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  1. I think that the biggest reason for failure is not a lack of attractions, but an over-estimation of the people who visit Myrtle Beach. Nobody visiting Myrtle puts big bucks up for a theme park ticket. If they did, they wouldn't be at Myrtle Beach. Not to say that a theme park can't survive there, I just don't think a $40-50 themer is the ticket.
  2. ^ That is what I mean. I just don't see this place drawing ANYBODY during the day without a "class of the beach" water park. BTW, water park is my solution to everything.
  3. Already completed: California - Disneyland, Knotts, SFMM Upcoming: Upstate NY, Mass and Connecticut - Sylvan, Great Escape, SFNE, Compounce and Dorney Holiwood Nights - Holiday World, Kings Island Middle America - Worlds of Fun, Silver Dollar City and Six Flags St Louis PPP - Knoebels Sprinkle in Kennywood, Cedar Point, Geauga Wildwater, and a couple other locals and that just about does it. Saving the BIG trip for next year.
  4. My question is for anyone who has been to the park during the day. Having been to Myrtle many times, I just can't see anyone visiting this place during daylight hours. Do they get ANY all-day visitors? Why not place the park in a true position to succeed and open it from say ... 5pm to 12am. Charge a sensible evening rate (say $25 Adult) and offer general admission for those non-rides. Limited hours could keep down costs while the cheaper rate helps pack the place. I know we as enthusiasts don't like crowded parks but it helps build visitor confidence in the park. Face it, the non-riders don't want to go to this park because of the price and they will keep everyone else at Broadway on the Beach, Ripleys or Putt Putt.
  5. Avenue Q Finally going to see RENT in Pittsburgh this Sunday. Next up Spring Awakening.
  6. ACE's RollerCoaster publication had an interesting article a couple years ago that talked about segregated parks in the Baltimore area. Not sure if this one is mentioned, but I will go back and look.
  7. Looks like those rehabbed PTCs still have the buzz release intact. The stomp release was put into most of the newer models for when the contacts don't line up. Something that happens fairly often on a ride that has sled brakes.
  8. Name sucks. Logo sucks. I need to make it out there this year so I don't have to travel to South America to ride the coasters.
  9. The only part I have really been on is San Diego to SFMM which is about all that I imagine he will encounter. I guess my opinions are just a contrast to what I am used to. While I find WV drivers to be very good, we are sandwiched in between Western PA and Ohio and both have some of the worst drivers I have ever seen this side of Texas. Throw in a handful of years in Tampa, and I find California drivers refreshing (has that ever been used to describe them before). For pure hell, I highly recommend the experience of driving in Columbus, OH. Anyway, I don't want to mislead the poster into thinking that driving in California is the same as Florida. It is not. But, it doesn't have to be a horror show either. As a park goer, I would imagine that the worst times to be out will be the same that he is in the park. Maybe that is why my view is skewed as well.
  10. Busch Pass (All Parks, Water and Parking) - Locked in at $9 a month and they will have to take it from my cold dead hands. Cedar Fair Platinum - Haven't had any type of Cedar Fair pass in a couple years, but with Geauga, CP and Kings Island close, we made the plunge this year. Plus, we are planning on hitting those Middle-America woodies this year. Six Flags - $40 upgrade at WCB and we have plans for Great Adventure and St Louis this summer. Paid. 10 Day WDW Park Hopper - Wondering if we will ever use all the water park days before we die.
  11. To an international visitor, it may actually be easier than you think. Pretty much every park is on Interstate 5 or damn close to it. Should make your travels fairly simple (except for the whole traffic thing). I find the drivers in California to be more tentative than those in many other states. I mean, there is a lot of traffic, but they do courteous things like signal and make an attempt to let you in.
  12. Just caught Adventureland this evening and I wasn't expecting too much after reading the reviews. Unfortunately, I didn't even meet my lower the usual expectations. The movie does have some decent comedic moments, but there are twice as many that are meant to be funny and just come out flat. From the Kennywood perspective, there isn't a whole lot to see. Other than some quick "stock-like" video clips, they only use about 3-4 locations in the park for various scenes: Outside the Jack Rabbit, Next to the Enterprise, Musik Express and the Palladium. You won't find a too many bigger Kennywood marks than me and was STILL a little let down.
  13. Nice ride. I am guessing that is a 2002 Accord SE. If I still had mine it would have approx. 225,000 miles on it (I traded it 2 1/2 years ago with 150,000)
  14. Catrina and I were handed a TPR at Magic Mountain to fill out our Season Pass apps in the processing center. They are everywhere!
  15. 3rd Street Promanade Ingredients: * 1 1/2 oz Vanilla vodka (Stoli) * 1/3 oz Gin * 1/3 oz Triple sec * 1/3 oz Tequila * 1/2 oz Cinnamon schnapps (Goldschlager) * 6 oz pulp-free Orange juice
  16. If that doesn't get Cameron in the discussion, I don't know what will For more information about the "Death of Pinball", grab the excellent documentary, Tilt! I think it is available on Netflix and includes a lot of footage detailing the creation of Pinball 2000. TPR's own Cameron is one of the primary characters in that chapter of pinball. My favorite pins are: Family Guy Attack From Mars Cirqus Voltaire Medieval Madness Tommy and my absolute favorite place to play is ... PAPA! http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=39428
  17. Funny, Beemer ... I was thinking the same thing. The resemblance is uncanny.
  18. Funny, but GCII puts little "quirks" like this in nearly every coaster and they never feel as bad as they look. Mark me down as a fan of the little air pops. Anyways ... I too agree that Knott's needs to really rethink the Solace event. Apart from being way too late this year (Disney Spring Break crowds ... yay!), it just doesn't seem to have the draw as in years past. I know first hand that they are trying to gear the event towards ACE members and that really confuses me. Why would you want to limit your audience like that? Pair that with a constant need to pair up the event with something else (this year it was a HUGE cheerleading competition) and I am not in a big hurry to return. WCB has passed Solace as the main draw for the weekend and I don't see that changing for a long time. But, I would like to see the Solace event improve. I have lots of good memories from past Solace events.
  19. For the record ... Catrina and I both took our pictures with Ice Bat.
  20. Question ... what kind of cheese is on your "vegan" pizza. I am just confused. Anyway ... The WCB event was awesome, but this is what we have come to expect from the folks at TPR and RideWorld. This has to be the only event I have ever attended where there were more trains operating and more coasters operating than during regular park hours. Just amazing!
  21. Kennywood will NEVER have free admission. Even if they returned to a ticket system (which I severely doubt), you can expect that GA will still be in the $10 range.
  22. We didn't submit the form till the day after the game and the results were: Catrina wins. I lose.
  23. I have a terrible habit of eating my words, but in my opinion ... The Cardinals don't even belong on the same field. .. of course, that is why they play the game.
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