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  1. ^ I'm sorry to say that I will most likely not be there, I'm counting on Lisa to take some nice images from the blog. And I don't think that they are going to make a big deal out of this, I mean no-one really came out an looked when they completed the top-hat, so why would it be much different now, seeing that it won't really be complete until the day after. Why not snap a few pictures yourself if you have the possibility to go around the park.
  2. Update from Lisa on the current status of Helix. The final piece of track will be installed at 11:00 tomorrow, it looked like they had some issues to get the piece in due to the entrance of the pretzel loop seems to hang down slightly so it's too tight to get the final track piece into place with only one crane, so the connection will happen tomorrow. The tweaked bit will arrive on Friday, so the last piece of steel for the layout will go in by then. Trains are due on Monday, and there are still plenty of things to do until testing, so that the first time a train will exit the station for the first launch will be the 7:th of April!!
  3. ^ Yeah, I have to agree, went past the site and had a look from the nearby multi-storey car park next to the park to have a look. As you said, the staging area is incredibly empty, compared to what it used to be a few weeks ago, and there are just 1 track piece to go (and 2 support pieces), but it looks like it will be installed pretty soon, they have lined up the crane, and working on to get the right angle for it right now. So it isn't long now!! Final pieces going in + Soundtrack!! EDIT: The last track-piece is going in now!! EDIT 2: Seems like there are some problems, since it's down on the ground again. Also Liseberg have released the full 30 minutes long soundtrack, listen to it here: http://projekthelix.se/helixmusiken-sa-later-den/ Or download it here: link posted on the Liseberg Facebook page Just an hour ago!! You can almost see the heart shape of this thing now. It seems to have grown a lot since last time I was here, I mean it looks way more massive now when they have added a few more pieces in place Final track piece waiting to be installed!! It's flying in right now!! Helix will very soon have a completed track!! Great work RCS!!
  4. ^ Ha ha!! I can really see that Just two pieces of supports and one more piece of track to go!!
  5. Blog update - Something for the control panel fans This was just posted on the blog, a sneak peak on the control booth for Helix. Source: http://projekthelix.se/tjuvtitt-in-i-forarbaset/ Can't wait to see this area filled with people eagerly waiting for their first ride If any Sci-fi set is missing a seat for their space-craft, I think where it is YAY, control panel!!
  6. Supposed to, yes, happening, no but they are due to arrive soon anyway. There is still plenty of time to catch up any delays, and testing won't happen for a week anyway, there is still loads of stuff to do on the track to get it prepared to run, some of which will take a while. Also we don't know anything of the state of the electronics or other systems, how much work is needed to prepare the trains, etc. I'm pretty sure that the list is pretty long still..
  7. Small progress report, just the final half loop of the pretzel left now to be installed (there is a chance that there is one piece missing from the other top of the pretzel, the web-cam image is really blurry sometime it looks complete other not, looking for image to confirm)!! Also they have started work on the final cladding of the station, looks very wavy and hopefully it will look really great once more of it is installed. Final track pieces are scheduled to be installed tomorrow!! First row of cladding going in Didn't bother with a web-cam image from the mountain cam, since it's raining and water on the lens makes the image pretty useless. So here is an updated version of the progress image, pink = installed track
  8. ^^ Yeah, it might be positive g's from the riders perspective instead for the more common hang-time, but since it's pretty wide then it may end up with upside down floater, which would be pretty epic. But then again, since I'm not a big fan of hang-time then I don't really matter to me.
  9. ^ Thanks for the full translation of the blog-post, I started with the images to get them on here ASAP, before starting with the text. I do like the idea, the height of the thing is really tempting, but it looks a lot more like a "parking-lot" coaster that have been put on the side of a mountain. But who knows, if they have these kinds of ideas now, then who know what we might end up with at the area south of the main park, that is not destined to be an indoor/waterpark or Hotel in the future Also one of the big things with Helix is that there are still a load of space on the southern end of the mountain, which could fit a nice Mack spinner or something like that. EDIT: ^ Why did you delete it? I only focused on the essential bits instead of the whole post.
