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  1. For someone wanting to change the park to make it more family-friendly, there sure will be a lot of family rides closing at GADV next year.
  2. SFA is only using like 115 acres out of about 500. They could easily sell off 200-300 acres and make a killing--and still keep SFA open. They have a lot of options. They need to do something though. With new coasters going in at Knoebels, Hershey, GADV, and KD in 2008, they really aren't bringing anything drastic to the plate to compete with.
  3. Hmm, I was under the impression that the Dark Knight rides are Mack spinning coasters--with trains--like the one at Knott's Berry Farm.
  4. It seems all the new Six Flags stuff went up on their sites at 10am.. So, congratulations to SFA for not adding anything new for 2008! You guys have gotten so good at not adding anything. You deserve an award! LOL!
  5. How so? I totally disagree. Even with a complete lack of brakes, The Beast's layout is nothing like Voyage. Aside from the fact that both run through the woods..?
  6. I'm gonna go with Industrial (Industrial Dance, Industrial Rock, Aggrotech, EBM, Synthpop, etc). My favorites are Combichrist, Icon of Coil, Panzer Ag, Marilyn Manson, Suicide Commando, VNV Nation, Hocico, Apoptygma Berzerk, KMFDM, Wumpscut, Covenant, etc. I like most music if it has a good percussion and synthesizers. I like Hip Hop, but I hate "MTV Rap". I also LOVE cheesey beat-oriented pop like Britney Spears and all the others like her. I ain't afraid to admit it!! Don't hate!
  7. I never thought the day would come when I wouldn't buy a Halo--I have every one up to Year Zero. But, jeez, I just can't bring myself to buy Year Zero. I listened to a bunch of it online, and it just... bored me? I was so disappointed. Does this mean my NIN fan badge is revoked? I loved PHM, Downward Spiral, and even The Fragile. But With Teeth left me feeling basically like Year Zero has done. When I list my favorite artists now, I usually don't even include NIN anymore (and that saddens me ) NIN is a good live, but I wouldn't say he/they put on *the best* live show. I've seen much better. Just my $.02
  8. Voyage isn't what I would call "rough"--by wooden coaster standards. The word I use to describe Voyage is "TURBULENT". It's so long and extreme, it just takes everything out of you. You feel worn out when you hit the brakes. Simply drained. Voyage is an amazing coaster; but for some odd reason, I think I still prefer Raven by a tad bit.
  9. I suspect the drop tower came from Jerudong also. Jerudong Playground had a 174 ft. Intamin Giant Drop. Does anyone know why Jerudong got rid of its rides? It can't be money issues--the Sultan of Brunei, who owns the park, is one of the richest men in the world (so rich that everything at Jerudong was free, including admission). Pusing Lagi, the SLC, always fascinated me. It has the same inversions as a standard SLC, in the same order, but the layout is still different. There is one clone of Pusing Lagi in the World at Suzhou in China.
  10. I think CF added belts to all their Arrow loopers for insurance purposes. They weren't a big deal on Anaconda--however, they did slow down loading a bit. I found the addition of seat belts to KD's Wild Mouse to be even more bizarre
  11. Magnum/Dreier is being refurbished and sent back to the German fair circuit. No word on Bullet.
  12. PKD announced at Eastcoaster that FOF will not be operating this year. Nothing more was said. This news came via some friends of mine that attended. I didn't go this year. My guess is that they're taking the year to retheme the entire ride and have speakers added to each car. It will be renamed, too, I presume. If the switch is a success, PKI's will probably go down for '07. No sense in making over both FOF's if there is a risk of flop. That's my guess. Then again, a guy on RRC claims that PKD's is being sent to Carowinds and PKI's is being sent to PCW. So, who knows, we'll find out soon enough, hopefully.
  13. Can you order that plush Yeti online anywhere? I really want one! -kr
  14. This is bizarre. I believe you about the whole 'aging poorly' and 'ripping itself apart' thing, but my question is: if SF was fed up with it and they were going to remove it soon anyway, why would they ship it off to another location for storage (meaning they probably have plans to rebuild it)? If it's in such bad shape, why try and salvage it? Why not torch the motherf'er?
  15. Can someone tell me what was wrong with BTE's trains? I haven't ridden it in about 7 years and I enjoyed it then. Did they recently remove the padding?... or maybe there was no padding when I rode it (and I just don't remember)? Back when I rode it in '99, most people seemed to say it was rough, but only recently have I heard people saying it's absolutely brutal. Did it age very poorly?
  16. I guess I'm the only one who doesn't have a problem with Anaconda. I think Arrows are easy to ride, personally. If you know where the rough sposts are, you just brace your head and neck. I love 'em. Anaconda was a huge draw back in the early 90's. I think I was in third grade when it opened, and my friends and I were terrified of it. We couldn't figure out how the train went under water without killing the people. I mean, it actually splashed when it went under, so it "must" have gone under water. Now, unfortunately, with all of PKD's newer and larger rides, Anaconda is always a walk-on. It's pretty unpopular and I can totally imagine PKD demolitioning it soon.
  17. Does anyone know if any of the Vegas coasters will be down for scheduled maintenance (or whatever) March 3-6? Thanks in advance.
  18. Ahh, but I'd be willing to bet B&M had been working on the flying concept for years before Vekoma even started. But yes, Vekoma's opened first.
  19. Hehe, did you really expect more from Vekoma? Their niche is taking proven designs and creating their own version, price it affordably, then cloning it to high hell. For example: B&M Inverted > SLC Arrow Suspended > Swinging Turns FOF > RnRC
  20. I can still remember the bad ass FOF commercial back in 1995-1996. When did amusement park commercials begin to suck? They used to be so creative.
  21. That's a squirrel or chipmunk getting run over.
  22. The first half of Steel Eel was fantastic. However, Sea World felt the need to bring the train to a virtual stop on the mid-course brake run. The second half just dragged on and on. It was horrible. I wanted to run our rental car into it and knock it over. Walibi's Goliath is about the same height, but it's much, much better! (Isn't it annoying that we have like FOUR Goliath hypercoasters now?? The name isn't even a good one, lol)
  23. Dear god! What if you woke up in the middle of the night and that thing was standing over your bed? I would seriously cry like a bitch.
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