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  1. Magic Mountain fumbled the reopening 'announcement' as that was an internal date and most employees hadn't even been notified yet, but April 1st is supposed to be the reopening date. As with most things, Magic Mountain couldn't execute an announcement correctly so it was retracted on social media; I'm glad to see nothing has changed there.
  2. I totally agree, but unfortunately entertainment isn't something that really makes the park any money directly (seasonal events notwithstanding). I worked various jobs for and adjacent to the Entertainment department for over 4 years and they cut the Entertainment budget every single season. It's just not something that Six Flags prioritizes at all. It requires time, effort, and money to pull off good entertainment and Six Flags has shown absolutely no willingness to support it. A lot of talented individuals from Entertainment and other departments have gotten their start at Six Flags and almo
  3. Tidal Wave is being removed as the raptor will be sitting right in the middle of it. The raptor trains are actually already on site as well. I'm definitely looking forward to riding it once it opens.
  4. Magic Mountain has hired the same lighting designer since 2013 right after Full Throttle opened. He was responsible for the "updated/improved" Holiday in the Park that started in 2014 and has been doing lighting design for all of the seasonal events and shows. He's also done work for many other places around Los Angeles, including working on a project in a galaxy far far away. Needless to say he's a talented dude and when he gets an appropriate budget he can do some really amazing things, and even at Six Flags where the budget is always really tight he finds ways to make every last dollar coun
  5. Just curious, was that a formal announcement from the park or something you heard through the grapevine? Typically, we ramp up big-time in early October on the electrical side. They just cancelled almost all open shifts. What that means for Frightfest will remain to be seen/announced, but you can use your imagination. What do you mean by ramp up in October? From your post history you seem to be in Maintenance so I take it you're talking about the Ride Electricians? Or the Lampers? I worked in Entertainment at Six Flags up until 2018 and did many years of Fright Fest. Fright Fest pre
  6. I'm really looking forward to The Habit replacing Smashburger. Smashburger (at this specific location, I haven't been to other locations) really sucked. So far CityWalk has been dead, but that's to be expected since not much is open yet. I'm surprised that we haven't heard an official opening date for the park since Disneyland already announced, but the park has been ramping up in person staffing levels so I wouldn't be surprised if an opening date is too far away.
  7. Seriously troubling times are ahead for Magic Mountain. Six Flags did not take a page out of the Universal and Disney playbook and instead told all of their non full time employees (which is everyone except for managers, sales people, and most maintenance people) to instead file for unemployment. The park is also discussing layoffs for an already understaffed maintenance team. Hopefully COVID-19 is wrangled under control quickly as Six Flags was already doing pretty poorly before this hit, otherwise we might see a repeat of 2008-2009 for the park and the company...
  8. Why hasn't this narrative died already? WCR was a comedy of errors, not some massive and complicated project. I haven't seen this rumor anywhere, but that would be awesome. Everything I've seen so far has pointed to a Mack Power Loop/Splash, which sounds pretty cool as well and the park really needs a new water ride.
  9. Six Flags has always tried to keep their overhead low by not having too many 'non essential' parts in stock since it could be years before those parts are technically 'paid' for, which sucks but that's the way Six Flags has chosen to do business for better or (definitely) for worse. I need to correct my statement when I said that the park doesn't have a budget for the LSMs, they actually do have a budget for them, but it's really small and they blow through it every year. They lose more motors than they repair so they can't keep up with it and end up moving motors around on the track and u
  10. Superman closes to save money during slower times. This has been a common practice for the past few winters. I think this was already covered, but one of the ride electrician supervisors has been tasked with procuring the working LSMs from Dreamworld in Australia now that Tower of Terror is closed. Hopefully we'll see all of the LSMs actually working at some point in the future and the ride actually (reliably) goes 100mph again... They have had a lot of LSMs go bad over the past few years and Six Flags doesn't allocate the budget to have them replaced/remanufactured so getting a bunch of '
  11. I am also glad that the area is getting a well overdue face lift, but the only new building in the area that isn't WCR itself is the restroom building. Also, installing footers in a flat area with little to no conduit, drainage, or sewage rerouting isn't difficult. WCR didn't even need a full size crane to do any of the work, they just rented truck cranes and boom lifts to install the supports and track. Tatsu was many orders of magnitude more difficult to construct. I don't know where this alternative narrative has come from (and I'm not singling out thrillseeker4552 I've seen this p
  12. 10 years is a completely fair amount of time to have a new system installed for. My point is that Six Flags, especially the current management, hold the purse strings very tight and they would not have invested in the large systems and labor cost associated with redoing Viper's control system unless it was sticking around for more than two or three years. Also, the controls engineers and subcontractors have absolutely done offsite systems integration, that's standard for the industry. However based on recent controls installations at the park I don't see test and adjust/ride training being
  13. Viper just had an entire controls system rehab. The park upgraded almost everything to bring it 'up to date' a year or so ago (when it was down for half a year). Six Flags would not willingly spend money on a backend upgrade if they planned on scrapping Viper 2 years later. Viper will most likely stick around for the foreseeable future unless something unexpected cuts its life short. In WCR news, they still haven't built the station yet. At this point I would be surprised if it wasn't delayed into 2020 now. The test and adjust period is going to be longer than a non-launched coaster due to
  14. 100% this. If this was the first time that a project had been delayed than it could be excusable. The station is usually one of the first things to be (at least partially) constructed on a roller coaster build. All of the roller coaster's electrical is usually run into the station (or somewhere close nearby). The PLC that controls the ride lives in the station. The fact that Magic Mountain is just now pouring the concrete pad for the station (after trenching it a while ago) is very telling. Premier caused the initial delay, Magic Mountain has exacerbated it. In other news, Apocalyps
  15. Been wondering this myself. It's like they've totally forgotten. In some classic Six Flags Magic Mountain irony, the project is supposedly being held up by permitting issues. I don't know why the park can't seem to figure out permits, but Justice League, Crazanity, and WCR (the station) have all been held up by permitting issues. Even the Aftermath 2 maze in the back of the park was held up for the same reason and was never actually seen to completion.
