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  1. The only reason Green Lantern was cycling today was because some executives from La Ronde were out looking at the ride as it's most likely going to be relocated there.
  2. I cannot give a definitive answer to this, but I can give an anecdote: Fright Fest every year is staffed by temporary employees and the park has a very hard time retaining the "talent" for the entire run. The primary scheduler for the event, who also handles the cost centers, took a look into the financials of the run and concluded that it would be financially viable to pay the "talent" more a little money in order to retain their services for the entire run and not have to emergency hire more people towards the end of the run. HR was on board, Entertainment was on board, Ops was on board. The
  3. I have a Pixel and was at the parks almost every day for the past year and checked the app constantly and I never had an issue. I'm on T-Mobile though. Disney just partnered with all of the cell carriers recently to install a lot more cell sites on property so it might be Verizon having some teething problems specifically with the radios in the Pixel and the new cell sites, but that's just me speculating. Hopefully it's resolved next time you visit.
  4. I am confused as to what the argument being made actually is now... However I am confident that SFMM going year round has been positive for at least some of the employees that work there, with a catch*. There are hours for a lot of employees that work there all year since the place is perennially understaffed. Being understaffed hasn't changed, but the fact that a food service employee who is already available to work can now work a mystical 40 hours per week all year instead of just on operational days is a net benefit and will most likely help in retaining that employee. *With that b
  5. If for whatever reason you find yourself at Six Flags today, be sure to treat the employees nice as the company has decided to not pay anyone holiday pay. Merry Christmas!
  6. Most of the bigger scare zone props are taken down within the first two days. The rest takes a bit longer since the main focus is usually getting the big/obvious stuff out first. It's a bit harder now though since the park is open 365 and everything has to be done at night or very early in the morning. It was a true luxury getting to come into an empty park during the day to do all of the work...
  7. Well thank the lord the Dodgers are 0-2 so far because anything with a Dodgers logo on it is trash to me. I will GLADLY allow the BoSox to have their name on the Revolution coaster as such, because that way the only California Baseball team with the most current World Series title is the Anaheim Angels. With Studly Stud Man Mike Trout one can only hope they try to get him a ring before those low-lifes! 1) Aren't you forgetting the 3 titles that the Giants have won? 2) Why the vitrol towards the Dodgers? I understand liking and disliking sports teams, but that's some pretty strong feelin
  8. I really enjoyed Aftermath 2 when it was launched. I just don't think Six Flags realized how much working with a creative firm actually costs (same company that did Dark Harbor). This year it very much was an afterthought. This was not the first foray into using a vendor for mazes at the park though, Willoughby's, Red's Revenge, and Vault 666 were all contracted mazes in the past. The main issue that kneecapped Aftermath 2 was the construction of the old Batman stunt show sets at the new site. The park had to file city permits (and had issues with misdocumentation) to level out the gr
  9. Six Flags Magic Mountain's Fright Fest operates on a tick tock capex cycle, pretty much mirroring their ride capital expansion plans. One year is a big investment year and the next year isn't. You happened upon Fright Fest on a good year. This is the first year the park has had real capital money for Fright Fest since 2014. Granted 2016 was supposed to be a big year with Aftermath 2, but the maze went wildly overbudget, wasn't completed, and flopped. Thankfully the Suicide Squad promotion via Warner Brothers was greenlit at the last minute. This year saw a significant improvement in m
  10. Holiday pay isn't a thing? Maybe I'm wrong but I could swear I got time and a half when I worked on Thanksgiving. Then again it has been like 15 years since I worked at the park, so it's completely possible I'm wrong. Nope! Maybe it was a while ago, but not anymore. It's the only theme park in the LA area that doesn't pay holiday pay.* *The only hourly employees at Magic Mountain that holiday pay are the full time union maintenance workers. Even the non full time union workers don't get it.
  11. Even worse, employees don't get any holiday pay at all. This December 25th will be the first time the park has been open on Christmas day (that I know of) and quite a few supervisors and managers are already expecting there to be massive callouts. Should make for an interesting day...
  12. Currently employees at Six Flags Magic Mountain get paid at least $13.25 (LA County minimum wage), which ironically is more than what base employees at Knott's make, and was more than what base Disney employees made (pre union CBA ratification). I won't get into a debate on what necessitates higher than minimum wage/what a skilled vs unskilled job is, but I will say this: Magic Mountain has a huge employee culture problem. Clearly that problem does not affect the business model Six Flags is pursuing however, so until it does it will be business as usual. It is what it is.
