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  1. Pictures just dont do it justice, I nearly freaked out when I saw it in real life, it was really scary looking, of course the thing to do is to not think about it so much and just say I can do this, and get on with it. Once you're on it, and get you're first ride, you will be addicted,guaranteed. Try not to want to ride it all day though because there is like 16 other rollercoasters to ride,all pretty dam good
  2. The Sandcastle in Blackpool,England has just built some new waterslides, and they are brilliant.One of them is this http://www.sandcastle-waterworld.co.uk/?OBH=528 This is the Sidewinder attraction, you start at the top of the drop,and go down the fairly steep vertical drop, and then you basiclly rock back and forth and finish at the bottom, Its short, but fun, and its the first slide of its kind in the world They've also built a Masterblaster which they claim is the longest ever built(Not quite sure if thats really true, but it a lot longer than it looks) http://www.sandcastle-waterworld.co.uk/masterblaster The Ride contains 5 uphill sections, small tunnel sections,quite a few twists and turns, and a crazy finale that includes a double dip, basiclly coming off an uphill section,you go down a small drop only to go down a steeper drop straight afterwards creating in a huge splash at the bottom. It sort of shows it in the first picture in that link, obviously not very well, but you get the idea of it
  3. Sad to see it go, I'm going back to Florida in a few weeks, and was hoping for one more ride before its closure, bit of a shame I'm just missed out on it, but oh well. I have some good memories of riding BTTF over the years when I've been before, but lets face it, It is a bit outdated now, and I think it was about time for a change to be honest So I'm guessing Its the Simpsons coming in, anyone know when Universal will annouce the change, and when it will open??
  4. It was orginally going to be in 2008(Easter or Early Summer time) but the Project is being rushed in the hope it can open for Halloween 2007(So October or Early November is their deadline). This is because they wanted the ride to be open as part of the park's 10th Birthday Celebrations I want to get back there as soon as possible when its opens, will have to try in 2008 sometime I guess, unlikely to fit it in at the end of the year
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