  10. Green Fire - The ride that didn't happen Two renderings of the coaster known as Green Fire popped up on the Helix Blog just now!! These two renderings shows the result of the first coaster that Liseberg started to co-design together with Mack in 2010. But in 2011 they decided against going forward with it due to three reasons: 1: The coaster would dominate the mountain, at 83 meters tall then it might have ended up as a coaster with a park around it, instead of a park with a coaster in it, not the best idea for a small inner-city park. 2: Green Fire didn't fully utilize the mountain, in the same way that Lisebergbanan and Helix do. The mountain sort of worked against this design, and big parts of it would have ended up as a forest of supports, not a pleasant sight. I mean the top-hat is bad enough, but way more than that, absolutely awful!! 3: Even if the Mack Mega coaster design is one of the quietest coaster type there is. The massive scale of this design would make people scream so it would have received loads of complaints from people around the park. Not something that Liseberg wants. So during 2011 they started over (which is why Helix is delayed one year compared to when it was supposed to open) and the new design would use the following guidelines: close to the ground, as long as possible and include a great variation of elements. And the result was Helix!! Source: http://projekthelix.se/banan-som-inte-blev/ Massive!! I mean, it would have been the tallest coaster in Europe by a good margin, and also been well within the top 10 in the world. Helix is way more bang for the buck
  11. Thank you!! They put in the final piece for the air-time hill just now, and it looks like they are now going for the top of the second half of the Pretzel next. Track completion is scheduled on Wednesday, which means that the piece that was sent back to Mack will have to be delivered before then. Also the trains are only a week away now, can't wait to see them Another piece in place!!
  12. Most likely the weight. The trains have a lot more than just some seats on them. There are motors for drive, motors for spinning (other movements), most likely a sound system as well and all the other electronics to run the whole thing as well. It could also be that those wheels are the standard size that Mack uses, less types of wheels to have in storage reduces the overall cost of it all, then you could also use uniform type of wheel assembly on all train models, which reduces the the design cost as well.
  13. Hardware wise? Then the short answer is, no. I don't understand this, do you really need apple products to be up to date? I only have one apple product, and the reason I got it was that it was discounted through the university. It's the last PPC iBook, so no it's not up to date The rest of my hardware is as follows: Computer, at least 4-5 years old, still works for what I use it for, bought an SSD so it's a lot faster than it used to be. Monitor, is a Korea imported one, 27" 1440p goodness, for next to nothing compared to what they cost here in Sweden Phone, a soon 2 year old Sony Xperia U, I'm dreading to get a new one if this one breaks, the new ones are just way too big in my view. Tablet, recently bought a refurbished first generation Nexus 7 tablet, and loving it. I don't really see why you need more than this, have more or less replaced my phones in many cases. So nothing of my stuff are not up to date, but who cares, they all work beautifully. Don't really see the point of getting the newest all the time, you just increase the e-waste for no real difference. I use my monitor to watch the stuff I want. I actually crave for one again, sure smart-phones are cool and all that, but my tablet have more or less made me ditched my phone, except for calling and the occasional sms, also real buttons are way better than any on-screen crap. Too bad that the new flip-phones are so awful compared to those that existed just before smart-phones arrived. Why can't the awesome phones that are sold in Japan exist here in Europe!!! Flip-phones FTW!!
  14. Small update with new pictures Did a drive-by picture update at the park earlier today. The pretzel still look pretty small when standing outside the park, I bet that it looks massive once inside, also the top-hat looks tiny at certain angles, not much bigger than the one on Kanonen, but that's also just the perspective. Got another panorama for you to enjoy, so don't miss it, but also some more general images. Enjoy!! Panorama.zip Massive panorama, download, unzip and enjoy!! First stop, staging area, there isn't much here at all, 3 pieces of track and some supports See, 1 piece second piece in the background and last one, this really shows the progress that have been done. Not much left until RCS heads for the next project There aren't that many pieces that have to be installed for the layout to be completed. The final airtime hill, the first half loop of the Pretzel and the top of the exit of the pretzel, that's it!! Working hard on the airtime hill, note the lack of Sky-lift (no space for one) so that they are crawling on top of the track to get to the bolts Delicious curves before the second launch Completed Zero-g roll Helix really gives the impression that it's just a mess of track on the side of the hill now Preparing the second to last piece of the airtime hill Up on the hill from where the Panorama was taken, this part was installed pretty recently, but they have already prepared the footers Overview A pretty fresh web-cam image from the tower cam. It looks like they have swapped the cranes to get better reach, just once piece on it to go now, but that's for Monday Until next update!!
