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  1. These are questions we all have... The running joke is that every time they put in a new area they cut down all of the trees and replace them with concrete. This go around was no exception: they ripped out the trees in front of Scrambler, the trees at Waterfront, and the HUGE tree in front of Goldrusher all in the name of sight lines...
  2. That is definitely the one thing you can't knock Goliath for, it's still incredibly smooth. It chucks wheels like no other, or at least it used to, but man is it ever smooth. Last summer I went back to Cedar Point and rode everything there and even TTD/Millennium weren't "opening day smooth". Not saying they aren't smooth, great rides, because they are, but I recall them riding differently years back. And to me, Goliath hasn't aged a day which is wild. That's the on thing that Giovanola nailed, that's for sure. Tangent over. In other news, it's not going to be too much longer be
  3. June and July are the two highest attended months for the park. Naturally they would have loved to get the attraction open sooner but things happened. It was originally slated to be open Memorial Day weekend...
  4. The 4th train on Twisted Colossus is not a parts donor but is used when one train goes down for annual refurbishment so they can still run 3 trains. Yeah maybe parts donor isn't specifically the term I'm looking for... Let me explain. Maintenance routinely pulls plenty of crap off of whatever train is not in service at the time to support the other three that are. Twisted Colossus just happens to be lucky that yes, with a little work, they can pull one train off and have another ready to go and maintain three train ops. I just hope that Twisted Colossus doesn't end up like X2 eventua
  5. Three trains on Tatsu? Wow I feel like that hasn't happened in forever. Three trains on Twisted Colossus should be normal though since they do have a fourth train specifically as a parts donor. But normal is relative these days I guess.
  6. So the Disney Parks Blog confirmed here that the island is opening on Friday (June 16th), Fantasmic is opening July 17th, and the train/boats are opening July 29th. It's going to be nice to have the island open again as it's always a nice spot to go to get away from the massive overcrowding of the rest of the park. And of course it will be lovely to have the train back in operation again as that also sucks people off the midway. Definitely looking forward to the changes they have made to Fantasmic and here's to hoping that the Adventureland modification helps with the flow of human cat
  7. That is one of the most pathetic things I've read in a while. Amazing They should come to Six Flags where getting pooped on and bitten by geese is just part of the experience.
  8. Mid July is the hope here. Inside of JL is coming along great, now it's just the outside around the attraction that isn't even close to being done. So when the outside looks about done, that's when you know we're close. And as SFMMGeek said, the park had permitting issues that delayed construction.
  9. Pretty sure those aren't the same people... And the players at SFMM aren't a couple either. It's amazing to me how slow JL has been moving, but supposedly they're now shooting for a mid July opening. I can't think of the last time they had an attraction open in July. Even Yolo was late June.
  10. When the park scores high on guest surveys employees are allowed to wear those shirts as a reward. It's an incentive to always give the best guest service .
  11. New 52 would make sense as DC has had the park convert the costumed characters to 52 as well at the beginning of this year. Yellow is just not the color that I think of when I think Riddler but maybe that's just because I can't get Jim Carrey out of my head...
  12. I was also puzzled by the color choice when I first saw what they had decided on, but I think in reality it differentiates it from Green Lantern which is probably what the park wanted. As to why it's not green and purple, I would assume it's due to that color scheme being more closely associated with the Joker. Who knows, maybe this is a precursor to a new color scheme for the Riddler in the DC comics or cinematic universe...
  13. It's been dead this week. I think next week projections are a bit higher dude to some colleges being done but still a great time to go to the park.
  14. So ride vehicle testing has actually started in the building which I suppose is good news but everything else is behind... Hopefully they'll get it open by the end of June.
  15. Take this for a grain of salt, but I've heard that the park had some permitting issues which was why they started going vertical so late so the construction schedule was always going to be tight. So with the rain they might have been thrown off as well. They do have people working inside the ride pretty much 24/7 right now though to get it done.
  16. As far as I know, they are behind now. The interior is coming along, but not enough to start testing. The exterior hasn't even really broken ground.
  17. As per the last half decade or so, every addition has come with a refreshed area around it. Whether a good refresh or not *cough*FTPlaza*cough*, the park has been updating areas as rides get put in. We've gotten DC Universe, Full Throttle Plaza, Screampunk, Revolution Plaza, and now Metropolis. So they've basically been going around and doing nice things to the areas where the new attractions are which is a solid, yet completely un-extraordinary business model. Us as enthusiasts expect the park to be wonderful and sparkly overnight, but that just isn't how Six Flags rolls. If there is one
  18. This weekend is full of cheerleading events, so be prepared... Also, the original schedule for Apocalypse was to have it open by the end of April which I thought was pretty optimistic, but it does seem that they are pretty far along. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that it will be open before Memorial Day and Justice League though.
  19. Be warned that next week will be busier than this week according to projections. Although if you really want nobody in the park than the first week or two of May is always super dead.
  20. For me, it's always been the bottom of the first drop on Scream that's been the killer. It gets some nice vibration down there which always gives me an instant headache. I don't mind rough rides at all, it's just those rides that have heavy vibration that you can't brace for that really kills the fun for me. The worst B&M in this respect that I've ridden was Silver Star in 2015; that was really jackhammer-y. With that said, I too prefer Bizarro over Scream, and by a wide margin. Granted it's been a while since I've been on Bizarro but now I avoid Scream when I choose to actually ride s
  21. That's not even the worst of them, they have some truly deplorable trucks they drive around. You should see what auto shop drives....
  22. I could not agree more with this. Anybody going to the park this weekend? I'm curious what the current status is of Tatsu. They have had a crane on site all week doing the re-installation of the chain and motor. It should hopefully be up tomorrow but I have no confirmation on that.
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