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  1. I think it is hard to just point the finger at Summers or Dinn. Don't forget that Dinn also relocated two great woodies that are still good today (Comet and Phoenix). It would be just as easy to blame William Cobb for crappy woodies as his haven't aged that well either. I find it is mostly a matter of maintenance. The parks that care for these rides reap the rewards of a well-tuned coaster. For the most part, Dinn/Summer creations found their way into larger chain parks. It doesn't help that most of them were fairly large (Hercules, Texas Giant, Etc)
  2. Looks like it is running as good as I remember! // Hey ... at least they can't have a train collision since they find 2-train operations to be unnecessary.
  3. If you buy a Platinum Pass (which will cover parking and admission to both parks) you will also get into both parks early.
  4. That park, from what I have been hearing, is taking a poo poo too. Recently, a CF member posted a trip report from there and many of the attractions opened late or not at all and Superman operations were abysmal. Short Darien Lake Trip Report
  5. Since I was curious I did a little bit of diggin through the CoasterFanatic database and found this .... Note: This is all based on CF Member RideList data Highest rated coasters that have been ridden by more than 5 (for accuracy) and no more than 40 people.
  6. It is sad to see what condition the midway is in. I would like to see that get as much attention as the coaster over the next few months. How hard could it be to throw up some wood frame facades. The "carnie" stands are an eyesore, but necessary at this point.
  7. I don't know what to add to this discussion. Looks like you said it all
  8. Yes, that was the worse of them. It was particularly noticeable on Saturday because of how insane the thing was running. Not sure if I would call it a "pothole" per se, because you are pretty much airborne at that point. My guess is that it sheared a bolt somewhere close and the inner track had a little misalignment. [i don't want to even know how many bolts this ride spits out a year.] There was also another spot around the third 90 degree turn (around the lift on the return), but that one was a little more hit or miss.
  9. You failed to mention how the rides were on Saturday night. I hate to add to what probably become the most over-hyped night of ERT ever, but the night rides on Voyage (post rain) were by far the most intense rides I have ever experienced.
  10. I tried the Pepsi Throwback and that is was really good. Of course, the plastic bottle still sucks.
  11. ^ Scott, I will totally admit that I got my ass kicked a time or two. My record growing up was probably something like 10 Wins - 10 Losses - 10 Draws. Only been knocked out twice. Once was a baseball pop-up collision (which also netted me 6 stitches for my effort) and the other was in an "Boxing" match against a guy about twice my size.
  12. Wacky Shack (Waldameer) - Such a fun ride. typically everything works and 2 level dark rides are the best. Ghost Hunt (Compounce) - My favorite shooter with the exception of Men in Black (which I would not consider underrated). Good audio and light effects. Horror Hotel (Pavillion/Defunct) - The only Non-Disney dark ride I have experienced that really had that "in a house" feeling. Also, bonus points for being 2 levels. Most overrated ... Laffland (Sylvan) - The facade is nice, but the ride was .... well .... dark. // Misses Le Cachot
  13. CoasterFanatics.Com is on Dotster and has been down for about 30 minutes in the last 2 years. ... plus they are super cheap.
  14. All of the Cedar Point hotels sell tickets at about $9 off or so. Note: You must be staying there. Regional Pepsi cans usually have discounts on them.
  15. Mostly things like Plunge are included only because I like to give people the option of ranking anything they want. I say ... let the people decide what is a credit and what is not. If there are any coasters missing, just email them to info@coasterfanatics.com and they will be added.
  16. Looking at the satellite image, the park doesn't really gain much by tearing Roller Coaster down. The only place it really takes up any space is the far turnaround and that goes right over Steeplechase. Now .... Space Invaders looks to be a different story.
  17. Oh no. Not at all. With a little paint, some Miracle Grow and Napalm ... this place would make a nice masoleum.
  18. The group on Saturday was GOCC (Great Ohio Coaster club). They seem to rotate the opening day event through a bunch of different groups. Not necessarily fact, but I am guessing that the surge in activity on Saturday had something to do with the 300+ enthusiasts strolling around the park
  19. I think you are mistaken Moosh. if you look at where that turn where the photo ends, the transition to left track is seamless. I am guess that the trough in question is gone for good. That and impregnating all the local women. // I took more pictures of the mess since I am an uber-dork ...[/img]
  20. I am just pissed that I was off the 'net this weekend and not able to get credit for the Spinal Tap reference. // praying for Pink Torpedo: The Ride
  21. I would have to imagine that it is in the boneyard up on Campground road. The crowd was packed for both days over the weekend, but they seemed to handle the crowds fairly well. Other Twister and Motor Boats there were probably no lines over 10 minutes or so. // Was it just me or was there like 50000 pregnant women in the park this past weekend.
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