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  1. ^^ Thanks alot!! ^ Lisa excused herself for posting these images since most other people just want eye candy of the ride itself. This is just Geek heaven though
  2. Blog update - The power behind Helix Today Lisa posted another behind the scenes post, concentrating on the power delivery system to the launch areas. Source: http://projekthelix.se/kraften-bakom-helix/ ALSO, the POV is scheduled to be released on Thursday So mark your calenders!! This is where the power that is generated when the trains hits LSM units at speed is burned of. This is where all the commands from the main computer at the stations arrive down in the power regulation shed. The green box with the red and green optical fibre is where all this communication is done over. One of the power regulation cabinets, which in turn feeds the LSM units out on the launch. This is the supervisor in the system that shuts down everything if any alarms are tripped by any part of the system. Between the main transformer and the two power regulation cabinets is this cabinet. It's the one that sends power to the correct power regulation cabinet depending on which launch is going to be utilized depending on the where there is a train. This is the main PLC computer up at the station.
  3. BTW: Mesh going in!! Also, the landscaping have reached the station area, especially now when they are clearing away the massive load of stuff that have occupied the area around the station.
  4. ^^ I haven't been on a Sky Fly so I can't comment from own experience. But we were definitely pushing the boundaries of Götterflug, we deliberately choose the seats with the most amount of headwind at standstill. This meant that you could almost start spinning as soon as the ride lifted, and since you end up at the same spot, then you can carry on spinning until the ride-op shouts that you have to stop since you are going to hit the floor on your way down To be honest, then on my 3rd go, I stopped at 100 spins, because I got too dizzy, could probably have made another 10 or 20 before the ride ended though I have a feeling that part of the reason of the redesign of the ride is to make it stronger, since when you get some weird eccentric motion to your spinning when you are going at full tilt due to the whole tower on Götterflug starts to move due to it. This motion makes the ride even more nauseating..
  5. Great report, nice to see some evening images of the place, haven't been there at such a late hour on the few visits I have to the place. I agree with you that they have neutered Rutshebanen with the new trains and braking system. I do really hope that the one in the park a little bit down the road stay as it is for quite some time in the future. I can understand the hate of Belantis, it's a complete dump. The main reason why I would ever go back is Götterflug, I absolutely love it The reason why it's located on the tallest peak for miles is really strange to me, since wind is it's worst enemy. But if you go one day when it's just below the limits, what a ride you get Got a total of about 250 flips on three rides on it last time I went there (something like 70+80+100 if I remember correctly), the experience is a strange mix of fright and nausea. I really couldn't take it in the end They should really call it Hang Over, since that's what you feel after an insane ride on one. Must go back to Bakken to ride theirs.
  6. Nice to see some interested people ^ Cool, I'm on the other hand is booked for the press day on the 23rd which most likely will be before you then, so I'll get plenty of rides in before the opening day It will be epic to spend some time at Liseberg with around 100 other people, just riding Helix
  7. Yeah, that would be the only place we would ever see one here in Sweden as it stands at the moment, but I would say that it would be highly unlikely, since it's owned by the same people as Kolmården, unless they did some kind of 2 coaster deal. ^ Never said anything about an RMC at Liseberg, just the general excitement of that topic, reflects my feelings about Helix now. I think it have been a good thing that I got these fears after receiving the link, since it have brought my expectations down quite a bit since I'm now doubting my predetermined thoughts I have had about Helix, which will make it easier to enjoy Helix for the great ride it is, instead of leaving me with a feeling of disappointment due to it not being able to live up to my expectations in the first place. I have had that feeling before, and it's not nice. Expecting too much based on earlier reviews but ended up flat when I finally experienced the rides myself. Looking at you both, Silver Star and (especially) EGF.. To you all going on the opening day, then I just say this, it may be better to ride a bit later in the day rather at the beginning, and also hope for nice and warm weather (it do look great next weekend so hopefully it will stay for two weeks, until Liseberg opens). BTW, how many from here are going on the opening day? Any interested in an unofficial TPR meet up?
  8. ^ Unfortunately not, I meant the general excitement of that topic. But then again an RMC coaster war here in Sweden would have been epic.
