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  1. I dip my Wendys fries in their Frostys! I thought I was the only one who did this. -kip-
  2. Oh my! I just realized that picture might be a little "too extreme" for TPR??
  3. 10 COOL POINTS TO LOU! Here are some Best Friends Forever
  4. Speaking of acting stupid, there was a rumor going around that Jessica Simpson actually has a genius IQ, and all those retarded moments on her reality show were concocted by her in advance. OMG like, this thread is like totally turning into a Morning FM radio show. Now all of you fellow DJ's in the studio LAUGH REALLY HARD!@!! GOSSIP N GIGGLES!!~! BFF -kip- (10 Cool Points to whoever can tell me what "BFF" means to an 8th grade girl)
  5. ^I feel sorry for her horribly misshapen nose. -kip-
  6. She exploded onto the scene when she was like 16 years old. You can't expect a person to go through the changes of life without changing. Britney happened to have the public eye on her when she was discovering her sexuality, like any other boy or girl that age. Jeez, if there were cameras on me 24/7 at that age, I don't even wanna imagine what I would have been called. [Edit] I'm not picking on you, btw. I just love Britney. Bwahaha.
  7. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EYZ46WWH Eww. Kevin Federline's vocals are laughable. His ghetto accent is a riot. He sounds like Vanilla Ice. But, actually, the song itself (minus vocals) is pretty nice.
  8. Is she a slut because she made a sex tape? Do you know how many people make sex tapes? Other than that, doesn't she just date around like every other 25 year old? I don't dislike Paris Hilton, I just find her insanely boring. Nicole Richie on the other hand, I like her a lot (well, until she got all gaunt and waify), and she really made me laugh on that TV show she did with Paris (wtf was that show called?) -kip-
  9. That Intamin inverted in Spain... Tornado
  10. Yeah, I'm on Lithium. It's a great mood-stablizer for myself. However, when my doctor first put me on it, she put me on too much, and subsequently gave me a hypo-thyroid. So now I get to take pills for thyroid disease! Fun!!
  11. I kind of laugh at people who pay like $30 for a tee shirt because it says "Abercrombie" on it or whatever. Just my opinion. I guess it's a teenage thing? In junior high and high school, I always had to have the hottest brands, but now... I basically slum it 24/7, unless I'm going somewhere nice or feel like wearing nice clothes. Hoodies and sweatpants, most of the time! I usually go to Ross, Marshall's, and TJ Maxx for quality sweats and hoodies. I also love Salvation Army and other thrift stores (except what's with the 25 cent tighty-whitey underwear for sale? gross!) Occassionally, I wear jeans; but especially when it's winter, I wear nothing but hoodies. I have so many! Hoorah! My newest hoodie is a Baltimore Ravens one. It's so soft and comfortable, only problem is: random men stop me and start talking about football. I'm like "Uhh?"
  12. I thought USF Mummy blew away just about any Disney ride I've done. I mean, compare to Rock 'N' Roller Coaster: "Ooh, look at that cardboard cut out that just flew by!!" As for the Superman Accelerator Coaster, I think it looks kind of lame, in my opinion. I am saving judgement until after I "get to know it a little better" though. It just doesn't look too ... I dunno. Speed Monster, from the artwork looked lame-o! But, after seeing the picture of it today - WOW! I'm really excited about this one.
  13. I LOATHE BEER!! I HATE BEER SO MUCH!! It literally makes me feel nauseous and it has a disgusting aftertaste. I can't drink it without my face distorting in to some twisted contortion. I would rather roll down a hill in a trash can, than drink ANY beer! -kip-
  14. This is me about 7 years ago, when I was a skinny little blonde-haired 16 year old. The picture was actually taken minutes before we put my cat to sleep. I was freakin' devastated. I had to pull over on the way home because I coudn't see, I was crying so hard -kip- Bye Bye, Jezabel
  15. Elissa, how did you do with the nasal spray? When I quit smoking the first time, I tried using the nicotine nasal spray, and it made me vomit everywhere.
  16. I tried to use Ted's program, but unless I'm wrong, you can't group coasters? You have to rank each woodie, correct? Or am I doing something wrong? -kip-
  17. AMUSEMENT PARK There are two parks that I could say are my favorite places on earth: Disneyland in CA and Blackpool Pleasure Beach in the UK. Blackpool just has this aura about it. It's almost impossible to describe. And, Disneyland has this wonderful magic. Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps. It's so weird, but I felt truly at peace when I was at Disneyland. It's funny because Magic Kingdom in FL has none of that charm. CITY Probably my birthplace and hometown: Monterey, CA. Seriously, one of the most beautiful places on earth. I feel so privileged to have lived there until I was seven years old. I'm glad we ended up moving in the end though because the coaster selection out there is sorta "meh?" -kip-
  18. Hey Dainty- try and find the Valentin mix of that song. It's wonderful! Valentin is like my newest favorite dance/trance remixer. I got a bunch of his remixes off iTunes. Yay.
  19. I had maybe five friends who turned into "Friends With Benefits". It didn't wreck the friendships, but we definitely never got as close as I got with my other friends (the ones without benefits).
  20. It is fun! I took ASL in high school. The only two signs I remember now are for Jaimaica and Lesbian. I will have to teach them to you!
  21. ^I am way too lazy to carve a pumpkin like that!
  22. Teddymonster speaks the truth. It took me around five therapists before I found the right one, and now I've been with her almost six years. Don't worry about what to do, or "opening up" the first session. A good therapist will guide you. Also, try and find a therapist who is also a psychiatrist. Most places, you see the therapist X times per month for 45-60 minutes per session -- BUT you only see the meds doctor for 5-10 minutes, once a month. A psychiatrist can't know everything youre going through with some tiny, monthly visit. You need a psychiatrist who specializes in psychotherapy. Eventually, you'll look forward to seeing your doctor. Gives you a chance to vent to someone who won't be judging you.
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