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  1. Keep up the good work Divv... Your tripreport sure brings back a lot of good memories. Erik "It's justs a Vekoma" Penders
  2. Nice trip report Divv, it brings back a lot of good memories. It is not my fault that Soquet coasters have no banking and have no seatdividers... Divv, I have some pictures of the Moviepark Germany day, do you need them to for your TR, or do you skip that day
  3. Happy Valley Chengdu opened at January 17 2009.
  4. I do not have any inside information regarding the future for this Alton Towers Corkscrew. All I wanted to say in my previous post is that it is not necessarily a fact that this coaster will end up on the scrap yard. Look at this or this coaster that are equal in age and been given a second life (recently). Till I've seen pictures of the ride being actually scrapped, I still assume that this ride will being sold to another park.
  5. Why does everyone says it's goanna be scrapped? Believe it or not, but there is still a trade in these (old) rides. From all Vekoma coasters only one (the Walibi Belgium corkscrew) is scrapped till now. This coaster might get a second live; although it is not assumable to be in europe or in the states.
  6. I like the Efteling train ride. Beside the beautiful park landscaping you see from the ride, it is also a unique ride while they use original "small gauge" steam locomotives. Except for one later build (1991) locomotive, the other 3 trains they use(d) are true original classic steam locomotives from 1907, 1911 and 1914 who where in service all over europe back in the days. The track has two stations, so you can use the train for transporting to the other side of the park instead of just a scenic tour.
  7. Very likely, the #1 coaster at Oktoberfest 09 will be Olympia Looping. That is a Schwartzkopf 5 looper! It has been each year on the Munich fair for several years in a row.
  8. Schwartzkopf Looping Star at Slagharen... Those early Schwartzkopf rides with only lapbar restraints still have a special place in my hart.
  9. Erik, could this have been part of why people thought the trims on EGF seemed more forceful last year? It was apparently a colder day than this year. I thought the trims seemed to have very little effect on the speed of the train this year. Yes, the outside temperature has a very very big influence. While the temperature has also negative influence on the coaster speed while the internal bearing friction on the roadwheels increase at lower temperatures. So the train is slower, and the brakes generate more brake force...
  10. There are more variables with magnetic brakes such as: - The air gap between the aluminum fin and the magnets. On coasters that use the same brake fin for slowing and stopping (block control) they loose brake force when the brake fin is wearing. - The temperature because the magnetic braking energy is transformed into heat. The lower the outside temperature, the more brake force is generated. Another interesting fact on magnetic brakes is that they can not stop a train completely to standstill. For multi train operating rides, a safe block control is only possible with mechanical brakes.
  11. Dragon Bar was also overhyped by a mini-europe participant... a.k.a. Lou. The Dragon bar was very nice themed, but the two waiters could not keep up with the group (around 50 persons) that visited it the first night. Some people waited an hour to get a normal draft beer. After coming from the huge themed bar in Port Royal at Heide-park the night before, this bar just did not kept up with expectations.
  12. ^ According to RCDB this is not the only credit they removed from Wisconsin after the MidWest trip
  13. Yep, got the credit last wednesday. I liked this coaster, it is very twisted on a relative small footprint. The track cross it self 29 times! It got a good speed, and it is in my opinion a very nice family ride. The "north pole" theming that Gardaland wrapped around it gives the ride a very original look comparing to other mine-trains. Here you find a italian site with pictures
  14. Ride name: Boomerang Park: Rafaela Padilla When: 1983 First Cobra roll (Boomerang) inversion
  15. See the Vekoma site to see a impression movie on the new coaster for Tibidabo. This picture on the RCDB shows the lay-out. If the locals didn't complain, this coaster would be in operation in 2007 when the TPR Spain participants visited this park.
  16. Vekoma showed the coaches for their Hardrock Junior Coaster train
  17. I visited Disneyland in 1999, and never been to WDW. The reason is that I went to the states whit a friend who wanted to see more than only themeparks. So we traveled nearly a month through California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Nevada visiting mostly national parks to see the beautiful nature, and visited only Disneyland,Seaworld and Universal Studios Hollywood. For a european that isn't a hardcore coaster addict like this friend, I think a Westcoasttrip has more to offer than a Florida trip.
  18. What about this train... Running on a boomerang at the Vienna Prater. For as I know, the only train that runs on the good old Arrow (and Vekoma) looping track without over the head restrains. As a Formula 1 fan, I do like the look of that train, but I don't think this train type will ever ride in the USA. You can reach the wheels and the track (especially at the looping entry and exit). It will never be approved by the USA authorities.
  19. 1. Alpengeist (BGE) 2. Raptor (CP) 3. Silver Bullet (KBF) 4. Great Bear (Hershey) 5. Batman (SFGA)
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