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  1. Yes I'm sure the dry climate of Southern California doesn't help the ride at all. Although to combat that, there's actually a sprinkler system on the ride that waters it every night during the summer when it's hot and dry out. That's actually why the wood has turned white; the combination of the water and then fire retardant getting blasted in the sun turns the wood white. I guess I find it interesting that the ride is so bad now. Granted I haven't ridden it in a few years, but it's kind of sad considering it's now the only wooden coaster in the park and it's now an unenjoyable ride. I'll
  2. Genuine question: What is the root cause of wooden track riding so rough after a while? Is it that the track loses its rigidity so there is more 'play' in the track so to speak? Or is it that starts to give a little between bents? I get that overall the wood just starts to break down, it's wood. But how is it breaking down that causes Apocinator to go from good to bad so fast? (Besides them using the wrong type of wood for the climate it's in)
  3. They are currently reinstalling Tatsu's lift motor so maybe they will actually get it open soon.
  4. They could still very easily put Tatsu's motor back this week and have it up soon, but it does seem like they have been delayed. The original timeline was to have Tatsu up early March but that was before they even started work on the coaster so who knows what has transpired since then. Apocalypse is down for some retracking. Apparently one of the trains was doing some pretty extensive damage to the track and now they are trying to fix it.
  5. Tatsu is supposed to be open by the first weekend in March but I don't know if they have been delayed or not.
  6. Notice in the video the Riddler's gas station is in it, freshly painted and everything. Right after the video wrapped, they took it out. They were actually shooting the video right next to them doing construction on JL.
  7. I would honestly love to ride Viper with the soft vest restraints. I'm just not sure that any investment in Viper would be wise seeing as Magic Mountain is not the type of park where the old Arrow looper is still one of the upper tier attractions. But hey, who knows, maybe they will turn Viper into an Aquatrax giga.
  8. The fence at Sky Tower is just hiding the lift hill motor which is sitting right behind it, that's it. Again, they aren't painting Tatsu.
  9. I've heard this so many times, from so many posters, and I've seen no evidence to back it up nor does it make much sense to me. Is there ANY kind of solid evidence from anybody at the park to back it up that this ride is THAT much difficult to paint or are people just talking out of their asses because the ride appears "high up" in only a couple individual parts of the ride? I can't see it being any more complicated than X2, furthermore, my only fear of Tatsu getting a repaint is they will do away with the awesome 3 tone color scheme like they did with X and Scream. IMO Tatsu is NOT g
  10. If there was ever a time when Tatsu should have gotten painted, that was last year with the opening of Revolution... Tatsu is going to be very expensive to paint though which is most likely why they are holding off. When it does get the inevitable repaint, it better get the same paint X2 got as that ride still looks fantastic.
  11. They are doing a lot more BAFF days these next few months so that they don't have a repeat of last time... But it will still definitely be crowded.
  12. I'm always so caught up on DisneySea that I always forget that this park also looks phenomenal! Still the number one place to go on my bucket list and for a great reason!
  13. I'm not sure about Revolution or Superman (I'm assuming Superman is back open because it wasn't really raining yesterday or today), but today barely filled the first section of the lot and was pretty dead, so it shouldn't be much busier tomorrow. Oh and the ride vehicles are back on Lex. I might be late to that party though...
  14. I don't know the true fire martial capacity of the park, but, like it has been stated previously, the parking lot capacity is actually the determining factor in Magic Mountain's attendance cap. The highest attended day this year was the second to last weekend of Fright Fest and that was about 36k for daily attendance. That's not even guests in park at one time, that's the overall day. So the highest number of guests you will ever see in park at one time is a bit less than that number. That 36k number doesn't even touch the fire martial capacity for the park I'm sure. The nice thing about s
  15. The entire parking lot is full today, they might even be going into overflow. Definitely the most crowded Holiday In The Park day so far. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  16. Orlando never had 3D on Forbidden Journey. Edit: My mistake, I thought you were talking about the 3D effect, not the dementor effect, and I agree I do hope that it makes it over here.
  17. The reason that The top of the hill was not lit the other night is because the park experienced a partial power outage. The whole park usually doesn't go down at once because it has so many different mains. Why security and safety still let people on the top of the hill when the power and lighting was out? Who knows... That's only a little bit dangerous.... Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  18. Golden Bear acts as a special events theater for group sales events mostly. A lot of cheer events happen there as well as other events throughout the year. It's such an old and crappy theater that they will never put a normal show in there other than the occasional hypnotist. Kind of sad for a theater that used to host really big concerts with A list talent.
  19. There were originally talks of Revolution having a Halloween VR experience but it never came to fruition for whatever reason. Glad to see that they are at least going Christmas. Perhaps next year they will make it go backwards for Fright Fest as well...
  20. Tomorrow is expected to be much busier since most schools get the day off (unlike Columbus day).
  21. I too am thinking of going Thursday. I want to do the Skeleton Key rooms but don't really want to fork over 3x the money just to do 4 rooms if they aren't even that good. For those of you that have experienced the Skeleton Key rooms this year, how were they and are they worth it?
  22. I went last Thursday and did the Day/Night combo so that I could finally see Potter (literally identical to Florida but I love me some Butterbeer!). Anyhow, I had a good time and the combo ticket definitely helped. My group (about 14 of us total) were able to do every single maze, scare zone, ride, and show and we left around midnight. The only reason was because since we were already in the park, come 6PM (or earlier) when they open up the Backlot mazes there's next to no one back there and we were able to do all four within the span of an hour. ...Which leads me to my biggest qualm about
  23. Fright Fest is fun and all, but events like Dark Harbor and Knott's Scary Farm are better quality still and more fun. Granted if you also want to ride the coasters then yeah go on a Friday or Sunday and ride the coasters all day before the event starts and enjoy minimal wait times.
  24. ^Completely agree with your assessment of the deplorable in park food and the general lack of preventative maintenance, but Out On The Mountain is a buyout event, it's not Six Flags themselves that is actually 'in charge' of the event per-say. While yes I generally do agree that the event seemed to be generally catered to a male-oriented audience the performers themselves actually all had very all encompassing messages (IMO of course). Granted, again even the entertainment is brought in from the outside; it isn't Six Flags dictating the entertainment at all. I'm sad you didn't like my lights t
  25. The ROI on Viper is in the red now I'm sure and it's the #1 ride that people complain about to guest relations. The amount of complaints about the ride are staggering it's kind of hilarious. Needless to say, if corporate decided to axe any coaster at Magic Mountain, Viper is definitely at the top of that list. And there is next to no true historical significance attached to Viper. Nothing that actually matters to the public or management.
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