some sort of primer to TPR might be a welcome addition. Just a simply page for people who are new to TPR saying "Welcome. How are ya? So you're new here. Well, this is who we are. Hey, you might wanna look here, oh and check this one out too. It's awesome." and linking to what you, or the group, feel are some of the best TRs we have. Something like that. I think the current set up might be a little imposing for people just finding the site. Maybe even add a podcast...ok so that's stretching it a little bit.
  5. Night Kingdom is a rumor spread by the king of Disney rumor stokers Jim Hill. Many of his articles, in my opinion, are a giant bellows breathing hot air into the flames of age old rumors that never seem to die and need to be taken with a grain of salt. My personal thought on Night Kingdom is I'll believe it when I see it. I do believe if something like this was to occur, it would not be a park but a series of after hours tours in the existing parks, mainly Animal Kingdom. That'd be the less expensive and more efficient method of doing exactly what this "park" intends to do. My line of thought goes back with what many people, like Derek and JT3000 among others, that they need to work on and tinker with the other parks, the most of that going to Hollywood Studios right now, before breaking ground on another big park. It's a solid argument that the existing parks are running out of construction space for major attractions but I don't see a new park on the horizon for a while. There's a lot of other areas of expansion; a third water park, the current turn around of PI, and the finishing of Pop Century come to mind, before a 5th park should even be thought of. Oh, and something mentioned in here made me think: We don't need a Florida DisneySea. Journey would be a marvelous addition to AK, don't ya think? I mean, the lava worm thing could be considered an animal and/or add a few dinosaurs in the center of the earth and you'd be set. I'm think it could fit lovely in Dinoland.
  6. ^ Rereading what I wrote, I think I was unclear. The deluxe basically says eat anywhere, ya got three. Counter service, sit down, as long as they take it, no matter. So, there could be three sit down meals and no big. If I'm misunderstanding your comment, the plan, everything, I apologize. It's been one of those fuzzy days already and it's only 11.
  7. The recent 2008 adjustment of the dining plan split it into two options: the basic dining plan and the deluxe dining plan. The deluxe dining plan is pretty close to how the dining plan used to be, just with one added meal per day, one more snack (bumping the total to two) and one refillable resort mug per person. The deluxe, from how I can read it, also doesn't break the places down, giving 1 counter service credit and 1 table service credit like the basic plan. It seems to be eat anywhere kind of thing. I could be misreading, in fact my gut tells me something screwy there, but that's how I see the plan. The basic plan removed one thing from the way the plan used to be: the appetizer from the table service meal. Both plans do not cover the gratuity anymore. Disney generally suggests anywhere between 18-25%. On the checks now, they actually calculate 18% and 20% for you, at least that's what I remember from Boma.
  8. I'll break this up into two parts, top favorites and tips. As my last Photo TR at WDW shows, I love food and dining, especially at Disney World. I'm lucky to have a special companion who shares my sentiments in dining. For top favorites, I'll break down the sit downs by park and the resorts: MK Crystal Palace breakfast. Yes it's a character meal and, not only that it's a Pooh character meal, but it's wonderful location and a wonderful meal. The Plaza Restaurant. It's a tiny restaurant compared to others in the resort, and has a limited menu, but the ambiance is lovely and what they do have, they do very well. Epcot Le Cellier in Canada. Look at what everyone else has mention; just get your reservation now. The Garden Grill at The Land. It's characters again, but this time it's better characters than Pooh: Mickey, Pluto, and the rodents. It's a family style; all you care to eat meal. Though it does have fish on the menu, you can avoid it if necessary. Tokyo Dining at Japan. One of our most recently visited restaurant, the new design of the location is more modern, but is a little louder than before. The food, though you need to be a little brave to order, is fantastic. Studios Sci Fi Dine In. If you want an experience, turn no further than Sci-fi. The food's pretty good and the restaurant is fun. AK None really. You could try Yak and Yeti with the dining plan if you wish but Ashley and I weren't too enamored with it. I'd probably save that point for some resort or another park. Resorts Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Love it love it love it. One the best restaurants on the resort. 'Ohana at Poly. Much like Boma in food quality and one of those major experiences. As for tips, if you want a guarantee of what you want, be sure to get a priority seating reservation as soon as you can. It's not guaranteed for most places, but it'll definitely help. If you want to avoid children, avoid the characters as much as you can. I know I suggested some character meals, but they're not too bad. The most children heavy I suggested was Crystal Palace. If you really want to avoid kids, avoid Cinderella’s Royal Table and Princess Storybook Dining at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. Many of the places I suggested are very atmospheric, but take a look at menus to see which menus tantalize your appetite the most. I would suggest the menus at allearsnet to further take a look at what sounds good.
  9. ^ That does change everything. Then it's bad show, sorry for the Disney term, and that needs to be changed. It needed to be changed beforehand, but that series of events pushes it even further.