  15. Blog update + other A new update on the blog have been posted, all about the station itself. Not many new interesting pictures in general, but a nice drawing on how it all will look from above. The main queue area will be a complete maze of paths going everywhere in several levels, so it will be really hard to tell how long it's left and where you are in the queue compared to all the other people in the building. Green = maintenance Red = platform (entrance via the wide staircase, chicken-exit on the narrower one) Blue = train area, trains goes from bottom left to top right Area with a thick grey border = main queue area Markings for the queue entrance (bottom arrow) and quick-pass entrance (right arrow) The progress so far (if they get the piece in place which it looks like they are going to lift soon. Very little left to do now Fresh of the tower cam And a final one from the mountain cam
  16. Since most of the ride are two parallel straights then it wouldn't be to hard to lob of a few (read many) meters if necessary to fir the ride in a smaller space. So there is chance that some place might get it, since they were talking about a place down the road, then what parks are situated in such fashion, Phantasialand, Klotten??
  17. I'm surprised this haven't been posted yet!! The pic below and also this off-ride video found at: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=758375917521056 The train really flies through the circuit, seems to be as fast as a Mega-lite, meaning Testing have begun!!
  18. Sounds like most people are looking too much on the images and skipping this part on the press release: It just needs to be 206 ft tall to beat Stealth at Thorpe to achieve this, nothing more. So in the end it may not even be the tallest coaster in the park. We just have to wait and see what we end up with.
  19. ^ I would say that the "corkscrews" on blue fire is somewhere in between what is considered a Corkscrew and a Zero-g roll. Same thing with those on Helix, especially the one after the first launch. There isn't much lateral motion between the entrance and exit, but it's still more than what a Zero-g has.
  20. The Zero-g is done and they are now working on the second half of the Pretzel Loop, it's really not much left at this point. The steelwork for ride will definitely be completed next week. Can't wait to see this it do some test-runs
  21. It's now official. Nürburgring have been sold to a private company, and parts of their plan for the future is to remove/relocate the coaster from the racetrack. This is to make an effort to turn this place around since they want to focus on the origins of the place instead of amusement rides. So we just have to see what this will end up now. http://www.pistonheads.com/news/default.asp?storyId=29614
  22. ^ It will still take some hours to drive it down to southern Germany. Wonder if it fit in the Mac van that have been cursing around Liseberg for the past few months, or if something heavier was required. Wonder if the fixed support will arrive together with the train that is due to arrive next week. Also fresh from the official blog, the fixed Lisebergbanan support!! The Lisebergbanan support have been fixed as well.
  23. Thanks a lot for the answers, bunnyworker and KBrylczyk!! About the removed piece of support. Apparently it was a bit out of shape, so that it was sent back to Mack to be tweaked slightly to fit properly. It will be back next week to be installed properly.
  24. O, you nice and almighty Title Fairy! It's been a while, and I was wondering if I could receive a new custom title? Something Helix inspired would be really epic Thank you so much in advance!
  25. ^ Nice Picture!! Liseberg posted a small documentary of when Justin Garvanovic (who have been a advisor on the Helix project) visited to see the ride for the first time in real life. Also on the general progress of Helix. It looks like the pretzel area is currently at a stand still, just the bottom bit of the pretzel loop have been installed today. It seems like there might be some support issue, since the top of one of the supports that holds up the lead in to the first half loop were removed yesterday, and nothing have happened so far with it. So instead it looks like they have moved on to the section behind the Lisebergbanan station, where there have been several supports installed and the track for the rest of the Zero-g roll is currently going in. Also a question that have been going around a bit on the official blog. How well do the trains/seats handle people that are around 2 meters tall? Are the headrests tall enough to properly support your heads? So if you are tall and have experienced Blue Fire, Manta or Storm, please let me know!!
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