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  1. Happy Birthday doom1001, EastCoastn07, Matthieu - News Parcs -, PattieBoi, Rider117! Oh, and me.
  2. The Busch Parks have an interesting approach. For Williamsburg, it's been pretty much the same mazes and exactly same event since it's inception. This year they added a new clown maze, but the others all have been there for years. Same with the scare zones, I believe the newest one is the Pirate one in England, which has been around for 2 or so years now. Heck, the icon Jack the Lantern was created for cross promotion for the opening of Ireland and he's still around as the icon for the event. Tampa on the other hand is trying to be the competition for HHN, but it's approach has looked to be closer to the Haunt style with a little bit of HHN thrown in. For example, the webpage and marketing style changes every year, with a new tagline and a new icon and new maze titles and descriptions, but the mazes are the same. It's same event, new packaging every year. Sometimes even the name is the same, they just add a subtitle. Taking this year for example, all the names have been changed, but by the descriptions the mazes are exactly the same as last year. The only thing I see different is possibly some very minor tweaking. There may be one new maze a season. Like last year they had "Corporate Nightmare", a maze set in a office building, which I thought was really unique idea, but apparently it didn't go off very well because it's not back for this season. The only consistent change has been one brand new pop culture spoof show. This year, though, either the packaging is REALLY good, or the scare zones have been changed. I'll only know when people go to the event and TR. On a purely external, "watching from afar", point of view, I will say that HHN is far more interesting to watch than Haunt. All I have is internet based coverage, but luckily there's a lot for both. It does seem, however, the Haunt is starting to change more rapidly, switching in and out mazes quicker than in the past, but that's only my observation. Stuart "Long boring post " Newsom
  3. "Damn you! You're one of them, aren't you? What are they paying you? I'll double it! I'll give you whatever you want! Money! Women! Men?"
  4. Though the women are attractive, don't get me wrong, but I want to see the Queen's bike. That thing looks awesome. I'm also waiting for a clear shot of the Queen too. This HHN year looks incredible and I've already heard some good things. I've heard some bad things too, but all in all, it looks like a good year.
  5. "All right men, this is a dangerous mission and it's likely one of us is going to be killed. The landing party will consist of myself, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy and Ensign Ricky." "Aw crap." --Star Trek parody
  6. Wow, in Texas, you can flash or deep fat fry anything! Some of that stuff sounds really good though, like the Taco Twister and the Steak salad. I know, I see all this wonderful fair food and what stands out to me, the salad. As a Marylander, I'm really curious of what their "Maryland counterpart" crab cakes taste like. We may have a pretty sucky Six Flags (gotta keep the theme park thing going ), but we've got ourselves some good crab cakes.
  7. I'm usually Jack Skellington, as my sn would suggest, but this year I am away for Halloween, studying in London till December. So, my current plan is to be a tourist in Disneyland Paris for Halloween...
  8. Wow...Typhoon Longwang...that's a hard name to swallow.
  9. Definately now on my iTunes podcast list. This is one of the funniest podcasts I've heard in a long long time. I'm actually listening to it right now. Just got to the Coaster chicks hot or not part. Of course, when that was mentioned, the first thing I thought of was what if a bunch of ACE members decided to join up? :shock::shock::shock: Scary! Amazing job, one and all. I can't wait to hear the all female edition, with the possability of a certain Mrs. Alvey. Another idea is to have both on at the same time. Double the Alvey's, double the fun! Stuart "I'd love to be apart of this too" Newsom
  10. :shock: Wow...what a concept. Personally, I don't think I'd like to be on fire during DDR. I have enough trouble with DDR, being on fire would seem to hinder that. But it would give you an incentive to do well, that's for sure. Man, I'd hate for randomizer song picking. "Next song *beepbeepbeepbeepbeep* Maxx!" Apparently, it was at this past Burning Man. It definitely seems like Burning Man material, except not enough paint and nudity. Stuart "You're on fire! Literally!" Newsom
  11. As of right now, 89. Not the best score in the world, but I believe it should be quality over quantity...yeah... Also, I've never been to Cedar Point or SFMM, so I've got at least 32 to add right there.
  12. Apparently you like Nightmare Before Christmas. Jesus. Yes, yes I do. It's one of my favorite movies, and I cannot wait for Corpse Bride. Looks beautiful...in that dark Burtonesque way. And I can tell from your avitar that you are a haunter/scareactor/whatever you wish to call yourself. I am myself, though on the very very small stage. Just local stuff, a trail and house near my home 2 years ago and a "charity" one at the school I go to this past year. It's fun times, I miss them every once and a while.
  13. All of mine are the most recent park related ones I have, Disneyland in January. I hope my hidiousness doesn't perminately scar you all:shock:...but hey, look on the bright side. I'm not an ACE'er... 8) Me, my long hair, Ben Hair, and my "thinkin bout it" pose...not much else really. "Hey, wanna hop in my golden ride?" lol Me sitting in the Golden Autopia display car. Me in the foyer of Club 33...not the best picture of me but too cool not to share A good straight on shot of me at the Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney Me and my evil brethren in front of Le Bat en Rouge a.k.a. a little bit of heaven in Disneyland.
  14. You romantic you... 8) So the universe starts in Hong Kong and ends in Texas? Interesting... But none of them are electric light escalators, are they? - Stuart "On a posting spree" Newsom
  15. Well, Not as demigodish as Robb, but yes because of the fact that I really liked Fear too.
  16. See, I told you it's where they got the idea for Test Track! Even more wonderful to me, store selling nothing but Nightmare Before Xmas stuff = a little piece of heaven on earth. But, of course, in America that store would be called 热题目. (Thank you Google language tools! ) I second the motion of passing the chicken and duck heads. They didn't look all too appetizing. But, you shouldn't have passed on the pigs heads. I mean, you've been offered pork cheek before..but you turned it down then too. I guess it really depends on which type of cheek you're offered... Final point, I don't think Elissa would be all too pleased if you came home with a topless clock. I could be wrong though...but it's not something I'd try...no matter how tempting... - Stuart "Nightmare Before Christmas owns a little bit of my soul, but I'm still not an annoying 'goth' type person" Newsom
  17. Man, I guess malls really can't keep their coasters intact. What a huge surprise that is? I'm just shocked... But this powered coaster seems to be where Disney got it's idea for Test Track. I mean, you've got a cold room, helix of death, even a car wash...well...maybe just the plastic sheeting for the car wash. But I do wonder how noisy this coaster is though. I mean, would the powered...uh...ness make it louder or softer?If it's got a B&M style roar, the noise would be insane in that ice rink. Of course, it'd be roaring in English and Chinese... BTW: One of the best TRs ever Robb. Love the flow. Going from complete randomness to free soft porn to parks to fat people to parks again. Webby material, for sure. - Stuart "Remove the mall coasters and add the free soft porn" Newsom
  18. This is something I've always wondered too. And now, seeing that 1) you're on IMDB and 2) that you've made some of my favorite games ever, Robb, you officially are a demigod. No question about that. 8) I guess then Elissa is a demigod by association...demigoddess...demimoore...something like that. 8) - Stuart "In the presence of greatness" Newsom
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