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  1. I agree! The Goliath at SFOG is an airtime king for sure! This new coaster looks just as fun if not better. I cant wait! I posted a bunch of new pictures on my facebook page if anyone wants to check them out. I'd post them here BUT i still dont freakin know how to do so. Yeah i guess im kinda slooooow haha! http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/david.coffman2?ref=profile
  2. Yea i agree with you DarkStitch626, Asylum was my favorite also along with the slaughter house. And ok ok ok! I will say HHN is waay more detailed in their houses but idk like i didnt get scared scared like I did at Scarowinds haha! And oh lord! bgwfreak777 your right..boy did it rain that day ugh!! Oh well still a pretty good time i'd say. Sorry to those who might not have like me saying how Scarowinds was "better" than HHN lol. I only said that mainly for two reasons..it was jammed packed with huge wait times and 2nd bcuz express passes were waaay expensive! I would have probably enjo
  3. I heard that they are adding new rides and changing the name back to adventure park? Is this true??
  4. Friends and I visited our third and last Halloween event for October. We vistited Carowinds on Halloween day for their Scarowinds Halloween Haunt Event in SC//NC and it was by far waaay better than Howl-O-Scream & Halloween Horror Nights! [even though they kinda stole the Saw house idea in the Slaughter House where they were playing the saw themed music and everything] I was pretty shocked and wasnt expecting such scary houses and scare zones. Wait times werent has long as time at Universal and there were more houses also. This was our first time checking out the event and my friends &
  5. thanks i tried that and im not sure why but my picture still doesnt show lol its just a white box with a small red X
  6. The Great American Scream Machine @ Six Flags Over Georgia by far one of the most painful wooden roller coasters ever! Very very VERY rough ride! I heard this thing had been operating since 1973 and yeah its time for this thing to be torn down already. There isnt anything "fun" about this coaster. The Gwazi @ Busch Gardens Africa is also a close second BUT is a pretty fun woody. Isnt as rough BUT its one insane wooden coaster and my head always hurts everytime i get off this thing!
  7. No like i wanna post a picture of me under my name like you have. You have a picture under Thai Hedrick on the left side of the screen
  8. Carowinds--Charlotte,NC Epcot--Orlando,FL Magic Kingdom--Orlando,FL Universal Studios--Orlando,FL Islands of Adventure--Orlando,FL Busch Gardens Africa--Tampa,FL Cypress Gardens--Winter Haven,FL Splash Island Water Park--Winter Haven,FL
  9. Can someone please explain to me how to post pictures of myself/coasters to my profile? I'm new to this site and need help haha!
  10. Last year the last coaster friends and I rode was the Starliner & Triple Hurricane wooden coasters @ Cypress Gardens in Winter Haven, FL. Too bad they closed down again(one of our favorite parks) This year however I think were ganna close off the season with a visit to Carowinds for their Scarowinds Haunt Event this Saturday, on Halloween:] But then again my boyfriend & I will probably visit Universal again in Nov/Dec to ride the Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rocket(our new favorite) considering most parks in Florida are open year round.
  11. Oh ok, thanks. I'm guessing you work for the park. I almost kinda wanna go back because my bf and i really wanted to do more but just wasnt possible with all those people. Too bad theey can't make those "front of the line passes more afforable! 40 bucks is kinda steep on top of the ticket to get in as well plus food $
  12. Has anyone been to Wild Adventure's Phobia? Just wondering because I saw pictures online from Cypress Garden's version of their Phohia event back in 07' and it didn't look like it would be worth the 49.99. Maybe im wrong though...?
  13. Friends & I went last night and omg it was beyond packed. I was in total shock to see that many people were there as compared to last year's event. Shiekra was a 95 minute wait and most of the houses were over an hour wait also. I guess we should have spent the extra 39.99 a person for the "front of the line passes" Overall we did one coaster(Gwazi) and four houses(13Eat Your Heart Out, Toys, D.E.D, and Recontruction) within about 5 hours of being at the park. Favorite houses:Toy house--the music that they were playing in the house was very very spooky and freaked the hell out of
  14. It was noted today on the screamscape website that a reader went by Cypress Gardens yesterday and reported seeing what looked like two large cranes on site near the old parking lot. Sounds like they may be getting ready to take something down perhaps… anyone know more? I wonder what they are building around their parking lots or possibly tearing down??
  15. Has anyone been to Wild Adventure's Phobia? Just wondering because I saw pictures online from Cypress Garden's version of their Phohia event back in 07' and it didn't look like it would be worth the 49.99. Maybe im wrong though...?
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