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  1. Alton Towers - There is a path that leads out of X-Sector between the Arcade and the Chicken Place, and just off that path to the right is a path leading through a tunnel which cuts through the Towers, which also goes through to the courtyard where you exit Hex, Its a good aternative path to take because its nice and peaceful,you get to walk through the historic towers taking in a bit of history,plus you avoid the hill leading upto the side of the towers if you were to walk round the normal way. The Gardens at Alton Towers are also lovely to explore(It can be very relaxing and super secluded) but they are not really quicker/alternatie paths as you can get a bit lost if you're not quite sure where you are going and generally you will find it takes longer, but they are fantastic if you want to get away from it all, and just want a peaceful moment away from the crowds Chessington - If you stand in the Center of Land of the Dragons where the entrance to Dragons Fury is, There is an alternative path you can take on the right hand side of the Overbanked turn on Dragons Fury which is a good short cut down to the Pirate Ship, Its also one of the best place to watch and take pictures of Dragons Fury, It also a "fairly quiet" path as the majority of people will generally follow the Main Midway to get to most places. Also at the bottom of the path when you reach the Pirate Ship is another alternative path off to the right hand side which cuts round to the Vampire giving some nice alterative views of Vampire(Its also another fairly quiet path which rarely gets used)
  2. Really pleased to see the park finally get their long awaited log Flume,Klotten is a lovely relaxing chill out park, and the views over the mountains are quite stunning.It is a shame the very orginal plans didnt happen(the volcano theme) and the cool feature of the log flume running underneath Hei├če Fahrt airtime hill's section but its still nice to see this ride in some form of reality, I really want this to work for the park, Good for them
  3. So have they turned around both trains or only 1 train so you get the choice of both forward and backwards???I personally thought it wouldnt add much to the overall ride experience, but good to hear early reports that it has actually made quite a difference. I did personally love Mr Freeze, Its definatly a lot of fun,Its way up there in my top 10 fun coaster experiences
  4. Skycoastin Steve - Its probably not possible, Dont forget that on Maverick, the Lift Hill can effectivly act as an extra block brake, now I havent ridden Maverick, but I'm guessing 2 trains dispatch, one goes up the lift while the other one waits at bottom, the next 2 trains that have been waiting on the brakes can then safely enter the station while there is at least always 1 train going round, and thats your 5 trains. On Verbolten, there is no lift hill, so although a duel loading station, I'm guessing both trains dispatch while one waits at the end, you then simply have 2 trains waiting on the end brakes to then come in and load/unload, and thats your 4 trains, there are some extra block brakes(The brakes/block section before the big drop near the end for example) but you dont always want the train stopping there all the time waiting for the train in front to clear just because you're trying to beat capasity by trying to run an extra train. I have experienced a bad spectacular example of this on Oblivion at Alton, It can only really operate 6 trains max safely, but in its early days, I once saw them try to operate it with 7 trains, It was a embarassing move because the ride pretty much shut down after the extra train came out and then the train was quickly taken out of service, Of course it doesnt happen again anymore. Of course if Verbolten can run 5 trains safely, anyone can feel free to prove me wrong, but as said dought it possible??
  5. Its just been reported that from Monday 21st to 25th May, Nemesis Sub Terra will be closed to make improvements to the ride, Of course with the very mixed and often poor feedback from the ride, I think there was no dought that Alton were going to make improvements. No Word on what exact changes will take place, but it sounds good, and I hope they now do the ride justice, lets not forget that Hex massively improved after the very first version so I hope Alton will do just a good job here too. I wont be back upto Alton until late season, so hopefully someone else can report on the changes when it happens
  6. I was also at the park on the 31st for the ECC Trip and the more I am riding The Swarm, the more I am actually liking the ride a bit more, Its still doesn't make me scream WOW, that was awesome etc but its a really nice pleasant ride,very re-rideable and just a lot of fun. On our ERS, It really did feel a lot more awesome compared to opening day, As I thought the ride just needed to "break in" a bit, and its already started to feel its top form, Cant wait till its had a good few months of operation under its belt, and then it will really start to feel better and better IMO. I am definatly going to the park for Fright Nites this year, I cant wait for a night ride
  7. I'm pleased the ride has finally got the go-ahead, I saw the original plans the park had for the ride, and it looked pretty cool with the volcano effect so hopefully they will add all the themeing eventually. Hope it does well for them, Klotten is a lovely little park
