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  1. I downloaded a video of this retarded thug standing near Speed/Nascar Cafe. He picks up a tire iron and walks over to this line of cars at the stop light, and starts beating the shit out of some woman's car -- smashed all her windows in, busted up everything! The woman was freaking out and honking, but she couldn't go anywhere, she was blocked in my other cars. It was bizarre.
  2. There is a very good reason why Eruption is closed. [clue] Find out what happened in Jersey and you'll find out why SFMM's is closed.
  3. Geez, guys, how can you be disappointed with STE?... it does exactly what you think it's going to do. Launch, up, down, brakes. Did you think there was a whole bunch of extra track in the station or something? I thought it was amazing. Then again, I rode it in spring of '99. The cars went way high up and you floated for about 5 seconds or so. My mom doesn't like coasters, but I got her on STE anyway. After our ride, she ran and told my dad we all had to go back and ride it again "right now!"
  4. Could you post POV of yourself on the toilet?
  5. I would love Mind Bender POV. MB is one of my very, very top-rated steel coasters. Sit in the front car and you'll get some amazing air.
  6. I think that if there were only one or two SLC's in the world, instead of this oversaturation, we would see a lot more SLC enthusiasts. The fact that SO many parks have them, I believe enthusiasts just get annoyed. Same goes for Boomerangs. Look at Batman The Ride, it's a wonderful, smooth coaster, but it's rarely talked about anymore because they are everywhere. I dunno, just my guess.
  7. Mr. Six wrote: I've never ridden X, but it looks too good to be true. I guess it is? What exactly is painful about it? Back in like, 2001 and 2002, people RAVED about X. Now, everyone is all like, "Taer It Down!!" What happened to that ride?
  8. I'm probably alone, but I like getting shots and having blood drawn. When I get blood taken, the Phlebotomist usually looks weirded out because I stare at the needle as it is draining the blood. I also love the smell of skunks!
  9. Here's a topic: TPR Emoticons (aka "Smileys") <-- This smiley pisses me off! It's way overused, and it makes the poster look like a snotty a-hole! Ugh, I hate it. <-- I just figured out this is a lightbulb! I always thought it was a buttcrack. <--most awesome smiley ever!
  10. Being a Schwarzkopf fanatic, I was really looking foward to Revolution, despite the OTSR's. My first ride was wonderful! I went back and sat in a different section of the train and my head was beat unmercifully! I mean, it was painful like Goudurix! SooperDooperLooper is so much more fun, regardless of the lackluster layout. It's like Diet Revolution.
  11. The idea of selling off land around the parks is not completely a poor one. Take Six Flags America for example, they own 515 acres, but they're only currently using about 150. Unless they plan on building a hotel and turning it into a resort, SFA doesn't need all 515 acres -- they'll never use them. Also, SFA is not permitted to build rides within 800 feet of Central Avenue (entrance road). This would be the perfect land to sell. So yeah, SFA could sell off, say, 200 acres and still have plenty of room to expand.
  12. What does being effeminate have to do with sucking up to teachers? :shock: I realize your heart is in the right place, but something needs to be clarified: Gay people do not CHOOSE to be gay. I always laugh when I hear people say this, because it's like, well, do you CHOOSE to be straight? No, of course not. When a gay male looks at attractive man, he feels the same lust that you feel towards a hot lady. No choice involved.
  13. I watched it for the first time a week or so ago. I went in with high expectations, because a bunch of my friends always babble on and on about how it's the funniest thing ever and how I must watch it. It was entertaining, but I didn't find it all that funny. The Office was more interesting, I thought. Either way, not much on TV really makes me laugh anymore (except Real Time with Bill Maher and MXC sometimes). Now, I generally stick with the 'crime dramas': CSI's, Law and Order's, Without A Trace, Cold Case, etc)
  14. I wrote: Did some research and discovered that the mix was done by one of my favorite remixers, Valentin!
  15. Did -anyone- save them? I usually save stuff like that, but I didn't this time.... I said I'd come back and do it later.
  16. Amanda wrote: Right! Superman at SFA is looking like a "Gurly Mahn" now all pretty pink. Oh, wait, isn't pink the trendy new frat boy color or something? :shock: I swear, wherever I go now, I see little "I Know I'm Such A Stud" boys with their pink shirts and collars turned up. So glad I'm out of the whole fashion loop thing!
  17. When I was a little kid, someone shut the car door with my head in it. Ever since then, this small patch of hair always grows curly. :shock: -kip- (explains a lot, huh?)
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