  9. ^ Stop saying things After talking some more with the guy that sent me that link, then I'm really happy with the things I have seen, and my only fear now is the dying of anticipation thing Makes me feel really good about Helix now. I say this now, nice and warm weather can't come quick enough now So it may be a great thing that the TPR trip isn't happening until June
  10. ^^ LOL, I mean really LOL ^ Exactly To say it like this, these fears have been discussed here on TPR before, but as I said, a new perspective might change some of those fears. But fear of dying of anticipation is now my main concern On the new light part, then OMG!! Remember the Wildfire topic, pretty much the same feeling I have now Can't wait to ride Helix!!
  11. ^ That's for you to find out in a few days.. Also, after some more thought then one of the fears I had may not be as bad as I initially imagined.
  12. ^^ I know nuthin' ^ OK, here goes: The thing that the link points towards looks really delicious Sort of confirmed my fears somewhat, but also put other things in a new light, but I hope that it will all be great once you get a proper perspective
  13. ^ It's just ticked over to 2 weeks left. Had the opportunity to drive by the park today as well, needed to do some shopping in the city, of course I had the camera with me and even stopped by the parking garage roof to try and get some testing images today as well, but again, nothing Well, not really nothing, since they were testing the big wheel, and there were some scaffolding works around the Helix station, but no testing which I hoped for. Also according to what Lisa posted yesterday, then it seems like they only got one train at the moment, the second one is in transit, and when the third one is due to arrive is not known at this point. Did on the other find an email when I got home with a very nice link in it. Now I don't really care that I didn't see anything earlier I'm not allowed to share the link with you all though since it's highly unofficial at this point, but I'm pretty sure that you will see it soon enough So look forward to it
  14. Went by the park earlier to try and get some video of a test run, waited for about an hour without any movement, so I ended up with nothing But Lisebergbanan, Balder, and a selection of other rides were testing though. Andreas Andersen on Helix.
  15. ^ I'm thinking the same way, but also probably the next weekend, and the next and the next and next Season pass FTW!! Blog update - cables, lot's of cables, and a word from the CEO Lisa have posted a small peak into some of the power and control cabinets, and also given some incredible statistics on how much cables Helix actually uses. * There are a total of 30000 meters of cables to hook up the launches from the main power box. * It have taken 7 months to complete all the connections. * There are 117 electrical cabinets on the launches, 43 on the first and 74 on the second launch. * At the station there at 17 racks with connections and cables. * The manual for the electrical work is on 1600 pages with another 800 pages of appendixes. * For the sound system alone in the station there are 5000 meter of cables. Source: http://projekthelix.se/manga-mil-kabel-till-helix/ Also Andreas Andersen also posted a few on his views on how the rides on Helix yesterday made him a really happy CEO. And some of the results were: 1. The Layout is AMAZING! The drama, rhythm, length, amazing!! 2. The ride isn't too much as he were afraid of, it's just 1300 meters of non-stop enjoyment And also he was really amazed over the bit after the zero-g where you twist before diving into the helix Source: http://www.lisebergblogg.se/andreas/runaway-bride/ I can't wait to ride it now!! Cables Lots of cables Main control system Warning, loads of power inside
  16. I would say light compared to the high season in July. But now when Helix opens, I would think that everyone in the park will be going for a ride on Helix, so I wouldn't be surprised to see a queue of over 1 hour on Helix at points during the day. It was the same case when Balder opened. Going on the next day instead might be a better idea if you want to get a few rides on Helix.
  17. The idea about sneaking into the park in a white bodysock have crossed my mind
  18. ^ Must be, there are more in this image. And if they are running people now, then it may soon be time for some POV action Looks like Andreas Andersen in the back left seat on the train
  19. Why do the cameras only update every 10 minutes The wait between the images is killing me I mean, why couldn't the camera wait one or two seconds, to get the perfect money shot
  20. ^ Yeah, and then the press-day the day after. Which will definitely will produce a lot more images and videos on and off the ride, I know, I'll be there with my camera But on the competition part, then I might send one in, just for fun that is Seems like they are taking out the train again, so hopefully some more testing soon
  21. Are you sure that a testing video won't make it worse?? Someone posted on the official blog that he saw a roll-back on the top-hat earlier today, so they are really working hard on the testing protocol.
  22. Sweet!! Something like the image below I got just now, too bad that it's a few seconds early to get the proper money shot So close!!
  23. In all this Wildfire frenzy, here is a little sweet Helix test I just spotted. They are doing a light test, not just the exterior lights on the station, but some nice green glow on the trains as well
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