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  1. Its Winter just had alot of bad wind storms some tree fell over and some peoples houses got damaged. One day its 70 and the next day its 30 what a weird year for weather.
  2. I am the only one see the suspended corkscrew track is banked. Wow what a great find Shane.
  3. This logo looks great. Just hope the other Top Guns get a nice logo.
  4. Any ideas on Congo Falls? Congo was a Paramount movie. Guess Amazon Falls could come back.
  5. Well the article did say Disney acquired a park in Canada. Well guess we will see soon on which one.
  6. Well Bass Pro did open a hotel in that area next to the store. Well see in the morning what is going to happen.
  7. Was the recorded on film or VHS? Also was that the year the water ride opened?
  8. Thank you for posting the video. I was at the park in 1981 at the age of 5.
  9. Does SEGA still have the rights to Afterburner? I like this alot better than Flight Deck.
  10. Well it looks like that old Paramount Park sites are down. Wonderland will just have to wait on the name change.
  11. Yeah, the park has truly "fallen from grace"; I've even noticed a huge decline in the past 5 years. The park has been going down hill longer than that. I just hope that something big is coming in 2009 and that Cedar Fair will fix the place up with no new ride coming this year.
  12. Here are some pictures of the one from Carowinds.
  13. Lucky you did not have a E-stop in It's A Small World like I did back in 2000. You think they could turn the audio off if the ride is down.
  14. Well I can see if Universal built DCA in another area of Cal it might have worked with out Disneyland across the way. Its a good small park like MGM, kinda a half day park.
  15. At the end on the Mark Twain you can see three villains, also the same Disney World. Also at MGM if you sit on the left hand side of the stage you can see they leave Ariel on the boat after the show.
  16. I thought the real reason The Bat was taken out was it would cost to much to fix all the problems. So Arrow built the Vortex to replace it.
  17. Yes your seeing the picture right the Beast did have 4 bench trains, and then it went down to 3. Thank you so much for posting the information and pictures of the Bat. I used to have a lot of pictures taken when my grandma took me in 1981 but they have been damaged from water.
  18. Your welcome, if I have time after the holidays I try to post more of the video. The only bad thing is part of it does not have sound anymore.
  19. While cleaning my house this week I found my old 1985 Kings Island Winterfest tape. So I thought I would share it for everyone to see. winterfest1985promo.wmv
  20. I really like the new look of the Monorails. Just hope Disneyland takes care of them. When I was their in May we could have used the air-conditioning it was so hot in Monorail Red.
  21. I still need to take some pictures this year, but till then here is a little video of my train.
  22. I road Thunder Road for the first time this year during the fall. While ridding you could see that some of the work was already under way for the backwords side. I just hope some of the other older wooden coasters get some love from Cedar Fair.
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