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  1. What are they doing with DisneyQuest??I heard this was closing down??Is it definatly still open because I would like to visit the place again when I visit next year??
  2. As you've seen, Thorpe does get rammed at Fright Nights, Its worse in the last week of October as its half term week, and it really does get busy, The last weekend of October is now always strictly advance booking, I don't think you can go to the park on that weekend anymore to buy a day ticket, Its crazy. I've found in the past its best to go on a Friday(if you can) Or the FIRST weekend of Fright Nights which isn't too bad, I went on the first weekend and the crowds were fine, got to do everything I wanted,didn't queue long for anything and did all the mazes in 1hr 30 mins and no use of fastcrap, errr fastrack Its nice you visited Paultons Park which is my local park its a great little park with a few good rides and I enjoy going from time to time.Paultons is adding Peppa Pig World in 2011 which sounds exciting,No more roller coasters, but 8 new rides,A new Play area and restaurant I think, I'm then hoping that if Paultons stick to their 3 year rule for a new BIG ride, then 2012 should be a good year for the park too.
  3. I just hope I can ride this when I go to Florida next year, I am visiting April 23rd to May 2nd, so I know its going to be tight, might just have to hope for a soft opening, as I suspect Busch will aim for its opening around memorial day weekend??? Paul(keeping his fingers crossed)
  4. Nope I'm working but I'm going this Sunday 10th October instead, Cant wait. I was annoyed last year and boycotted Fright Nites because of Merlin's silly ban of No Season Passes allowed to Fright Nites and everyone had to pay full price, so I'm pleased the ban has been lifted and you can use your pass and just pay an extra £5 which isnt too bad. I'm curious about the Dead End Terror Zone this year, its good they are trying to freshen the event up again a bit this year so I'm hoping for a good day
  5. I know its probably too early still, but has anyone heard anything about a possible/rough opening date?? because it looks like I will be going to Florida next year(woohoo,cant wait) but when I discussed it with my mum tonight, it looks like we might be going end of April into Early May, the rough dates we have picked out at the moment are 28th April to 7th or 8th May(so I know I might be cutting the opening day really fine) I tryed to see if we could go a little later in the year but my mum finds it difficult to get holidays booked in Late May/June due to the nature of her work and we wouldnt really want to go in July/August as its usually way too hot, and too busy at the parks(I know what its like before in the past on those months, never again) Oh well, will just have to keep my fingers crossed I guess. At least I will still have plenty of new stuff to look forward too anyway, Manta at SeaWorld,aquatica, Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit at universal, and Harry Potter land I suppose,Bring it on
  6. I suppose everyone will have their own opinion on what can be considered rare credits, my opinion is any coaster that dont seem to operate much(The Deja Vu's for example),Coasters you usually cant ride without a child or a set limit, and I guess you could count defunct coasters or rides that have moved on from your home park to other parks, so with that in mind, my list includes Missile and Mine Train at American Adventure The Beast,Black Hole and Thunderlooper - Alton Towers Psyclone - SFMM Big Bad Wolf - BGW Roadrunner Express -SFDK Jubilee Oddysey - Fantasy Island Peredration Flyers - IOA Robin and Batman Chiller - SFGA 3 of the Deja Vu's(Warner Brothers Spain,SFOG,SFMM) Wile E. Coyote's Grand Canyon Blaster - Six Flags Over Texas Wacky Worm - Worlds of Fun Little Titans - Mt Olmypus Great Pumpkin Coaster - Kings Island Some of those you cant ride without a child or be a set limit, but on past ECC trips, the parks let us ride them to get the credits(Wacky Worm at Worlds of Fun,Great Pumpkin Coaster at Kings Island, Little Titans at Mt Olympus,Wild E Coyate at SFOT, and Roadrunner Express at SFDK) Its good to get both the chiller credits(that was on my first ever visit to the park), and one credit I am pleased to get is Jubilee Oddysey, Seriously Its seems impossible most of the time to ride this as they like to close it in any kind of bad weather(even in 5 mph winds, I kid you not)I rode it opening year so havent ridden it sinse they changed it because on 2 other occasions sinse then when I tryed to visit, both times it was closed
  7. Sounds like you had another great trip, I visited all those parks you visited on an ECC american trip back in 2008, Loved all the parks I went too and I really enjoyed it. We were lucky to ride Hades at Mt Olympus on the day we went, there was a few problems with the ride, and it broke down before our ERS and was down that night and the morning after we were there, the park gave us the 2 other woodies for ERS, quite a good ride I thought but a little brutal, loved the tunnel section, you cant even feel the insane bit of track when it goes complety on its side. Other highlights I have was doing the Cave Tour at Silver Dollar City, amazing, everyone should do it once. Holiday World for giving us great behind the scenes tours of the coasters and just randomly testing them so we could get great photos. Indiana Beach for giving us about 2hrs ERS on all their coasters combined(amazing) and the highlight was surely ending the trip at Valleyfair, a really lovely park with a superb signiture ride in Renegade,loved it.
