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  1. I assume the production and model pictures are taken by a thirth party (the company that build the moulds)... man are they in trouble if Disney / Disney engineering see these pictures! No; according to RCDB it will be an Intamin Halfpipe. The towers on a Vekoma big air are much higher (60m/197ft) than the RC ride will be (25m/82ft).
  2. I can not imagine this figure to be true. Were is this number based on?
  3. It will take some getting used to but that is with every change... The biggest bummer for me is that the chat program in now called A**X chat (I'm sorry I can not write that word ). In the Netherlands you have two groups of football fans, and I am belonging to the group that hate A**X!
  4. With only 21% oxygen in the air, dinosaurs would only survive if JP was created inside a special building that contains a higher oxygen level; or if the dinosaurs would wear oxygen masks
  5. Thats a really good "I like ice-cream" pose Andrew! But even for me it looks like it is to cold in Britain at this moment for ice-cream... Ahhh luckily in Singapore it is 30°C (86°F) and the Haagen-dazs stand is right around the corner of my hotel Looks like the brit crew members are having fun! Keep up posting Divv I always like to read your photo TR's The US has been lying to us for years now!!!! Seriously. It's all a money issue. It costs money to keep the rides maintained longer, and costs money to have the staff around. Most parks know that most Americans won't go to theme parks when it's cold, rainy, bad weather, etc. so they close. It's lame. Normally according to the manual you can operate a coaster by 3°C (37°F). If a park want to operate below that temprature, the coaster should be equipped with special devices like an air dryer in the pneumatic system otherwise the brakes could freeze up. On rainy wether there are no operation limitation. The (block) brakes are designed and tested for very wet conditions. But riding a coaster in the rain is no fun... remembering riding Colossus in the poring rain on the TPR europe '08 trip. It is like needles being shot at you!
  6. Asia - Genting Highlands (malaysia) Europe - Attractiepark Slagharen (Netherlands) -> Cabins on property
  7. Last time I visited the Vekoma head-office it was still in the Netherlands, but maybe the shipped it to sweden lately
  8. The sit-down side of Battlestar Galactica made his first full testround last Saturday November 7th
  9. Just as good as seeing the germans loose against the spanish on a big screen TV at the Phantasialand saloon at the 2008 main europe trip... I'm still sad that Holland did not win from Rusia because than the dutch would be playing the quater final while we visited Amsterdam.
  10. ^ With Sigh(t)seeing boat the mean the flying island. I heard a rumor that both flying island (Chengdu and Shanghai) have big technical problems.
  11. I've been informed by the construction company that errected most of the Happy Valley Shanghai rides, that the parks will have a soft-opening next friday (august 14th); and the official opening will be september 1st (chinese holiday).
  12. It seems that Toy-story land will get a Intamin half-pipe coaster ehhh Robb... will you help me to close the restraint
  13. Nope, it is a brand new junior coaster. In opposite to the Cypress Garden model, this one has EC-brakes and therefore a much smoother brake motion in the trimzone
  14. Some photo's I have made during my stay at the park The park is also Elissa friendly... A MacDonalds that serve a lot of veggie food. You can not buy any BigMac's or cheeseburgers here because of the Hindi religion that does not allow the people to eat beef. The "innovative roller coaster", a Vekoma Junior 335m, opened may 24th The brand new double deck caroussel of chance-morgan A flatride with waterguns called "shark attack" A ride called "happy journey" where you have to shoot at targets along the route A flatride for children Entrance to the "cartoon city" area of the park The Wild Wild West part of the park Aqua Kingdom exist of only one big wave pool In India it is normal to swimm with your normal clothes on Entrance of Aqua Kingdom, while the tempratures where around 40 Celsius (104 Farenheit) this was the most populair attraction of the park The fossil museum and a walk-through version of jurassic park. The karting track with sportkarts or in this case the family cart with Lotus Elise look. Paintball The mini-golf corse A walk through haunted mansion with some live actors This replica of Mt. Rushmore is located in the "Miniature City" An Ripley's believe it or not museum There is an Tussaud's wax museum An airplane coming out of one of the main street buildings. It is an educational interactive museum on futher occupation choises for children... pilot in this case The mainstreet. The buildings are there already, waiting is for shops to fill the space. 2007 above the entrance, but the park officialy opend January 18th 2008 The impressive entrance
  15. This coaster used to have even 10 more of these coaches While it is "in storage" since 2005, you're probably right about Evolution having the longest coaster train in the world.
  16. Take the train to station "Harderwijk" from there you can get on the special "Walibi Express" bus that get you directly to the park entrance.
  17. At that first day At Disney, on the crowded aria's like in adventureland where Indiana Jones is located, this Disney park lost it's magical glance for me. May be because it was too crowded, maybe because that stupid operator / maintenance strike at Crush' coaster in the morning or maybe because we came from europe's best parks (Europa- Phantasia- and Heidepark)... but the Disney fan in me was a bit disappointed that day. Also the hotelroom at Disney could not compete with the the other park hotelrooms during the trip. Luckily the group was fantastic to hang out with!
  18. You actually make it to the bus that morning was surprisingly... After waking you for a dozen times, I went for breakfast suspecting you to fall asleep again.
  19. All parks are offering a combination price for train/bus travel and park admission, so to get the lowest price it is advisable to visit the park websites. Most of those sites provide this information in the English language. Efteling: Take train to ‘s-Hertogenbosch From there the normal bus line 137 or direct bus line 168 bustop is at the park entrance Walibi World: Take train to Harderwijk From there the “walibi-express” bus direct to the park entrance Avonturenpark Hellendoorn Take the train to Nijverdal From there the normal bus line 96 to Hellendoorn Walking distance from the village to Avonturenpark Hellendoorn approx. 500meter Duinrell: Take train Den Haag Centraal From there the normal bus line 90 to Haarlem or direct bus line 491 (only in the summer) Slagharen: Take train to Hoogenveen From there the normal bus line 30 bustop is at the park entrance Drievliet: Take train to Den Haag HS From there the tram line 15 to stop Laan van ‘s-Gravenmade Toverland Take train to Horst-Sevenum From there the bus line 65 which you have to call (0900-0699) 1 hour prior on arrival to operate. The bustop is at the park entrance Phantasialand Take train to Brühl Bahnhof From there the direct “phantasialant-shuttle” bus direct to the park entrance Europapark Take train to Bahnhof Ringsheim From there the direct “SBG shuttle bus” direct to the park entrance Moviepark Germany Take train to Bahnhof Feldhausen Walking distance from the train station to the park entrance is approx. 300meter Hollidaypark Take train to Bahnhof Hassloch From there the "Holiday Park-Bus Shuttle” bus direct to the park entrance Heide park Take train to Wolterdingen Bahnhof or Soltau Bahnhof From there the " Prüser Buses” bus direct to the park entrance Bobbejaanland Take train to Herentals From there the normal bus line 305 bustop is at the park entrance Walibi Belgium Take train to Walibi-Bierges Walking distance from the train station to the park entrance is approx. 150meter
  20. Rick de kikker is translated in "Rick the frog". The frog is the park mascot of Duinrell.
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