  10. The proper response would be, "I have no idea how long those donuts have been sitting there. Can I make you up a fresh batch?" I know that it sounds insignificant but these are the little things that people remember. You can be indifferent or you can make the guest actually feel that the park is there to make your day (or last hour) memorable. I'll never forget the cast member at Epcot that roasted me fresh pecans AFTER the closing announcement. I agree with your point wholeheartedly, however I've also seen the exact opposite happen at Disney as well. One experence that comes to mind is where Cosmic Rays closed 45 min before park close without any sort of announcement or locking of the doors, just one soul cast member sitting at register saying they're closed with no explanation. During that last hour, and this is no slight to the hard working men and women at quick food, there is definitely a lag because they're ready to get home. As a worker, I totally understand that but as a guest it's difficult to swallow, no pun intended. Because their off times tend to be exactly park close, they really start closing, mentally and sometimes literally, around a half an hour to and hour beforehand. It really depends where you are and the person there. It's all a personnel issue. Now, I'll have to find that cast member at Epcot because they're right on the money and I love me my roasted pecans.
  11. I'm sensing a new selling point for Fright Fest. As with all the "bad stuff" it's baby steps. From what I've seen and heard, there's been some grand strides improving the park, so there's bound to be a few hiccups. It also seems to be these hiccups are in policy and staffing, which always seems to be one of the last things hammered out. I know I'm preaching to the choir, but I think the path is good and the rough spots will smooth.
  12. Well, you'll have to cross off one of those off your list already. As of right now, there is no Paris Splash Mountain.
  13. Still Alive (J.C. Version) - Jonathan Coulton Yes, I'm a major geek.
  14. Maybe they changed it to tie it in with The Incredible Hulk movie coming out this year. That's grasping at straws but for an explanation, that's a good as any. The other is they did it because they could. That works too.
  15. If you have the time and the money, Sea World is also worth a hit. It's a nice park, a little more laid back than Disney and Universal, it's got, in my opinion, one the the best coasters in the Orlando area in Kracken and a fun flume in Journey to Atlantis. It's definitely worth a look. As for rides, hit mainly what you can. The attractions worth hitting will definitely be up to the tastes of your family. For the summer, it'll be crowded so use Fastpass at Disney to your advantage. On the same thought line, Universal Express might be a thought too if your not staying on property, but it's an added expense if you aren't staying on property. If you are, it comes with the room.
  16. Ok Robb, with Togo nut squashing in this video and ghetto fair paratrooper nut squashing later, how in the world did KidTums come to be? I know that the paratrooper incident came later, but I'm sensing a pattern here. Fun POV though.
  17. No problem... It's my pleasure : ) Very well my dear. Then it'll be my pleasure to post this video of Block Party Bash...and you dancing in it! Bwahahahahaha! Dance Ashley Dance.AVI Though I do find the dancing very cute.
  18. ^I agree! However, it's a pain in the donkey to get out. Oh, and thanks for posting a picture of me shirtless my dear. Either that, or you went to Blizzard Beach with the Yeti and didn't tell me.
  19. I'll preference by saying I know nothing about the international program. There are some slight differences between the national College Program and the International Program, so I can only speak from my experiences. It's up to you really. Realize with the exchange rate and the pay scale, you wont be making much money off the top. For an operations position (which is ride attendant), I can certainly tell you it's not $8/hr. Of the pay scale posted on the International Program web site of $6.79 - $8.14 per hour, I can tell you that ops will be on the $6.79 of that scale. The $8.14 side of things would be stuff like Quick Food and Custodial, positions they need but don't get filled as quickly. I can also guarantee you you'll working way more than 10hrs a week, but I'll get to that later. Yes you can, and they'll do everything they can to place you there, but in the end they put you where they need you. They focus more which roles you prefer over which location. If you say you prefer one role over another, they'll work hard in getting you into that role. If you specify location, they work for that too, but that's less likely to happen. I know for me, I made different suggestions on where I felt my best fit would be, both role and location, and I got it. I also know many other people who did the same thing and it didn't happen. So you can make your suggestions, and they'll take them and work with them, but in the end they make the decision. Not really. I know for my check in process, you had the choice not where, but how many people. That choice determined where you lived. So, it's hard to say. Late. Generally, International Program people and CPs get the closing shifts. I know there is a limit to the amount of hours someone on an US work visa can work, but I admit don't know that number. The International Program web site states that it's a guaranteed 30 hours a week with a maximum of 45 hours a week. I do know many who hit that max and then some, or at least try. Especally during the busy months. That's what I know. Hope it was helpful. The offical site of the program gave me a lot of information, especially the FAQ. Take a look and, if you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask!
  20. Ahh, I see. It's been a while, 2001. So I'm sure there's been some change. That's too bad, it was a fun coaster. Hopefully the paint job is a sign for things to come.
  21. Cool TR, but I have one contention. Why is Saturator a waste of space? It's just frankly underutilized right now. When I went to Carowinds, Saturator was one of my favorite rides in the park. It's still ranked very high on my list.
  22. I'm trying to come down this summer as well, but in what capacity I don't know. I applied for the Management and professional internships this January and February, and I haven't heard anything just yet. My backup is looking to do the CP again somewhere and trying once again after that program. It all depends on what happens, but I'm going to do my best to get down there again.
  23. No problem. I understand totally with your sentiments, I'm the same way when I'm down there. I just go up and see what's going down. If that doesn't make me sound like a child of the 90s, I don't know what does. Now, onto some more fun. Yes, fresh off from the editing room, also known as Windows Movie Maker, I present to you, the TPR public, the second installment of the Stuart and Ashley get stuck on rides series: Test Track Evac! It's also my first self made video on TPR, so hurray! test track evac_0001.wmv What happens when people stop moving on Test Track? You'll just have to see!
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