  8. Great little video, and I'm curious now what it will be. I might be going to Florida next year so this will be a great reason to hopefully get back out there
  9. When you all went on SAW, I hope you all rode in the second car that leaves the station at least once, because it tells more of a story than if you leave in the first car, Its kinda cool because its 2 different rides for the price of 1(Never can quite figure out why they did it like that though) I never even realised this on my first ever rides I took last year because I always went in the first car, until someone told me to ride in the second car which I remembered to do at the end of the day.
  10. I dont think th13teen is really that bad, Its a nice ride with a neat trick up its sleeve but Alton did go way over the top advertising it as an advanced thrill ride that will scare you,thrill you etc because it doesnt do that, I dont know why Alton and Merlin went for this approach to the ride,its a shame really. Its the biggest hyped up ride I've ever ridden that still delivered a nice ride but YES could have still delivered better. I think I speak for everyone by saying Give me Nemesis all day over th13teen anytime
  11. Some pictures on rcdb seems to suggest the repaint and retheme to Goudurix was done in 2007, so I'm guessing it was then, looks quite nice what they have done to it, I thought it was an ok ride, didnt find anything wrong with it to be honest,I've ridden far worse coasters than that the coaster you mentioned you missed??I'm guessing you mean Ronde des Rondins,the small kiddie coaster, YES its a little bugger to find if you dont know where to look, and it is VERY EASILY missed. On my first ever visit to the park, I complety forgot about it, but rode it when I went again, Also its not very clearly posted on the park map either if I remember. From memory, I think its in the forest of the druids area if I remember, and you have to go up an uphill path which looks like a dead end, but its not and thats where it is, Its hard to explain, and I think rcdb have directions posted to the coaster,lol
  12. Colossus71 - I believe the application for the 2011 coaster is going ahead, the park actually semi confirmed this a while ago, weather full planning permission gets granted I dont know, but its definatly on their future plans, I also believe in 2011 or 2012, a sea life centre will be added too. I was at the park saturday, it was weird not seeing Jungle Coaster in its spot, and overheard a few people wondering what happened to the ride, its a bit sad really, I know it was'nt the best ride ever, but losing any coaster is never good. The new pirate ship was ok and is quite nicely themed, however it didnt go particually high, and it was on a rather short setting, It was also playing up all day with lots of temporary brake downs, couldnt ride it on most occosions, and only managed 2 rides(1 of which was cut short because of a brake down) The New Hotel will be good for the park I think, Its just good business sense and it seems every park wants one at the moment. Drayton manor Park has just started construction on theirs, and Thorpe will be getting theirs in 2012 too I believe. I definatly think the future looks bright for Legoland UK,Good luck to them
  13. Is it me or is there too much to do to get the ride open May 15th when the park reopens,I'm sure in true CP fashion, they will get it open in time, but it still doesnt look anywhere near ready to me, its all looking very good though,I'm sure it will be a great ride
  14. It was confirmed earlier this year that Jungle Coaster would not be making an appearance at the park for 2010, Its sad really considering the circumstances, there was a rumour the ride could maybe be moved elsewhere in the park, but I dont think its possible because there is no room for it. I'm going to the park on Saturday for their after dark event, so it will be odd to see a big gap where the coaster once stood, I believe they are going to build the hotel in its place.
  15. Klotten is a nice little park, they wanted to build a log flume in and around the coaster and the plans looked really cool, but it was depending if the coaster was really successful or not, and it sounds like that hasnt been the plan which is a shame, the struture around the drop was to be a volcano, and the main drop was to come out of it, such a shame its not going to go ahead. Tripsdrill is also a lovely park, I was really suprised by the place when I visited, lovely themeing, good rides, such a nice park to chill out at, The Log Ride was very good for the indoor scene, and the ladies toilets are good too he he, lol
  16. Well It was only a matter of time before they installed a front line queue on Goliath, I found it really annoying when I visited the park back in June with the ECC, and despite an empty queue, they refused to let anyone wait for the front, and the amount of people I saw also get annoyed by this was crazy, I did get a front ride in the end, but you could tell the ride ops were fed up with the rule too.
