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  1. Skyline is a nice park, I visited the park on a ECC trip to Germany back in 2004, Its a very unique park in that all rides are included in the entrance price including a booster ride,reverse bungee and Go Karts, there's also lots of self operated rides and its got one of those powered bobsled', Its not a day filler park, but great for a long morning/afternoon session.
  2. Wicksteed is indeed a lovely little park, Its a great place to chill out, ride a few coasters,Ride the oldest water chute in the uk, and have a bit of fun, Its soooo lovely in the summer, because you've got the big park area to relax in, and its nice to take a train journey round the entire park. Its nice to hear they are getting a new coaster in 2012 even though its a kiddie one. Will have to try and re-visit this park again next year for sure.
  3. I was on Pirates of the Caribbean at Disney Land Paris, and we started to go through all the Pirates Street/boat Scenes with all the music etc, anyway we saw the boats in front of us suddenly all stopped, and it was immiedatly clear something was wrong, anyway about a minute later, All the music stopped, and ALL the lights came on inside(it was quite cool to see the ride inside with the lights on)we just sat there in silence for about 5 mins until we suddenly started to move again(very slowly though) but all the lights were still on, and there was still no music or nothing, and of course none of the animatronics pirates/boats were working either, finally after another 2-3 mins, The lights went off, the music came back on, and everything burst back into life(Obviously they can press a reset button for the whole ride but it takes a good while for everything to fully reset) We were still moving slowly at this point, but then we remembered that the ride goes down another drop after all the street/boat scenes into the cave part,and we could see the boats were briefly being stopped from all crowding down the drop I assume and they were only letting one through at a time. Overall, we must have been on the ride for a good 30 mins(possibly a bit more) and personally I enjoyed it as it was unique to see the ride inside with lights on, and it was probably one of the most relaxing brakedowns I've ever had
  4. I once had a chance to go to Kentucky Kingdom back in 2002, I knew that the park was'nt too far south from Kings Island, and my dad asked me if I wanted to go as he was willing to make the trip for me, However in the end, I decided on spending 2 days at Kings Island instead of 1 day at each, I'm a bit gutted now I didnt take that chance. Still hopefully the park will live on and reopen in 2013, but it still sounds a bit hit or miss, will be interesting to follow this story to see what happens, Its always horrible to hear of any park(good or bad) complety close down so lets hope this doesnt eventually lead to another Astroworld
  5. I once had the unique pleasure of riding DD Fire on a solo ride, Ice had a delay in the station and so we failed to duel, and I must say, the ride was very plain without the duelling , it really felt like a very average B&M inverter, so I am sad to hear about this news, The duelling definitely "makes" the ride, it is what makes it so special, there is nothing more thrilling(especially on Fire Dragon) flying over that inline, and seeing Ice come from your left and suddenly seeing people's feet literally just below you, Also the full on loop duel is spectacular, its so well done and so well timed that B&M deserve a medal for creating that element. I see it says in that statement, while they fully investigate the incidents, they will be operating on their own so maybe it might actually be temporary for a while just while they are investigating it all. I really hope they dont stop it alltogether, it would be really sad,
  6. Thorpe can still say the element is the only one of its kind in EUROPE so technically its still unique I guess I'm sure its going to be a great ride, so what if the rides are very similar, The thorpe version looks like its going to have some great themeing(If its pulled off) which will really make it unique compared to any other version, I cant wait to try it out, I will soooooooo be there opening day
  7. Sweet, Vertical Construction begins, woohoo, looking forward to following updates on this, looks like a good ride. Last coaster they had of course was the Bobsled in 2001 so its been 10 years sinse a new coaster so this will be exciting for the park
  8. Whats Canyon Blaster like nowadays??I must admit although it was years ago when I went to Vegas, I thought Canyon Blaster was pretty good, and I really enjoyed it, remember riding it quite a lot of times as there was no queue for it.