  13. I had to check with some friends on this considering I don't work at the park anymore, but the only temp agency that Magic Mountain uses for Fright Fest is Event Staff Professionals. ESP is used as maze 'security'. Magic Mountain staffs all maze and scare zone monsters in house. HR effectively treats them as temp employees as they don't get company ID cards or a uniform. Also, Viper has been down for a control system upgrade. The PLC, sensors, brakes, and other systems have been upgraded. It's not completely done yet, but it will be coming back online soon.
  14. I completely agree that this year's Horror Nights was surprisingly underwhelming. The black wall phenomenon is in full force. The "Universal scare" is also almost every single scare this year (loud noise, strobe, monster pops out), it's almost become a bad word. The end of pretty much every maze was a consortium of black walls and Universal scares. Even the big scenes in a lot of the mazes seemed unfinished this year, and that's usually something that Universal nails and nobody else competes with. If you only have the time and/or money to do one big Halloween event this year I'd look away
  15. I can assure you that pretty much every department manager and most of the salaried employees are clued into what the addition is. They keep their cards close to the chest, but not "Neal is the only person who knows what's going on close". Having recently departed from the company after four years, I can say that this year almost nothing has leaked out to the employees that usually get clued in before an official announcement is made. For the past few years (Justice League was an open secret from the moment they demoed the Batman Action Theater, CraZanity was also not a surprise) managers
  16. Idk, 6 flags is pretty good about keeping secrets, even better than Apple I get what you're trying to say, but Apple leaks literally everything... This year SFMM marketing has been on people's* cases to not say anything and I honestly believe it's a bit more fun when an announcement happens that you don't expect. *People as in department managers and certain full time employees who would otherwise pass along relevant information to other employees to start prepping for the addition.
  17. I haven't seen this summer's iteration of Kwerk yet but that's a great endorsement. Looking forward to seeing it! I passed along your comment to the stage manager as well as they always appreciate nice compliments.
  18. I'm surprised that it didn't actually close today as that was the target date. We'll see what happens now, hopefully we'll get answers soon! Revolution will almost certainly reopen before Green Lantern. There is supposedly some litigation going on with Green Lantern right now that hasn't finished. I'm assuming the park will reopen the ride at some point considering they have been very slowly working on it, but I have yet to hear any type of timetable for the ride. ...But let's be honest, does anyone really miss Green Lantern?
  19. Revolution went down for an unplanned chain replacement and refabrication. Viper was actually supposed to already be down but they didn't want both down at the same time so Viper got pushed back. Superman ran both sides all last summer. Usually they take a side down during non peak season to save on wear, operations, and cost, but they have been pretty good about running both sides in the summer these last few years. Superman is tricky though because it's all first generation tech that Intamin apparently doesn't officially support anymore (or it's too expensive for the park to keep con
  20. Viper isn't going anywhere right now. They're going to bring it down to do an entire electrical/PLC system overhaul once Revolution is back up. So it's safe to say that Viper is safe in 2019. Beyond then, who knows. It wouldn't make much sense to do an expensive ride systems overhaul and then tear out that same ride two years later, but this is the same park that has departments fight each other and not communicate at all so... Weirder things have happened. But for now Viper is safe.
  21. Yep. I've heard a lot of talk about the 2019 ride being car or racing themed and the survey pretty much confirmed it.
  22. If I were a betting man, now that SpinZanity, scratch that, CraZanity is finally vertical, we're probably around a month away from opening (give or take). So we're finally in the home stretch... Also, everyone get their last rides on Apocalypse tomorrow as the area back there is getting shut down on Monday to allow crews to work on project 2019. Originally it was slated for the 1st, but it was decided to keep the area open over the weekend. Anyhow, it's an exciting time for the park as the 2019 coaster sounds like it's going to be huge.
  23. It is currently on the entertainment schedule for June 23, the opening day of Pixar Pier. Platform 2 broke the other day and they lost all power, dimmers, and half of the structure. Barring a true Disney miracle, it's not opening in three weeks.
  24. Poor Toontown... It has its 25th birthday and nobody bats an eye. Also, World of Color will not be opening with Pixar Pier. It's going to be a good few months before the show opens again.
  25. That's good that there were no injuries. That's got to be a silver lining in all of this. I wish the best for the whole team at Europa Park. The park is truly a gem and I hope that they are all able to quickly bounce back and keep delivering thrills and fun for all of their guests.
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