  16. The Elevator scene was actually supposed to be in The Depths last year however it was never finished. It's after you enter the maze so you'll still be entering the mine from a parking lot however going 'deeper' into the mine will make more sense now. I'm glad they're actually finishing it for this year as it will space out groups and give it more of a story. I totally agree about Dark Entities, however once again a lot of the extra effects that were supposed to be in the maze last year never got finished. Ex: All of the 'handprint scanners' were supposed to trigger different things through
  17. I think they just announced this to have something to announce. The park has been on a tick tock capex cycle for Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park since 2014 where even years see some new areas/experiences/whatever and the odd years see very minimal change with no real capital budget. The investment was already going to happen, so might as well put a press release out about it instead of not announcing anything. What I don't know but am going to speculate on anyway (based on the tick tock ride cycle Magic Mountain has been on) is this: West Coast Racers has been so delayed that whatever
  18. You gotta understand, it's A LOT of work for the already overworked mechanics at the park to take a train apart like X2, haul it to the complete other corner of the park (where the refurb shed is), have the entire train refurbished, then hauled all the way back to the other side of the park to be placed back on the track. This isn't Disney efficiency we're talking about, it's a tough job! And they're dealing with very heavy cars that they have to be extremely careful with! One thing about Magic Mountain (Six Flags) most people don't get, is they keep adding coasters and rides that need dai
  19. No, by this point, a November opening would be optimistic. Once the last track piece is in, give it at least 2-3 months for electrical installation, ride PLC programming, and testing. Considering this coaster has 4 launches, I would say 3 months is being hopeful.
  20. 1) While true, this delay is mostly Premier's fault, not Six Flags. 2) This is not true, the park's peak season is the summer where they are consistently pulling 10k+ guests for a few months straight. Fright Fest is busy on Fridays and Saturdays (we're talking 25k-35k capacity busting numbers) but that's only 6 weekends out of the year. 3) That's not how Magic Mountain makes decisions at all. There is also very little market overlap between Disneyland and Magic Mountain. If anything, Magic Mountain benefits from the increased interest and tourism that Disneyland brings (although much l
  21. For once, a lot of the blame actually shouldn't be directed at Magic Mountain, but rather it's been Premier that has had a real bad time with this ride. This is secondhand from some higher up guys that I still know at the park, but Premier has had a lot of fabrication delays and they had real issues with the spaghetti bowl portion of the ride. Neal said during the tour that the manufacturer had to set up the spaghetti bowl offsite because of its complexity and apparently that meant that Premier had to do some actual structural adjustments to the supports and footers. Even with that delay in re
  22. ^I am quite interested to see if anything does become of the front gate, although I would not be surprised in the slightest if absolutely nothing happens and they are honestly just using the ticket booths as storage space from now on. This is the same park that has let the 'Six Flags California' sign that is the first thing guests see off the freeway rot for decades. In regards to Green Lantern, my only hope is that once they take out Green Lantern they will replace it with something that fits the area well. For as bad of a ride Green Lantern was, its footprint was really conducive to the
  23. Thankfully the fire didn't turn into anything major so hopefully this acts as a rude awakening for Magic Mountain management as there was a serious lack of emergency preparedness. I have worked at Disneyland, Universal, Knott's, and Magic Mountain, and the amount of emergency training and awareness that employees receive follows that same order. I genuinely hope that Six Flags takes this close call and learns from it, but the park and company never fail to disappoint so my expectations are low.
  24. Doing some catching up here, but Green Lantern isn't 'counter weighted' any more than the other Zac Spins. The only thing different about Green Lantern is the magnetic brake that controls the speed of rotation is stronger (and slows down rotation), hence the miserable rides that we have all had. IMO, good riddance. Also, I would be stunned if West Coast Racers opens in August. Considering that they are still pouring footers and that it's a quad launch coaster, I would be shocked if the test and adjust period actually went quickly. Once the last piece of track is in place, I'd guess that th
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