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  1. The local government will contribute 450,000.00 euro (= 591,374.35 USD) in this pie in the sky . If they only came short I could understand that the local government would join but without the majority of the 8 million covered this is pure madness Please, stop waisting my tax money!!!
  2. The guy is a very good business man but I don't think that he will invest all his money in this plan. It might be a good sign that he is involved so it can attract other investors. According to Quote (the Dutch Forbes magazine) the guy has a capital between the 6 and 10 milion euro; this is far away from the needed 800 milion as posted in the original thread. I have no believe this plan... I even believe that Kat will relocate the Big Dipper before this new themepark gets realized
  3. I don't think that will happen soon while the amount of phillippinos that are whelty enough to be able to pay the entrace fee. The phillippines don't attract a lot of tourist that are into themeparks eighter. Even a small decent park like Enchanted Kingdom seems not able to get enough visitors in to be very profitable. The Iskandar aria is in between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur; these are big whelty cities with enough potential visitors for Legoland Malaysia.
  4. Fun and Singapore don't mix... I would rather join your halloween trip to Walibi and Efteling... May be there will be another opportunity to catch up with you / the brit crew. Otherwise we see us at Tokyo next June!
  5. The Lynet @ Farup doesn't have its own power transformer; It has a fly-wheel generator combination and is therefore a "normal" consumer for the electricty network.
  6. This track is still salvable; sandblasting and spray painting isn't that cost effective. Don't look to much to the corrosion and bad paint condition; as long as it is only surface corrosion it is no problem. The condition of the trains / gearboxes / actuated parts like cylinders and state of the ride control have a bigger influence on the re-building cost of this ride while it would always get a fresh paint job at re-erection anyway. While it is dismantled very carefully and the trains are stored nicely it all gives the indication that the ride still has value to Six Flags. Cutting it to pieces over at Astrowold back than would be much cheeper!
  7. ^ Yep that are obviously positioning sensors. So Intamin is one of the few companies that uses another brand of LSM drive than most of their compettetors but due to the thickness of the stator I assume that it are also ironless stators as well.
  8. ^ I only know a bit how the IntTraSys LSM system works; but they measure the position of the train in the launch with a bizarre accurate and fast (optic fibre) measuring system. The system needs this precise train position to calculate the phase angle for the drive(s). I doubt if the drive could launch with LSM without position feedback; but maybe other manufacturers have a different way to obtain the train position.
  9. That is pretty much correct; the majority of all the newer launch coasters are equipped with InTraSys SLIM launches. Although I'm not sure if Intamin uses them too. Those stators on iSpeed (listed as LSM on RCDB) and Maverick are looking slightly different to the InTraSys stators. While I can not see any position sensors in between those stators I doubt if these are LSM or just ordinary LIM systems.
  10. To answer the original question; those thin sexy LSM stators are called InTraSysSLIM stators. Officially they should call it ILSM; what stand for Ironless Linear Synchronous Motor. The big difference between the "old" LSM systems like on SFMM Superman, the stators are very big while the coils have a weak iron core and the new SLIM stators haven't.
  11. It is not only interacting with Jetline, but also with Kvasten and is partly build on top of Blå Tåget (their ghost train). They would use there clearance profile a lot during construction... that's for sure.
  12. De efteling has an special place in my hart being my "home-park" which I grew up with. But I can understand that if you're not that much into (european / Grimm) fairytails or darkrides this is not your kind of park. We (Karl, James, Jes and I) did only re-ride the flying dutchman and all the other attractions once we still had to rush through the fairytail forrest to cover most that de Efteling has to offer. We still skipped the train ride / the maze and all small mechanical shows in the forrest. To my opinion Efteling is more a full day park than Phantasialnd. I'm glad we spend this trip a full day at this park because on the "Europe 08" trip I had the feeling we skipped half the park.
  13. Have someone in your group helping you to staple you in while the park operators (at least @ Universal) are not allowed to "staple" people in. On the past UK/Europe trip "air" (B&M flyer) was the most accommodating B&M around. On all B&M suspended en sit-down coasters I needed to use the "big -boy" seat. I just barely fit in B&M big boy seats. For reference; I weigh 290 pound and am 6.10 feet long, my jeans size is W38. Good luck @ Orlando and have fun!
  14. Even if you have a room with an seperate bunkbed (like in Phantasialand's Ling Bao hotel) Divv joins you in an double bed
  15. Before you started counting we (Hans and I) had been drinking (a lot) over at the pub were we watched the football match. When we rejoint TPR in the beertent we had already a nice bottom of beer in. Man I wasn't that drunk for a very long time. Don't forget I wasn't drinking any alcohol for almost the past 4 years at all. Nice to know somebody cares for me Elissa WTF is true about a scarry Scotshman was licking my ear that busdrive
  16. Don't know how I ended up in the bus that evening. And pee-stop? What pee-stop they never woke me up! Ohh man I was K.O. after all that german beer!
  17. Ehhhh... Larry, this boomerang train isn't made by Vekoma.
  18. ohhh... why don't they have sate-kroketten over here in Singapore
  19. May be it was the european mentality while we normaly don't show and or speak out our appreciation as exuberant as most of the americans do. For me the bonus park was a real supprise and I loved it... two unexpected Vekoma credits! P.S. If you had done the ultimate in the morning, you would have appreciated the boomerang more
  20. Paul the Octopus... we (the dutch) hate him after his final prediction!
  21. Hi to the the brit crew from a hot Singapore... were icecream is still a must everyday! By the way, Anth is a good stand-in.
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