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  1. ^ I stand corrected...Drop Zone's tower is exactly 305 ft. tall and the Eiffel Tower is a 1:3 Replica of the original so it is over 300 ft as well! My apologies, I retract my previous statement!
  2. I think I305's Lift hill will look even more impressive than MF because when MF opened CP already had Power Tower on the skyline to give MF's lift hill a certain sense of scale, but KD has nothing close to compare with the size of I305's lifthill, so it will actually "appear" to be larger than it really is. There is no doubt it will be an impressive sight to see!
  3. What an awesome plane...I have been wanting to ride on one! Props Paul, Way to arrive in the States in style!
  4. Just watched this as Im making my halloween costume...inspiring!
  5. wlmoorer

    WDW October

    MG, Glad to hear you had a good time!
  6. ^ I couldnt agree more with your observations of the location of the park...and SSA not showing up for the hearing! Its a shame you never made it out to Jazzland/SFNO because the park def had some winners with CCI's MegaZeph and the custom Jocco's dark ride. I loved the MegaZeph's low, fast turnaround by the lake
  7. I am sick of dealing with all the drama having to do with this property. I really am tired of the whole thing...it plays out like a bad soap opera! I grew up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast (1 hr from Jazzland/SFNO) and I was a huge supporter of the park before Katrina...but its time to move on...there are some places that you just dont build amusement parks. People forget that SFNO was struggling with attendance leading up to Katrina. New Orleans is just one of those cities...an amusement park has too many other cultural attractions to compete with in a city like this. Im sorry if I offend anyone, but that is my local perspective...trust me, I wish it were not the case...I wish New Orleans had a park that would rival regional parks (SFOG, Carowinds, Dollywood, etc...) but it just isnt going to happen
  8. I think the decade saw your average theme park guest become more sophisticated and informed (helped with the rise of the internet)...The average public became better informed consumers. Visitors to parks expect more from new attractions...they expect a rides to be smoother, more reliable, better themed, etc. The parks have also expected more from the ride manufacturers. With increased technology (computer aided design and manufacturing), and new construction techniques, the parks expect nothing but the best and will not tolerate anything else. I may be way off on this, but its just my observation
  9. WDW Magic Kingdom WDW Epcot WDW Movie Studios Islands of Adventure Universal Studios Orlando Sea World Orlando Six Flags Over Georgia Cedar Point (I finally made the pilgrimage...haha)
  10. wlmoorer

    WDW October

    Have a great time...WDW in the October is my favorite time of the year to go! The weather is great (70s), the crowds are pretty low, and the parks are very festive (halloween decorations and Food and Wine Festival) In my opinion there is not a better time to go!
  11. It will be really interesting to see the comparisons between both Intimidator coasters once the reviews start coming in. They are very different styles of coasters (Carowinds is more traditional out-and-back with airtime hills and KD's is more of a low to the ground twister style with an emphasis on speed)! I think both parks have some real winners on their hands...i know it is way too early to start speculating but the similar rides that B&M and Intamin have made (Diamondback, Goliath, etc.. and Millinieum Force) I think its going to be a great year for both Carowinds and KD!
  12. Thanks jarmor! That drop is lookin nice and STEEP!!! Cannot wait!
  13. Im so excited to get out and ride this coaster next summer...i wonder how it will compare to SFOG's Goliath and BGE's Apollo's Chariot (the only other Southeastern B&M Hypers)? If it delivers as much as Goliath (which i'm sure it will) then Carowinds has a masterpiece on its hands!
  14. Just to repeat what everyone else has said...Thanks Robb and Elissa for the free download. It was a nice gesture as well as a good way for people who have not purchased any of your DVDs to see one in its entirety instead of isolated 5 minute clips...I am sure you will see boosts in your other Coaster Expedition and RAW series DVDs now that more people have been exposed to Coaster Expedition 2 "Where are we going today?...Vekoma Land (sigh)"....hahahaha best line of the DVD!
  15. Looking at the pics from BGE are getting me excited about the IntimidaTour...ive always wanted to get up to BGE and next summer I'll finally be doing it!!!
  16. Like said before...make sure your photo is not too big "Only one image can be displayed at a time, its width can be no greater than 155 pixels, the height no greater than 155 pixels, and the file size no more than 50 KB."
  17. Sent in my deposit for the IntimidaTour Friday morning...I am too excited about the trip and meeting fellow TPR members that enjoy the same things I do (coaster, parks, and good times!!!) Ready to roll!!!
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