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  1. Got confirmation on the third train. It's set to arrive on Tuesday evening and it will be lifted straight into the maintenance area upon arrival, and they will be working hard to integrate it before the press event the day after. I do hope that they manage that since that will definitely cut down the waiting times somewhat for us going
  2. Nice!! Wonder if the first bit is from the Helix game that will come later?
  3. ^ Yeah, but it's unfortunate that they have missed on of the lighting schemes, where you have small flashing lights all over the wheel. It's like a mini fireworks show then
  4. The POV wasn't new to me, but the other videos are. I have to say that I'm really impressed with how everything turned out Hopefully I can get the cure for my anticipation soon
  5. ^ I among others can definitely give you a review on the 23rd-ish Wait 10 or so years from now and it won't any more, the new trees needs some time to grow until the whole nature area on the mountain is restored. Just imagine how epic it will be zipping around the track in the dark with trees everywhere
  6. A little note for tomorrow, and official night testing video will be posted tomorrow, so expect an even more awesome video than the one posted yesterday
  7. Different time of LSM units, the shape and thickens is very different so it will vibrate on a different frequency, hence the difference in sound.
  8. My guess would be that it's a phenomenon called "coil whine". Read more at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coil_noise But it's basically the LSM units themselves that vibrates due to the magnetic load they are experiences as the train goes by. It's very similar to many electronic things today (computers, screens, chargers, etc) which can emit a high pitch noise when in use. Official Helix POV!! Embedded the video from above: A couple of things that are noteworthy on that POV. The perspective makes will make the ride look very different in reality, the camera is mounted at the level where you have your feet. And it's running slow in that video, I reckon that it will have to speed up about 10 seconds on the coasting bit to live up to the calculations done for Helix. So it will get even better Source as well now: http://projekthelix.se/enjoy-the-ride/
  9. True those doesn't look like the normal Togo restraints, the padding may be something that the park itself have done, pipe insulation and sticky tape is a simple solution when you don't have the proper part to replace it with. The thing that strikes me most though is the similarities to the Arrow Horsecollar instead of the normal Togo one with square corners at the bottom and strange bends in the middle. Also on another note, I doubt that it's a clone by some company, since the only Togo that we know of with that strange trick track at the end is King Kobra and it was in the US so no Chinese company could have copied it. If it's not the late King Kobra with new trains, then the only two known Togo coasters that it could be would be the unknown indoor loopers at the defunct parks: Fantasy Dome Seiro and Fantasy Dome Kishiwada. BTW, how do you know that the ride was built in 2002?
  10. They must at least have tested a roll-back in the initial testing of the ride. But in reality it won't be that exciting since the LSM units works as brakes if they don't have any current flowing through them. So the car will just coast slowly backwards down the tower and come to a complete stop at the block section below.
  11. It do have nice speed through the circuit, and it will only be faster I love the noise it makes in the 2:nd boost section, it's like a wailing banshee
  12. ^ My votes goes to: Eagle Fortress But Lisebergbanan and now Helix both looks awesome.
  13. I have gone through all known Togos in Japan that are on RCDB, and they are all accounted for. So can this be an unknown installations. It looks very much like a Togo, so I doubt that it's anything else than a Togo.
  14. That's almost even better than the link I got, But it's still epic!!! Looked though that one of the cars had a malfunctioning light though, wonder also if the noise is a wheel issue or that the track joints needs some smoothing work, or could it maybe be that the microphone on the camera is just too sensitive making the noises stand out even more? Also, embedded the video for everyone to see: [youtu_be]http://youtu.be/nS53MscX5w8[/youtu_be]
  15. Doesn't their water rides with the vertical lift have dual chains as well? Wonder if those at hydraulic as well?
  16. I think it's just for those rides. Tornado uses the same kind of hydraulic system as an accelerator hence the speedy lift launch. Not sure if the zac-spins have those parts through.
  17. Hmm, how would an Accelerator be louder than Tornado Something like Senzafiato at Miragica would have been perfect for Bakken.