  9. Excellent Report, thanks for Sharing, Dont think I've ever seen any pictures of the place before, It looks amazing
  10. I was once at Thorpe Park a few years ago, and while waiting in the SRQ for Nemesis Inferno, we noticed this kid(must have been 15-16 years old) riding over and over again like me and my friend were, anyway he got behind us once, and suddenly blurted out to us. "I absolutly love this ride, I've been on it 365 times already today and I love it every time" Me and my friend(trying desperately not to laugh) tryed to say to him that surely it was'nt possible riding that many times in a day, but he stuck to his guns, and insisted he had. He then said he once rode Colossus over 500 times in a day. When me and my friend finally left the SRQ, we couldnt stop laughing. Now before any of you think "well maybe its possible" It was'nt, the time of day was about 3PM and the park had been open from 9AM(6hrs), when we were in the SRQ, it was being so badly run, that in 1hr, we only got 6-7 rides(and this kid got exactly the same amount of rides), it was a busy day so I imagine it was being badly run from the start of day, and that means he couldn't stay on a single train all the time, so I reckon on average he might have got upto 10 rides an hr upto when we saw him so he probably managed approx 50-60 rides at most I reckon(Just slightly short of 365 times ) I will also never forget one customer I served at work a few years ago, who came through with a Six Flags Magic Mountain T-Shirt on, I commented on it saying did he enjoy the park as I had been there before, he then said "yeah it was great, I went on one ride Goliath, It was amazing,think its the tallest coaster in the world,its about 1000 feet tall" It was very hard not to laugh, I certaintly had a good giggle afterwards.
  11. Off to Florida on April 29th so my next park will be Universal/IOA on 30th April or 1st May(might leave it till Sunday as Saturday may be rather busy) will also visit SeaWorld of course, BGT, the new Sea World water park Aqautica, and Wet N Wild providing I can fit it all in(Should be easy)
  12. Andrew - Excellent news??When did this change happen??I did visit last in 2007 so its been a while and I obviously didnt know about this??WOW must try and get back out there sometime soon, I love Millennium Coaster(Its one of Vekoma's best) but I'm just depserate to ride Jubilee Oddysey again to ride Version 2
  13. I suspect it wont be ready for a soft opening anytime soon as Busch do not really do this for their rides(Can anyone correct me on this if I am wrong?? YES I know the new trains on Gwazi were completed ahead of schedule and opened slighty earlier than planned, but that still doesnt really count) Of course I would love them to do it just once(please Busch,Please ) as I am going to Florida in 2 weeks and the day I am looking to go to BGT will be 5th or 6th May(As late as possible for any small chance of a soft opening) I think I am only really getting my hopes up, so I am trying not to really think about the ride because I know it probably wont happen. It will be cool to hopefully see the ride in testing though(even though it would be torture knowing I cant ride) Suppose I can always look forward to SheiKra Floorless(only ridden it with the floor when it opened), and the new kiddie coaster Air Grover, yay and Gwazi's new trains, so it will still be a fun day, and then Cheetah Chase can be something new to look forward too next time
  14. ^ The log ride is rather short, and yes a bit pathetic as well. Havent been to Fantasy Island for a few years, last time I went Jubilee Oddysey was closed(So I still havent ridden Version 2 of the ride) but hopefully I will get a chance one day, sometimes its a hard credit to get believe it or not as it rarely operates because it wont run in any kind of high winds(Its worse than the Pepsi Max Big One) I remember the weather seemed perfectly ok when I did last visit so dunno why it was closed. Tell me, does the park still operate on the crappy token only system??If YES I am surprised the park still survives today because I hate systems like this, you just cant plan your day out very well, because you dont really know how tokens you will really need to enjoy your day(So it can turn into a rather expensive day) plus its very annoying you cant use them on the 2 big coasters(OMG WHY) dont know why they cant allow it even if they do charge upto 8 tokens for example. You know It was this reason Blackpool got into decline for a while, but when they changed to a wristband system, people suddenly visited again in their droves
  15. I am going on Saturday to Thorpe Park, I cant say I'm really that excited about going to ride Storm Surge(Been on it already anyway, went on it at Cyprus Gardens) but it will be nice to get back to the park after the long winter/off season,more excited about riding Stealth again really and yeah dont expect Thorpe to be quiet on the day of the Royal Wedding,with it being a bank holiday, it could still be quite busy, I know LOTS of people and friends who dont really care about the royal wedding and wont be watching it, so I suspect lots of other people will feel the same, and will probably want to go out to places to escape it all, Sadly I WONT be watching it, I will be jetting off to Florida that day,what a shame