  17. 100 - Air At Alton Towers - It was nearly Colossus at Thorpe Park, Colossus had a preview day prior to opening weekend, and I didnt think I could go too because I was due to be working, and I was also going to Alton on opening weekend hence I would have left Thorpe till the following weekend to ride Colossus which would have made that Coaster 100, but I managed to go to Thorpe on the preview opening for Colossus at the last minute which made Colossus Coaster 99, and I then went to Alton 2 days later for Air's opening and made that my 100th instead 200 - Dragon Kahn at Port Aventura - Going into Port Aventura on 199 Coasters and trying to decide what I wanted Coaster 200 to be, It was quite obvious what I wanted and that was Dragon Kahn, Brilliant Ride, and it was in the dark too, It was quite special 300 - SheiKra at BGT 400 - Kentucky Rumbler At Beech Bend - I arrived at the park on 396 coasters,which meant I had to ride the 3 other coasters to have Kentucky Rumbler as my 400th, Had a scare when the Wild Mouse kept braking down, and I didnt think I was going to do it, It was torture waiting to ride it, but it was worth it. Currently I am on 465 coasters, I will hit the Big 500 next year as I hope to be on the next ECC America Trip next year, so I cant wait
  18. All I can say is, I am glad I was on the ECC American Trip last year when we visited this park, and got to ride the Chiller(We even rode both sides,oh yes),Batman is Better IMO I must say though I absolutly loved the Chiller, It was easily one of my favourite rides in the park, Yeah both sides are short, but they pack a nice punch, and they are loads of fun, the launch isnt extreme, but launches you just enough to give you a good buzz, Think I went on both sides twice in the end. It also makes a lot of difference with lap bars(Would have hated to ride it with OTSR) Its really nice and smooth with the lap bars, and rideable too. RIP Chiller, I will miss you as will many others I guess
  19. I've always liked this photo I took on Stealth at Thorpe Park, I was just experimenting trying to take some good night photos of a launch, and I thought this came out really well
  20. I visited PGA in 2002 with the ECC when they did a California Tour,Personally I kinda feel the same as others, It was a really nice looking park, but it never really delivered a killer ride,Top Gun is by far their best signiture ride though, and I absolutly loved it, but apart from that, most of the other rides were just OK or just plain average,clearly it could do with another killer coaster,or dark ride or something like that. The Park is definatly a day filler though, and I never got bored, because there was a lot to do still, I remember the park treated the club like royalty when we went with an ERS on Stealth(gone now though),and a short ERS on Greased Lightnin' as well afterwards(Gone as well) We also has a Behind the Scenes Tour,and were allowed to stay on at the park for an exclusive party that was held after park hrs until 10PM(when park closed at 8PM) and lemme say that Top Gun is absolutly insane at 10PM in the dark when it was already running for 12hrs,Its one of the best night rides on any coaster I will never forget for the rest of my life.
  21. I always thought they can only operate the ride in the off season months from about October upto Feb/March when the water park is not open,this is because I heard a rumour that the lifeguards in the waterpark always got pissed off because of how much noise it makes, and I heard they made threats once they wouldnt work if it was operating. I also thought when it was'nt operating, they actually remove it from their website, makes sense considering when its not running, and having it listed as a ride on the website will only confuse people,so maybe this is why its not listed on the website, because it still wouldnt run at this point in the season. Personally I've heard no rumours that the ride has been taken apart/gutted complety, but then again I cant be that sure, anyone been to SFMM recently, and can tell us some news
  22. I remember last year on the ECC Club Trip to America, we did Holiday World, and rode all 3 woodies in the dark,Voyage is simply incredible in the dark,Its the one ride I will never forget for the rest of my life. Raven and Legend were also very good in the dark, and were just as good. I will never forget my time at Holiday World, It was just awesome, and the treatment we got from the park was amazing with multiple ERS's,Lunch and walkbacks through Raven,Legend, and the Voyage
  23. Is the eurofighter definatly going ahead??The ECC are doing another big america tour in 2008, and they are dong the mall of america which will end the trip, and we are really hoping the eurofighter will go ahead so we can all do it
  24. looks like you guys had a great time, and thanks for all the updates, will look forward to the full updates soon. Phantasialand is a wonderful park, full of great themeing, and full of great rides. I thought the Hollywood DarkRide was hilariously bad,infact when I did it on the 2004 ECC trip, we all did a takeover on that and at the end of the ride, we tryed to confuse the public by cheering like mad as if we enjoyed it,it worked a treat as the public thought we were mad, hopefully we confused the public more when they came out of the end as if to say,Why did they all cheer at the end
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