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  1. Seeing some of the track in place (even if it is just transfer track) is getting me very excited for this ride!
  2. I am always disappointed that I never had the chance to visit this park before it closed...its a shame that Houston (the forth largest metro population in the US) does not have a major regional park!
  3. This coaster by looking at these pics is going to be EPIC! I have never had the urge to travel to China before, but I might have to reevaluate my stance on the subject!
  4. I really hope this project is a success so the US will get one...that being said, I am sure B&M does extensive product and market research before investing in new rollercoaster models, so I doubt this will be a flop! Looks like a win-win for Gardaland and B&M!!!
  5. Great TR...looked like a lot of fun! Looks like Colossus needs a paint job!
  6. Well, if you can hold off a year, it looks like we may do another West Coast Trip in 2012....and with what looks like might be going on at knotts for 2012...you might want to wait a year! --Robb Doesn't take much to sell me on this trip! Ha
  7. After going on the Road to Cedar Point TPR trip next August and knocking out some of the big East Coast and Midwest Parks...My next trip has to be to get out to the West Coast and get to SFMM! The park looks AMAZING
  8. Kudos to Busch Gardens...it is sure to be an a great themed experience that will not disappoint! Gotta get down to Tampa Bay!
  9. Im in Shock....that looked like something out of a cartoon! does anyone know how long the horizontal launch is compared to TTD or KingdaKa....i would assume a little longer because of the higher speeds, but would like to know...if its the same length or shorter, can we assume a more forceful launch?
  10. Awesome TR! Thanks for posting the pics... Loved the shot of the wheel covers for Montu...those are my favorite inverted wheel covers...i would have been tempted to take one and run straight to my car...haha jk!
  11. ^Second Everything Said Above! Joining Club TPR is a NO-BRAINER!
  12. That was an awesome TR...I HAVE to to get up to Indiana and go to that park!
  13. I know most people have already said it, but Cedar Point's skyline is second to none! I nearly drove off of the causeway cause I couldnt stop looking at the park during my first visit! Never been to SFMM but it does look impressive! My old home park of Jazzland/Six Flags New Orleans had a nice skyline driving on I-10...with MegaZeph along the service road...man I miss that ride!
  14. The layout looks like something I would make in RCT...you know, one of those rides that you start building and run out of money but you have this great vision in your head so you start stripping the rest of your park for cash so you can pay for more track...totally insane!!! I love the Chinese!
  15. Shane, as always, thank you for sharing the retro park schwag! Love to see the old park maps and marketing material!
  16. Never knew about these things...a very interesting aspect of B&M maintenance that I never knew about...does anyone know if other manufacturers do something similar to this for select rollercoasters?
  17. Bummed to hear Mr. Checketts will not be involved in the company anymore...I always thought of him as a visionary in the field, even if some of their projects did not always pan out! I wish Mr. Checketts the best of luck in any and all of his future endeavors!
  18. Appreciate the update...very excited about this ride and how it will interact with the natural elements and terrain of the environment!
  19. Top Thrill Dragster...last train of the night! Almost got a roll back!
  20. ^I think Ninja at SFOG is worse than GA Cyclone...but you are gonna need an appointment with a chiropractor after riding either one of those!
  21. Piers...that was hilarious...gotta love the drunk carny games!
  22. ^second that...although I am very interested in trying out their new trains/restraints...Ive heard nothing but good things
  23. ^ Appreciate the Donald Duck shout out! haha...awesome pics...that was hilarious
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