  16. thanks for the explanation exmouse,I will now wait until April 9th at least until I go down to take a look at the new land,I'm usually always free in the mornings wednesdays and thursdays before I go to work, so will plan a visit either 13th or 14th April I cant wait to see all the new changes in full, it looks a really good investment for the park, I hope it does well, and I'm sure it will So here is something I am wondering,With Paultons usual schedule of putting in a big ride/attraction every 3 years(Stinger 2000,Wave Runner and Flying Frog 2003,Cobra 2006,The Edge 2009) Will the 2012 ride(Assumeing they still stick to a 3 year big ride schedule) be delayed maybe a year or two with this big investment in 2011??Hopefully something will still go ahead but obviously I havent heard anything definate yet(Still too early maybe) I still hope for one of those portable rapids which would fit in great to the park
  17. They must be doing some soft openings?? The Official Opening is not until 9th April, looks like I might need to get down there to have a look soon then seeing as this is my local park, Looks quite good what they have done
  18. Speaking of Duelling Dragons Fire, Do you know why Fire Dragon is a one of a kind UNIQUE B&M Inverted Coaster, I "think" its still holds this unique record still today, Answers on a postcard please Universal is just awesome, I absolutly love both parks(Cant wait to go back in 6 weeks) but to choose a personal favourite out of all of the rides is hard, I would probably Say The Mummy Ride in Universal, good thrills, good fun, good suprises, could ride it nearly all day. In IOA I would probably go for Spiderman, Its so incredible how it works, and it such great fun too, the simulated drop at the end still gets me every time. Hopefully my opinions will change soon when I go back, looking forward to Harry Potter Land and Forbidden Journey, and Rip Rocket Ride
  19. Its an interesting article, but I think Water parks will still continue to be around for some time yet, Whenever I've been to America,the water park section of a park is always pretty crowded and ones I've been too on its own have never been far from empty. Take Florida for example, I dont think I've ever been lucky to try and visit one of the waterparks to escape the crowds(always busy busy) but then obviously Florida does have hot weather nearly all year round to make them still successful. Here in England, the waterparks we have are mainly indoor ones(sometimes mixed with outdoor sections too) but most of them continue to be popular here too with no sign of them dying out anytime soon. It almost sounds like this person has had a bad experience at a water park and wants them to die out for some reason(Dont know why), well I know I really enjoy them and will continue to enjoy them,Infact cant wait to get back to Florida in May, and visit Aquatica(A new water park credit for me)
  20. At Universal Studios Florida, MIB and the Mummy Ride have SRQ's,and because hardly anyone uses them,I decided to see how many rides I could ride them in 2hrs(1hr on each) I think in the end,I managed about 6 rides on MIB, but about 8 rides on the Mummy(so nearly 15 rides in 2hrs) At Thorpe once, I constantly rode Stealth for about 2hrs solid, mostly using SRQ, think I managed about 20 rides, the staff thought I was mad, and eventually told me "We do have other rides here you know" lol
  21. The ECC are having their AGM at Drayton on Sunday, and I am going on the trip, we are having a behind the scenes tour of the park,so I will try and remember to post some new pictures of the ride soon afterwards
  22. Excellent, I will look forward to riding Gwazi again when I visit BGT in May, I did think the last time I went(3 years ago) it was getting rather on the rough side, and I could tell people coming off was'nt too impressed either, No wonder there was never a queue for it
  23. Its quite fun watching it, why will they only send to people within the united states but they will still let anyone play whereever they are in the world, they should make it a bit more clear in the rules, because it kinda states in the story anyone can play and have the prizes delivered whereever they live, but in the rules, it says only people in the US can win and have the prizes delivered so slighty deceiving. anyway, cant be bothered to wait and play for fun, It says theres a 480 min wait, do people really wait all that time???Crazy, lol
  24. OMG, I am loving the look of this ride,that figure 8 element looks awesome, Please Please be open when I visit end of April/Early May, are BGT good for soft openings??I believe SheiKra opened early for soft openings??
  25. This is coming along very nicely indeed already. Hopefully I will be able to get a ride when I visit Florida end of April/Early May. I still think I'm going to cut it quite close, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed
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