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  1. If that is true then maby we will get the Flying Dutchman coaster from vekoma, and finally get a kind of flyer atleast. (Me is hoping)
  2. Nice, that bring my win percetage on NL-competition up to 66%.
  3. ^ Just a quick note on that. The only Enhancers used on my track is the Autoflanger, just because I think its booring to make them myself, but everything else is handbuilt (as most of my other recent tracks). I think that using enhancers that alter the track is like cheating, it´s better to do everything yourself instead and take the time to do it right.
  4. Its called Wraparound Corkscreew. RCDB - Drachen Fire And what I´m aware of, that is the only coaster that have had one.
  5. On a brake: Speed limit = wanted speed at brake. Deceleration = how strong the braking action will be. Hysteresis = how acurate the speed will be controlled at the brake. Lowest speed when braking starts = Speed limit + Hysteresis. Speed when braking stops = Speed limit - Hysteresis. The lower value of the Hysteresis the more accurate the speed will be controlled. An example: Speed limit = 20 mph Deceleration = 1.5 g Hysteresis = 5 mph If the train goes faster then 25 mph it will brake with a force of 1.5 g and it will continue to brake untill the speed has droped to 15 mph. Hopes that this will help you.
  6. If you read the rules you would know. Here is a pic of my track and download below. Screamer_(Loefet)(TPRcomp).nltrack
  7. I have built a winning track in equal size in less then 24 hours. Here is a picture of mine so far, will add some final details before I submit it.
  8. My track is now complete. I will upload it quite soon, if I don´t want to change something.
  9. I didn´t get the park pack to work, but I got the main imression of the ride. Maby you shoud make a .nlpack instead.
  10. I´m in, i am halfway done with my coaster, just supports to go.
  11. A big reason to use trimbrakes is to slow the train down to reduce the g-forces on the track, so that the runningcost wil be reduced.
  12. ^or look at my post on the page before this. Wonder how far they have built untill now?
  13. New pictures at Asovini - Screamheaven, use IE to look on the new pics of the coaster. Looking even better now and some answers to your asumptions will be given with these pics.
  14. Iron Hammer is a track I did over 1.5 years ago (3:rd i made). But updated it to last year to give it a more realistic supportstructure and make it use the features in NL v1.55. Download Iron Hammer v3.0.nltrack Enjoy
  15. This may sound really stupid, but wheres the checkbox? Look at page 3 picture 3 on th Tutorial i linked to.
  16. You must save every 3ds object in the "*\NoLimits coaster\object" folder, or they won´t import into NoLimits. If you do that and also chek the "insert the file into the track for me" in the Tunnelmaker then it should insert the tunnel for you. Tunnel creator tutorial
  17. The Sun has set for today (it´s now 2:30 PM local time), there is a little wind and the temperature is quite comfy at -8°C (17.6F). I have now about 1 m (3.2 ft) snow.
  18. YAY, I knew that I have read it some where, and after some searches I found it. The now dismantled coaster "Double Loop" at Fuji-Q had one when it was built 1988. http://www.rcdb.com/id1191.htm http://www.coastergallery.com/japan/FH07.html So sorry MF.
  19. If om not wrong, I think there is a coaster in Japan that is much older then MF and uses Cable lift. Cant find it at the moment though.
  20. True, but I really like to do supports, this is one of my latest track. This is the first one i did on the track and it took me about 5-6 hours to finnish and the later ones were done quicker.
  21. Hello everybody. Got home some time ago from a great Liseberg visit. Nice to meet you all at the park for some fun times. It just came a "little" rain during the day. But it was a good thing because of the extra speed on the coasters and better feeling overall (the best rides on the coasters I have ever experiensed at Liseberg). Looking forward to see some of the pictures from Liseberg.
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