  18. Blog Update - Fresh images from the station An update that shows the status of the station as it is today. A lot have been done since the last images, but there is still things to do. Source: http://projekthelix.se/ny-bilder-fran-stationen/ The business end of Helix <3 Don't forget, POV tomorrow!! The loose items boxes are ready to go in, (large grey box on the right). It will be a similar setup as the one on Blue Fire, automatic doors and everything, but not double-sided though. A view from the operating booth, with Liseberg personnel getting some training for future operations Several of the queue's in the massive space are in place The wheels of the train that was put in place today is receiving a fine-tuning before it can be put through it's paces on the track. The roof-light is in, and it gives an epic view of Atmosfear
  19. Helix Forces!! This just popped up among the comments on the blog, a complete graph of the vertical forces and height curve on Helix These graphs are just awesome, really shows the power of Helix. And judging by it then the most forceful place is the pull-out of the Top-Hat and not the Helix which have been stated before. The hills seems to produce as well, not to mention the upside-down floater of the Top-Hat A great thank you to Ann-Marie Pendrill and Liseberg for doing the work to create these graphs!! Top graph is the forces in g's Bottom is the height curve of the ride And to make sense of it all, here is a picture where the numbers in the picture above corresponds to the numbers on the graph
  20. ^^ No worries surprisingly it have happened before on here with Helix images ^ Här: http://www.q-park.se/tabid/750/qparkParkingLocatorvw1438/parkingdetail/ParkingID/1061/language/sv-SE/Default.aspx Q-Park next to Kanold, best overview of the park that you can access with car.
  21. ^ Yeah true, but I had downloaded the image so I could upload it on here and when I opened TPR and it was already on here Yes, I haven't seen anything that points towards something other than tomorrow.
  22. Late again I was just going to post that image Hopefully this means 2 train testing soon EDIT: seems like the second train is in the shed now, and the first one is taken out for some more test runs. Also another lorry is picking up another batch of scaffolding that isn't needed any more, the station is really rushing forward to be completed. More work at the station
  23. Yes, there isn't room for any more. From what I have seen then it would be hard for them to have any more on the ride without stacking. There isn't that much space in the timing to run Helix without stacking with 3 trains alone. The timing they are aiming for is 50 seconds between trains which is pretty damn fast, and by running at that tempo then they will be really close to the theoretical pph of the ride, which is 1300 pph if I remember correctly. ^ Yeah, Lisebergbanan have 5 trains, but since they added the extra security gate on the exit which have to be close before the train is allowed to depart, then the 5:th train will always be stacking in the station. Before that gate, then seeing Lisebergbanan running 5 trains without stacking was an awesome sight. Now with the gate, then they can only manage 4 trains without stacking It's still a people eater though And you are completely correct, Liseberg will always aim to run as many trains that are needed at all times. The only ride where they might run a bit fewer than what we want is Lisebergbanan, but that's just a way to guarantee that there are enough people in the station for the trains to fill up properly so that they won't valley somewhere along the route. I'm pretty sure that they will have 4 people checking restraints on Helix as well, to keep the pace up, so no Six Flags operations here ^^ On the times I have been there, I have only met one guy taking images of the park, though I didn't have time to stay and chat, since I was ran there while changing between tram and bus at Korsvägen. But that was ages ago Can't wait to ride it soon Back to Helix again, currently they are preparing to lift the 4:th car on the train that they are assembling.
  24. ^ Nice to hear that, I have seen that they are doing tests in the evening on the web-cams, but not in person Even if many says that it was stupid to get another launch coaster when Liseberg already have Kanonen. They are so different, and I would also go to the extent to say that Helix isn't a launch coaster at all, but more of a "Boost" coaster. Since that's what the LSM sections do, they just add a bit more speed nothing else. Sure the LSM sections are long and powerful enough to launch a train from standstill, but in normal operation then it shouldn't happen, hence the "boost" coaster label by me. I as well can't wait to ride it, I have followed the building of Helix since they announced it, but once Liseberg and Helix opens, I think that I will get the same feeling I did when Kaninlandet (and other buildings around it) opened. That it have always been like this, and all other memories of the place that went previously is a distant illusion. This kind of verdict is in my eyes the best a park can receive, that the new area is so successfully integrated that you get the feeling like it have always been that way in the first place.
  25. ^ Will do Seems like the second train is ready to be installed today Cant wait for the third (unless this is the third and they have snuck in the second train when we couldn't see it). Follow it, sort of, live on: Soon we will see some serious testing though, when they start to cycle all of them Also, facade is going in fast, and the landscaping department is working fast!!
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