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  1. The free-fall sensation on Deja Vu was great! Also I think that Larson drop towers are just plain awesome... They go up really slow and then they just release. It's awesome! But I would really love to ride El Toro, the coasters at Magic Mountain lack airtime.
  2. Weren't they supposed to be building another plaza there... Or was that just a rumor? Because I think that I mini City Walk would be awesome! I think it would be a great way to attract more people to the area.
  3. Heck, did anyone notice that in most of the pictures, the people weren't really all that gothic looking... Sure, some were, but still... And quite honestly, the whole goth thing is just a big fat label that people have put on them. All they do is dress different, they really aren't 'bad' people. People just assume that because they're goth, they must be all depressed and stuff. (I'm not saying that they all aren't depressed, because of course some are, just like everyone else) Just think of goth as a style. Some people are into it, some aren't. And just because you aren't into it does
  4. The right side was running again? Just a week ago the left side was running... And I agree, the single rider line is awesome because you get to impress (and piss off) everyone in the regular line. They all think you're special or something. But of course we are because the general public seems to overlook the single rider line. (Which is conveniently unmarked for our increased pleasure)
  5. ^No, because the dummy block is too short and in the wrong place. And it's a DUMMY block. But with rocket coasters, do you see another train launch as soon as the train before it clears the top? No. The train might be able to move to the launch, but it's not able to go through the process of actually launching until the train before it clears either the MCBR or the final brakes. To put it simply, they should have used a MCBR instead of the small dummy block.
  6. I have a Scorpion and I think it's fine for me. And the track it relatively easy to work with. I'm not sure about the Dragon though, seeing as I don't have one. But the Dragon comes with a 4' lift hill and 40' of track. The Scorpion comes with a 2' lift hill and 30' of track. So if you were looking to make your own custom design and wanted a lot of track, just buy two Scorpions (which gives you an extra 20' of track) and you save $100. But take note (the catch) that buying two Scorpions still doesn't give you the amount of supports that you get with one Dragon set. But you can always g
  7. It wasn't bad... It did have its issues, though. (Like any coaster) First of all, your lead-ins were weird. They seemed to bank one way and then bank the other. It seemed like it was the product of bad AHGing. Also, you should have put in a full break run, because that little 'dummy' block would not actually stop a coaster without hurting someone. You need a full block section (for safety and practicality reasons). With the little dummy block, you kinda cheated the system. And another big thing is that the final break run slowed the train down at 2.0 acceleration g's! That would hu
  8. I know that, but I was still shocked. I didn't know that the ops got their act together, though. 45 minutes, if I would have known that, I would have waited. I've been in the station before and had to wait an hour-and-a-half. Really? That's amazing. The dispatches were going really slow! I should mention that I'm basing my argument on the fact that I've been going to SFMM for my Birthday for the past 4-5 years. (Yes, I have no life ) Every time, except for this one, the park was empty. Even the couple of times the cheerleading thing was going on, it wasn't nearly as crowded.
  9. I was there yesterday (didn't see Jahan) but the lines were terrible. X's line was out to the front the first half of the day. It did get shorter, though. Tatsu, as you probably saw in Jahan's TR, had a line all day, and it got very long, too. Goliath's line was all the way out to the I every time I walked by. Scream actually had a line. I got to ride Batman at a good time, but it had decent lines the whole day. Best of all, I finally got to ride Freefall. (The brakes on that ride are killer!) But to sum it all up, the park was really crowded (for a March), and the lines were long. It
  10. ^Mrs. Knotts Chicken is really good. I also like Epcot's World Showcase food. (Aside from the Moroccan coffee, THAT was terrible ) I also like Redd Rocket's Pizza Port, (or however it's spelled) it's just good for some reason.
  11. I just did a science fair project on something like this... Technically, the more weight you add doesn't increase the speed, the angle of descent does. (Maybe Goliath would go faster it it had a steeper first hill) That's because weight affects the momentum of the ride, not the speed. When there is no air resistance, everything will fall at the same speed, if dropped at the same angle. On Psyclone, the extra weight was needed because it needs the momentum to get through the ride properly.
  12. ^You just hate him because he is from Michigan. lol. But he really is a great QB, and sure, he hasn't been his best this post season, but I don't see that stopping the Patriots. They are a great well rounded team... Sure they have been to the Super Bowl lots of times in the past decade, but it's not like they don't deserve it. I do have respect for Payton Manning, though. But he hasn't been playing all that well lately. (Well, in the post season) I end with a question... Why did the Patriots trade Vinatieri??? That was a dumb move.
  13. ^If that's true, that's a pretty darn big screw up.... They had all of us fooled. lol.
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