  8. So I also went today for opening day and here is my absolutle honest opinion. Themeing is of quite a high standard,I still wouldnt say its absolutly amazing, but they have done a good job, If we still had Tussauds under control of the park, the ride would be plonked down on a concrete island, At least Merlin always put in a good budget for themeing. The ride is very good, however its NOT amazing as in you wont come off saying WOW that was the best ride ever etc, but overall it is a very good ride and a very re-rideable experience in my opinion as well, I tryed both sides at the front(left and ride) and both positions at the back(Left and right), and a few in the middle(7 rides overall which isnt bad for opening day) Front Right Seat on the outside is pretty dam good, The drop is dead sexy and delivers a pretty good experience, the rest of the ride is(as others mentioned) a little forceless, but its still NOT poor by any standards, and still delivers a really nice ride, I did like the Church near miss over the station. To say the ride is slow is'nt quite true, You could really feel the force of the ride later in the day when it had warmed up and operated for a good while, I always find B&M's like this anyway, they start off a bit sluggish, but really find their form after a while, I still find Nemesis really SLOW in the mornings even after nearly 20 years(wow has it been that long) but then its a whole different story when you ride it at the end of the day in the back seats I'm not saying Give The Swarm 20 years to find its form,lol but give it a good few months, and I think it will get better I would like to say Congrats to Thorpe for a very successful first public day, the ride couldnt have operated any better, and Thorpe must have been chuffed to bits it operated so well(especially when you compare all other big ride openings where there has been problems) there was one small brakedown when the ride stopped on the lift for about 5 mins, but I think thats all, Staff were brilliant, and queues only reached a maximum of about 20 mins today(plus maybe an extra 15 mins if you wanted the front) So overall, YES Its a good ride, YES it is very re-rideable,YES its very smooth(but then we always expect that from a B&M),YES I do think it will be a huge hit for the park,I could tell lots of people were loving it, and then going round for more rides, NO its NOT the absolutle best amazing ride out there, but its definatly a fun experience and one I can wait to go on again in 2 weeks time. For all those people soon to experience Wild Eagle, and the one at Six Flags America, I do think you will like it One small complaint - Dont know if they will look into this in the future, but you've probably seen the ride is on a seperate island, so there is only ONE way into the Swarm and ONE way out, I'm just worried come Fright Nites, that whole area will get clogged with so many people ,it will get extremly busy,The area is quite wide open so "hopefully" it wont be a problem but prehaps in the future, a second path could be built around the back from Stealth into the area to ease congestion, but as said Guess they obviously wont know if it will be a potential problem until Fright Nites???
  9. Just seen the new map for 2012 in the Sun Newspaper today, and it said about Construction of a new ride for 2013 where the Black Hole was, so looks like Alton are very confident that the ride is going to get approved even though I thought an official review date was due at the end of March???
  10. OK Paultons Park is the nearest and biggest park to where I live,so thats my local park, I can get there in approx 15-20 mins A little further afield is Clareance Pier which has a coaster and Hayling Island which has a few coasters, Both approx 20-25 mins away. There is a small kids park just outside Bournemouth which has a coaster which is considered my next nearest park, approx 30-35 mins away. Then there is Thorpe Park and Chessington, an easy drive upto London, can do both parks in about 1hr
  11. It "looks" slow, but dont forget, that was probably the very first run with people and first runs with people are always slow, when we give the ride time to break in, It will improve dramatically, and just wait for Fright Nites at the end of the day when the ride would have really warmed up at the end of the day when running for nearly 12hrs I soooooooooo absolutely cannot wait for this, just under 3 weeks and counting now, Got the 15th March off work so everything is set, should be a good day, bring it on
  12. There is one picture I am not sure about so I was tempted to just say 2 Duckies, but gonna risk saying 3 Duckies Final Answer
  13. Dont think its been said yet, but Shockwave at Drayton Manor Park is a one of a kind Coaster, Its the only stand Up Coaster in the world to have an inline twist
  14. Errrrr so do we know if this waterPark Was actually built in the end, Its just this post was 5 Years old until smireland replied again in here???? Looks like a cool looking waterpark, and fair play that its only for Hotel Guests, What a great perk for The guests staying there, If I ever went on Holiday to this place, I would love to go to this Hotel for this exclusive perk,It would just make it a more pleasureable experience.I'm sure that after a year or two of operation though, rules would be relaxed for locals in that they could visit in quiet periods/months and certaintly be charged a fee for visiting of course I'm sure I remember that the Water Park at the Alton Towers Splash Landing Hotel was exclusive to Hotel Guests Only when first built, but after the first year, rules were relaxed slightly and they let Season Ticket Holders Visit,and now they actually let anyone visit the water park if they want.
