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  1. 8 months ago. When was the last time you went to a Arcade?
  2. I always wear pants with big pockets when I go to SFOT now so I can slip my lose articles like a drink or camera in my pocket. But I agree this is a very bad policy, and this might cause a fight with a guest if this continues.
  3. I went today and oh god i couldn't even navigate threw the park because well..... TOO MANY PEOPLE! only got on 3 rides in about 7hrs and there was even lines to use the bathroom! They should close the gates if the park gets over crowded so people in the park can move.
  4. I think we should be able to post on this thread because if people want to do what your doing (like me and 2nd coming) the game boards might become flooded with RCT2 ride catalogs. Just saying.
  5. Ok so me and Sfotkid did 2 contests 2hrs per contest. One was for a wooden coaster, the other steel and heres the rides/outcomes. Wood winner-undecided Steel winner-riccoaster My Wood coaster: Whirlwind My Steel coaster: Vengeance PS: Made a poll to decide the winner for wood contest. newtrackcontestVENGANCE.nltrack Vengeance CONTESTWOODo.nltrack Whirlwind
  6. Thats like the 20th time thats happened. Which makes me wonder why they built A Theme Park in A flood prone area.
  7. Ok ride all of the Gotham,Good Time, Texas, and France coasters. ride the water rides, and ride Rocken Rocket, Rodeo, Sidewinder, Chute Out, and Superman. And Tony Hawk is no way near being done you'll see why on my Photo TR tomorrow.
  8. 12:30-4:30, 6:30-7:00 so 4hrs 30min. Dogs woke me up barking and kept at it for 1hr
  9. http://www.wtvq.com/content/midatlantic/tvq/video.apx.-content-articles-TVQ-2008-03-05-0011.html That sucks we'll all have to use our own names if it passes.
  10. Heres mine! Thunder BOBS Excitement Rating=7.78 Intensity Rating=7.72 Nausea Rating=4.68 Maximum Speed=47MPH Average Speed=17MPH Ride Time=2Min:12Secs Ride Length=4,341FT Maximum Positive Vertical G's=2.79G Maximum Negative Vertical G's=-0.97G Maximum Lateral G's=1.48G Total Air Time=3.45Secs Drops=11 Highest Drop Hight=62FT Maximum Hight=75FT. Maximum Carnage Excitement Rating=8.04 Intensity Rating=8.66 Nausea Rating=5.00 Ride Time=1Min:52Secs Ride Length=4,662FT Maximum Positive Vertical G's=3.98G Maximum Negative Vertical G's=-0.78 Maximum Lateral G's=2.41G Drops=13 Highest Drop Hight=137FT Inversions=7 Maximum Hight=140FT TPRBESTBUILDER.SV6
  11. Ah what the heck I'm in! Oh but do I have to use the AVI export or can I record using a different program?
  12. I really need help, what color do you use to AHG a elementary Cobra Roll, and a Dive Loop?
  13. I had a TPR shirt on too but I headed out 2-3PM. Oh and does anyone know why they took the Bumper Cars out?
  14. How do you circle build? I don't quite understand how people do it.
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