  15. and to think I very nearly did say 6 duckies on the last game, and sure enough the Picture that I wasn't quite sure about Was that Elf Photo, I thought it did look like there was a duckie on his knee, but then thought Nah as it didn't look right, oh well I assume you are being sneaky with one of the photos in this new game so I hope I'm right in saying 4 Duckies,Final Answer
  16. I think this very silly/bizarre PR stunt is definitely going to backfire on Thorpe a little bit, While at work Thursday, I happen to get talking about theme parks with 2 of my colleagues and said I was excited about riding the new coaster at Thorpe. One said "Wait Isn't that the new ride I read about where the crash dummies lost their arms and limbs because if so there is no way I am ever going to ride that" I said "yeah thats the one, but I can assure you thats a load of rubbish, Its just some silly PR Stunt" He then said "Well you're still not going to get me on it just in case it is true, to which my other colleague replied !"No don't think I will go on that neither" I never bothered trying to convince them otherwise While I still believe this ride is going to be popular because of Thorpe's general audience, I do think Thorpe's visitor numbers may be affected slightly, If this convinced 2 of my work colleagues the ride was dangerous, just think how many other people would have been convinced it was true, it also only takes word of mouth to spread the word to others who wouldn't have seen the story either (Example) Person 1 - I'm going to Thorpe next month, Wanna come, they are opening a new rollercoaster called the Swarm Person 2 - Sod that mate, I read in the paper its dangerous, it was chopping off Dummies Arms and Stuff Person 1 - OMG, Screw that then, There's no way I'm going now Person 2 - Yeah me neither Also just incase anyone else needed convincing its true, look again at the picture when they posted the first picture of the train, Suprise Suprise there is normal water dummies sitting in the front, which means the picture from this latest report is clearly Fake, so Thorpe fails again, lol. Still cant get my head around though why Thorpe would do this, I mean be honest, If you ran a big theme park and was opening a big new rollercoaster, Would you do something like this as a big PR Stunt,Probably Not, Would this Work in America, Absolutly HELL NO
  17. Just when you thought law suits couldn't get any weirder or more stupid, they just did http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-16920866 OMG, this is just ridiculous, I really have heard it all now, curious to see if this will have any effect on the future of the shamu shows, but hopefully it will just be laughed out of court
  18. There was one I was'nt sure about, but I definatly counted at least 5 duckies, so 5 Ducks is my final answer
  19. The artwork looks pretty cool, could be a nice themed ride if they pull it off, I was still hoping for something a bit bigger and maybe a little more exciting, but I think this will still fit in well to the park, will look forward to visiting the park again this year
  20. I like to think of The Dragon that is under the Castle at Disneyland Paris as a unique/hidden attraction, this can be very easily missed at the park but is certaintly worth checking out. Also at Europa Park, there is a walk through Cave/dark section that houses part of the Mine Train and Log Flume, Its absolutly worth a walk through it as there is some nice themeing inside plus its cool to see the Mine Train rush through every 2 mins or so, again its easily missed at the park as I believe the way through it is through a shop
  21. It looks like a very photo friendly coaster, so many great angles to capture the full beauty of it all, Looks great, love the interaction with some of the other rides too. Looks like it could easily be the best woodie being built in 2012
  22. Thorpe Park did this once back in 1999(It was a first for a UK Theme Park) they did it for a monday bank holiday opening at 6AM right through till 6AM the next day, apparently I heard it was quite a success, but why they didnt continue to do it every year after that, I'm not sure. This is a great idea, How great would it be to spend 24hrs in a disney park, just the thought of riding Big Thunder Mountain at Midnight in darkness would be cool, it will be interesting to see how busy the event goes
  23. WOW, they are more strict in the US then??because here in the UK, Its certainly not against the law for shops to print the expiration date of your card on your receipt for something, Some do and some dont, ALL shops have to obviously mark out either part/nearly all of your credit/debit card number for security but thats all. It seems a bit of an odd lawsuit, cant believe someone would sue about that, but then again nothing suprises me anymore about what people sue for, amazing
  24. Going back to that website they created for the new attraction, It appears we could have a name already "Magna" Obviously this still doesnt giving much away, but I'm guessing something that involves Volcanoes, and maybe dinosaur themed. I'm rather hoping for a small indoor dark ride which would be perfect for the park, or another rollercoaster of course would be nice(seeing as its my home park ) Its good another big attraction is coming in 2012, because its nice to still see them stick to their "A Big Ride every 3 years" schedule
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